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26x40 Four Car Side Entry Metal Garage
Starting at $12,500
48x25x12 Carolina Barn
Starting at $15,925
24x35x9 Vertical Style Metal Building
Starting at $9,810
26x36 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $10,845
30x40x12 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage Building
Starting at $20,145
30x55x9 All Vertical Steel Building Workshop
Starting at $18,160
30x40x10 All Vertical Modular Garage
Starting at $19,500
32x32x20 Vertical Metal Carport
Starting at $14,300
30x41x10 Two Car Metal Garage
Starting at $14,000

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Pre-engineered metal carports shield your cars, RVs, ATVs, livestock, commercial and agricultural equipment from weather elements along with enhancing your property in Titusville, FL, thus offering you a great return on investment for your hard-earned money.

Buying a metal carport is a big decision as it will be installed on your property, most probably next to your house. A wise decision will not just improve the view of your land but also add value to its price. We have identified your pain areas and your needs and they inspire us to offer the most affordable and premium quality metal carports, enclosed garages, lean-tos, clear span metal buildings in Titusville, FL right at your doorsteps with free installation facility.


You’re ready to buy a metal carport, but you’re not sure about metal carport prices in Titusville, FL? Steel buildings are among the most affordable types of structures, which often cost less than any other buildings or storage units. Every metal carport cover provides great value, but there is a difference in each building price that you buy based on various factors.

The most important ones are selecting the correct building type and dimensions that include the width, length, and height. Yes, the height of your building is also a factor to be considered while pricing an enclosed garage or a clear span metal building. Apart from these common features, the extra elements that you add such as garage doors, walk-in doors, insulation and extra mobile home anchors based on the building foundation you select also affect the price of a metal carport.

When you want to protect your cars, motorhomes, horses, boats and agricultural equipment, pre-engineered metal buildings are highly recommended. Buying low maintenance metal carports, enclosed steel garages, lean to carports in Titusville, FL instead of squandering your money on wooden buildings is a wise decision due to metal over wood benefits such as:

Average life of a metal carport is nearly about 30-40 years with low maintenance, whereas wooden buildings have a life span of 15-20 years with high maintenance. Viking Steel Structures offer 20 years rust through warranty on every metal structure we sell, which means more than 50% of your metal building life is covered.

Metal structures are flexible and can be designed based on individual needs due to their flexible building pattern.

metal carport components

Pre-engineered metal structures are manufactured in parts, these parts are also referred as steel building components which make a complete structure. Every component is a separate entity thus you get the flexibility while designing the steel structure to fine-tune these components based on your necessity.

Wood is expensive and involves high maintenance costs, which can be as high as the twice the amount you have paid for the building. Whereas, metal is less expensive which makes it cheaper than wood and involves practically less maintenance cost. When you are looking for affordable prefabricated workshops, horse barns, enclosed garages, carports in Titusville, FL, steel is what you should prefer against wood.

Metal doesn’t shrink, split, swell, twist, is insects free and doesn’t decay, which makes metal carports, horse barns, enclosed garages a great low maintenance solution to all your needs.

The custom-building options we provide include building size, option to add custom ends and sides which can be open, half closed, gabled, or fully-enclosed. Further, you can also add a roll-up garage door, walk-in door or a window in your building to enhance the aesthetics and create a quick way for you or your equipment to enter the building. Our customization options offer you the opportunity to choose the perfect pre-fabricated metal carport in Titusville, FL that suits your needs and can be customized in an affordable way that meets both your budget and requirements without having to settle for an expensive and maintenance-heavy alternative.

Our steel buildings are environment-friendly and we do understand that living in an extreme weather will require a robust steel structure to give the right protection.

Our buildings are made from top-quality American steel and these buildings don’t get damaged easily like wooden structures are prone to damage.


Our building experts will help in identifying your purpose for the metal building and advise the best out of metal carports, enclosed metal garages, clear span building, commercial buildings etc. The next step would be to identify the state you live in and the requirement of a certified building. Next, you can select the roof style and determine if you want the building to be fully enclosed, or half closed or just have the best metal carport. Once you identify the important elements of your building, you can select the color of your metal carport, clear span building and you are ready for the purchase in Titusville, FL. We will quickly process your order in easy steps and complete your top metal building purchase.


Are you planning to buy a horse barn, side entry garage, two car carport, or an RV cover? We have setup a quick and easy Rent-To-Own program that lets you afford a customized metal structure to provide shed to your belongings. You can select from our wide range of pre-fabricated metal buildings and rent them until you own them. Monthly installments, no credit check, instant approvals and flexible payment options are available to convert your rental into a purchase at any time with no penalty in Titusville, FL. These are some of the benefits offered by Vikings Steel Structures in their rent-to-own program. Call us to know more in Titusville, FL and rent-to-own your building now.


A flat land does not mean that the land is leveled. Before installing a building, you need to make sure that your installation site whether it is Ground, Concrete, Asphalt or Gravel should be leveled properly in Titusville, FL. An un-level installation site may cause various issues such as cleaning of the building, entry doors not closing properly, and difficulty in squaring the building. If the site is not leveled, it’s the installation crew who has to level the land which may cost you additional dollars on the building for which you have already paid. Installation surface also affects the cost of your building which means, if the site has a concrete base, concrete wedge anchors will be installed with your building same is the case for other bases Mobile home anchors are always recommended when installing a metal carport or metal barn on ground, asphalt or gravel. We offer free delivery and Installation for your building in Titusville, FL right at your doorstep. Our trained team of installers will come to your site and assemble the pre-fabricated building you purchased in Titusville, FL.


When you buy a metal carport or enclosed garage from us, you get a 20-year limited warranty on rust through of frame assuming normal user care/maintenance. There is another condition with the warranty, if you alter a purchased unit, it voids the warranty that is offered for metal carports in Titusville, FL.

Look no further if you are looking to buy or rent-to-own a pre-engineered metal carport, utility building or even a commercial building that you want to own. Trust the name; Viking Steel Structures and give us a call at 877-801-3263 to know more about the ordering process of carports, metal sheds, loafing sheds, garages, metal barns or motorhome covers in Titusville, FL.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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