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Custom Metal Structure Prices

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A steel structure has many uses that you consider to put your hard-earned money into a prefabricated steel building. There are multiple reasons why steel buildings are a practical option for investing.

Economical: Steel buildings are cost-effective compared to traditional building options. Moreover, they require less upkeep. It means you can continue using your building without worrying about maintenance costs.

Physical Flexibility: Prefabricated steel buildings can fit any need you have. 

Durability: Metal prefab structures are durable and have the potential to withstand harsh weather elements. This makes steel buildings highly durable and long-lasting.

Environment-friendly: Steel building has the lowest carbon footprint compared to other construction alternatives. This makes them best to support green nature. Often steel buildings are called LEED-certified buildings.

Our custom metal buildings are highly versatile and thus can be used and personalized as per specific requirements:

  • Custom widths from 12 feet to 60 feet wide
  • Custom lengths starting from 21 feet
  • Custom heights from 8 feet to 14 feet
  • 15 different color options
  • Customizable sides and ends – choose from gabled or closed
  • Custom panels- Lap siding, Horizontal and Vertical
  • Your choice of walk-in doors and frame outs
  • Four different color options for garage doors – Barn Red, E. Green, E. Brown, and White.
  • Custom windows and trims
  • Colored Screws
  • Gable ends
  • Side openings
  • Insulation
  • Chain host
  • Wind capacity of 90mph, upgradable to 180mph
  • Certified metal buildings
  • 26-gauge and 29-gauge roofing
  • Cement anchors and mobile home anchors

Custom Metal Building Prices

Custom metal buildings initially think they will cost more than regular or classic metal structures, like a metal carport, enclosed steel garage, pole barn, horse barn, or RV cover. However, this is only a myth. With a custom metal building, you can design your metal building by your own preference, allowing you to select only the things you need and remove all extra features you don’t want.


Customization is possible with prefab steel buildings; however, the steel building prices are determined by the customizations and accessories you add.

Dimensions of Metal Structures: Metal structures come in various lengths, widths, and heights. The standard building width is 12 feet, up to 60 feet. The metal building height can vary between 8 feet to 20 feet. You can choose the custom building dimension starting with 21′ long.

Metal Building Roof Styles: The price of custom steel structures is also affected by the roof style you choose. Three roof styles are available for you:

  • Regular Roof Buildings: It is the most cost-effective roof style that Viking Steel Structures provide for metal building buyers. It can protect your belongings and vehicles out of the sun and out of the rain.
  • A-Frame Style (Boxed Eave Roof): It is also a cost-effective option, but the roof design is given A-frame that creates a residential look.
  • Vertical Roof Buildings: It is a highly recommended roof style and ideal for structures over 36 feet. It’s strong enough to withstand heavy snow and rain, and the combination of corrugated ridges running from top to bottom and vertical panels protects any vehicles or stored objects.

Customization Options: Apart from common metal building customizations, many other options are available that add functionality to your custom steel building. E.g., walk-in doors, windows, or roll-up doors.

Color Options; We provide 15 color options for metal buildings that you can mix and match. The roof, trim, walls, and garage doors can all be painted to match your existing structure. To know more about the available colors, contact our building consultants at (877)-801-3263.

The final steel building price list is determined based on above given and a few other factors.

Triple wide and custom metal building prices [Metal Building Price List]

Triple wide and custom metal building prices for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois:

Triple wide and custom metal building prices for Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, and New York:


NC Triple wide Building Prices
NC Triple wide Building Accessories Prices
PA Triple wide Building Prices
PA Triple wide Building Accessories Prices


Florida Triple wide Building Prices
Florida Triple wide Building Accessories Prices

*The above prices are subject to change as per the manufacturer.

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