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Most vehicle owners are intent on taking good care of their vehicles and this comes down to providing the proper protection and shelter for them. When trying to decide the best way to do this you may consider a metal garage but another cost effective option is to look at metal carports. Carports shield vehicles from sleet, snow, rain, and sun effectively and efficiently and allow drive away facility. A metal carport is a wise investment in your quest to keep your car, truck, SUV, van or any vehicle look great and protect it for a longer duration. Few reasons to prefer carport over any other building are

Prefabricated metal carports are made of galvanized steel, which makes them strong enough to be weather resistible, as these buildings are pre-engineered you get plenty of options to choose from. You can select the building colors, size- width, length and height, roof style, custom options which even allows you to add side panels and make your building partially enclosed or sides enclosed carports.


There are various materials to build a carport like wood, fabric, concrete then why you should buy metal carports kit? Some of the reasons for this are

  • Metal buildings are made from galvanized steel, which makes it weather resistible.
  • – With 20-years of rust through warranty we ensure that our metal carports last at least 20years. Metal’s robustness protects it from insects and weather conditions which make it a better option than wood or fabric.
  • – Metal car ports are versatile in design, sizes, colors and even their use. You can use a carport for agricultural, automotive, commercial, industrial or even recreational purposes.
  • – Carports are affordable, you can buy a standard 12’x21’ regular roof carport in $875 only, our metal carport prices are competitive enough and are as per the industry standards.
  • – Just select a building, order it and it’s done, you will get the carport delivered at your doorstep and installed for free. This building will be installed by our experienced and skilled professionals.


When you buy a metal carport from us, you’ll find a range of different roof styles as well such as:

– The regular roof metal carports are what most would consider. This is a standard roof style which has rounded corners with the roof panels being horizontal. For those that are looking at for a good quality standard carport, this is usually the first choice.

Carports with the regular roof are rated for use in areas where the weather is generally mild year-round. This roof is our most economical option, and they are an attractive addition to your metal carport. We recommend regular roof style for temperate climate where storms and winters are mild.

– Some individuals prefer a carport that has a little bit more character and style to it. For those individuals, the choice of an A-frame boxed eave metal carport usually suits their requirements. This roof too has the horizontal roof patterns but is classed as a step up from the standard version carport.

A boxed eave looks a lot like the eave of a traditional home, which makes these carport roofs appealing. This carport roof is rated to hold up to moderate weather, so if you get a moderate amount of snow and ice, this roof style is one option for your carport. Boxed Eave roof is engineered to hold in harsh winters, and it is ideal for carports that are to be erected in locations where snowfall can turn heavy.

– Depending on the weather condition in your area and the type of elements that your metal carport is going to face you may want to make the choice of having a vertical style carport. These have been designed to withstand rain and snow accumulation and are perfect for areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

This roof type has a vertical design, so heavy snow and ice fall off more readily. Choose this type of roof if you prefer an A-frame design and live in an area where bad weather is the norm, it’s an ideal metal carport roof for the harshest locales.


You are not just limited to the choice of roof styles, but you can build your own carport with additional components like

  • Width, length and height
  • Additional walls for the front and backMetal Carports
  • Frames and panels
  • Metal carport anchors and braces
  • Trims
  • Plus, different choice options in color when it comes to the roof, walls and trim of your building.


Another great advantage of choosing metal carports is that you have options when it comes to the applications that you want to use it for. It may be that you only require its features and benefits for a single car, or if it is a multicar family you also have an option of choosing a bigger metal carport that can accommodate more than one vehicle. When you consider the affordability and the practicality of choosing this type of vehicle protection it makes it much easier, and a great choice for those that have more than one vehicle to shelter. In addition to this, your metal carport will also allow you room for extra storage of items that you may normally keep in a garage setting.


  • There are a lot of features and benefits that carports can deliver. Not only is it ideal for protecting your vehicles in inclement weather, but it also helps in keeping the car sheltered from the sun which helps to prevent the interior from heating up.Carport Buildings
  • It is an ideal way of protecting your vehicle while it is on your own property. The features of being able to have a carport installed quickly provides a great advantage both in time saving as well as being cost-effective.
  • Having a steel carport to use means that your car is not as visibly exposed which can help to cut down on theft and vandalism.
  • Depending on the size of metal carport that you choose, it is also a great provider for extra space for additional items that you would otherwise need outbuildings to store them in.
  • What also has to be considered is the energy efficiency with a carport. Taking into account that you don’t need to install additional lighting or have to be concerned about using electricity for garage car openers.


While making a choice to go with the metal carport for your vehicle protection is a wise choice, it is equally important to choose a metal carport dealer that is known to provide the best in the industry services, quality and workmanship when it comes to buying metal carports. Here at Viking Steel Structures we have gained an outstanding reputation and experience, we are best known for offering carports for sale at affordable prices.

Viking Steel Structures also intent on backing up its prefabricated buildings whether it’s metal garages, metal barns or clear span buildings with rent to own metal building options, easy repairing and metal building maintenance services, customization options, plus we offer an excellent warranty of 20 years.

Before buying a metal building it’s important to know which industry leading dealers you can rely on for the availability to serve in your area. At Viking Steel Structures, we cover the extra miles and serve our pre-engineered metal buildings at more than 35 states throughout the US with area specific sales advisors to make the building available at your doorstep.

Viking Steel Structures strives to set itself apart by offering you everything you could need, right from one place when you buy metal carports from us, you get:

  • Total customer service before, during, and after the saleCarport
  • A selection of fine products, engineered to be tough
  • Access to our carport color planner to see your metal carport color and design options
  • Metal carports made from galvanized stainless steel that’s made in the USA
  • Free advice from industry experts
  • Consultation with pros who understand building codes and permits
  • Customizable designs
  • A 20-year rust through warranty* satisfaction
  • Free delivery of your metal carport
  • Erection of your carport on your ready site

For more information about carports you can give us a call at +1 (877) 801-3263 or contact us. We’re here to answer any questions and put you one step closer to the metal carport you are looking for.

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