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Do you lack space to store your household stuff or other equipment and machines? Renting a storage space can’t be a permanent solution, and you can’t have easy access to your assets the same as your own outdoor metal shed. Backyard sheds can be your permanent storage solution that can comfortably house all your needs. The outdoor metal storage sheds are fully enclosed metal buildings that can defend your assets against harmful factors from the sky and side, as well. So, buy outdoor storage sheds and solve out all your storage problems.

Applications of Outdoor Metal Sheds

It’s not just the storage, for that you can employ your backyard storage shed. Your outdoor metal storage shed can serve multiple purposes. Below are the uses of Metal outdoor storage sheds.

These are some of the outdoor storage buildings. Furthermore, it can be used as backyard horse barns or backyard gazebos, or something else. There are multiple opportunities to utilize your metal outdoor storage shed with appropriate customizations. Check out our amazing outdoor metal sheds for sale that can help you upkeep your valuables.

Benefits of Backyard Storage Sheds

Along with the substantial applications, metal outdoor storage buildings hold many advantageous characteristics that you can’t get with any other building options. Let’s go through the benefits of metal outdoor sheds & storage buildings.

Resilience: Outdoor metal shed storage buildings are highly durable and provide long-lasting services. Metal backyard buildings are anti-corrosive, hence harmful elements like sun, water, and dirt don’t impact your back yard buildings. As steel outdoor sheds don’t rust, so have a long life span and stand for decades. Your backyard building is perfect for coastal regions also because outdoor steel sheds don’t rot and warp like wooden structures in humid environments. So, your one-time investment can protect your assets for decades. Viking Steel Structures has a wide range of best outdoor storage sheds for sale you can buy from.

Tenacious: Backyard metal buildings are the most robust building type as compared to other alternatives. According to technical properties, steel has the maximum strength to weight ratio, among other building materials. All the backyard storage buildings are made of galvanized steel, which has superior strength to shield your assets during adverse weather conditions like blizzards, tornadoes, snowstorms, etc.

Affordable: Your backyard storage building seems expensive only, but in reality, backyard storage houses are the most affordable building option. We provide the best outdoor metal sheds at value for money prices. After saving from our affordable backyard storage houses, you can also save on your backyard storage units maintenance. The upkeep of your outdoor steel storage sheds is really economical because steel storage sheds don’t degrade, and less maintenance is required to upkeep your storage shed. You can trust us to buy your outdoor steel shed. We have impeccable metal outdoor sheds for sale.

Portable: All the metal buildings from Viking are pre-engineered steel buildings. Pre-engineered buildings offer peculiar characteristics, and one of them is portability. Prefab outdoor metal sheds are forged in the form of components that are attached at the installation site. If you are relocating somewhere, then you can dismantle your backyard steel shed and reinstall it at your new location.

Maintainable: The backyard steel storage sheds are easy to upkeep because outdoor metal sheds are unaffected by environmental elements. Hence, less likely to degrade or get damaged during harsh climate circumstances. So, you can upkeep your backyard steel building with simple cleaning and dusting. Moreover, if you don’t want to go outside for maintenance of your building during winter, then you must consider metal building winter maintenance tips to know how to make your building winter-ready. Hence, your outside storage building can last longer at minimum maintenance. We have the best backyard storage sheds for sale that you can buy and maintain easily.

Fire Resistant: Home fires cause about 74% of all deaths in fire accidents. Hence, you should get a solution to protect your loved ones and valuables against fire disasters. Metal buildings are the solution to fight the fire because the metal is a non-combustible element. Your steel outdoor storage shed can prevent any damage to your assets due to fire.

Wooden buildings don’t have this capability and fuel fire to spread. So, you must buy a metal building. Viking Steel Structures are well known to provide outstanding backyard sheds for sale.

DIYable: You can’t construct your building by yourself except pre-engineered metal buildings until you don’t have any concerned experience. You can self-erect your building with our backyard shed kits. You can save some extra money by DIY your outdoor shed building installation. We have many backyard gazebo designs and backyard gazebo kits you can select from to shelter your storage requirements. Call us 877-801-3263 to buy DIY Kits.

Metal Outdoor Storage Shed Customization Features

Metal buildings accept the full transformation. You have the liberty to change your building specifications according to your functional and structural requirements. Below are the features you can acquire to house your needs.

  • Up to 15 color options
  • 6′ to 16′ height options
  • Garage doors (6×6 to 14×14) for uncertified buildings
  • Garage Doors (6×6 to 16×16) for certified buildings
  • 3′ wide side panels with 21′, 26′, 31′, and 36′ length options
  • 12 gauge and 14 gauge panel options
  • Two windows options (30″ x30″ and 30″ x36″)
  • Two insulation options (Double bubble and Woven R-17)
  • Three Roof Styles ( Regular, Boxed-eave, and Vertical)
  • End openings without garage door
  • Side openings without garage door
  • Side openings with garage door

You can also choose from our custom metal buildings, or if you didn’t like any, then self-design your backyard steel shed with our 3D Estimator. So, pursue your backyard gazebo plans or convert your dream backyard gazebo pictures in reality.

If your area has building codes, then we have certified outdoor sheds to match your area’s winds and snow load ratings.

Why Us?

Viking Steel Structures is the best metal building provider in America. We are your trustable online shop for metal outdoor storage sheds. You can get the enticing deals on outdoor storage sheds at Viking. We have a massive product base of top-rated outside sheds for sale.

If you buy from us, then you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. There are no extra charges for delivery and installation, and all services are included in outdoor shed prices. So, order your outdoor steel shed now.

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