Vertical Roof Metal Workshops and Structures for Sale

Vertical Roof Metal Workshops


Viking Steel Structures offer various options when you want to customize your metal building. These options include the building elements, colors, adding doors, windows and allowing to select the best roof style for your building as well. Vertical roofs are the most recommended building styles if you are living in an area which is prone to extreme climatic conditions such a

s high slow fall or high winds. Thus, we offer certified building in those areas and have 2 options available for the gauge you want to include. 12 gauge is considered as best as the sheet metal is thick on this frame, whereas the thickness of 14 gauge is slight less compared to 12 gauge, still it does the work perfectly.

While purchasing a Vertical roof style metal workshop, there are customization options that you need receive from us to create your dream building and style it based on your requirements. The list of custom options are as follows:

  • 15 color options available for your workshopVertical Metal Workshop
  • You can also select colors of your choice for the roof, trim and walls and get the building delivered based on your choice.
  • Adding Roll-up and Walk-on doors to your building. Roll-up doors are available in 4 color options whereas the walk-in door comes in white color only. But you can always add a window to your walk-in door or don’t include it per your selection.
  • We can custom tailor your workshop based on the location and space you have. But you need to make sure that you tell us the measurements to help you make the good purchase from us.

While purchasing a metal workshop, you need to know about the width, length and height of the building you want to purchase, as this will be a cost-effective solution for both us. If you are not aware of the exact dimensions that you need, product specialists at Viking Steel Structures can help you right from the selection of your building to making the purchase and final delivery of your building. Get in touch with us to know more about our buildings and their competitive prices for your region.

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