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Vertical Roof Carports

18x26 Steel Carport Building

18x26 Steel Carport Building

Starting at: $2155

  • vikingsteelstructures
    Width 18
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Length 26
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Height 9
38x61 Enclosed Steel Carport

38x61 Enclosed Steel Carport

Starting at: $22225

  • vikingsteelstructures
    Width 38
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Length 61
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Height 12
40x26 Wide Metal Carport

40x26 Wide Metal Carport

Starting at: $12190

  • vikingsteelstructures
    Width 40
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Length 26
  • vikingsteelstructures
    Height 13



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Metal carports are widely used and offer versatility with convenience. Steel carports are ideal for protecting your cars, trucks, boats, RVs, ATVs, and much more in all-weather conditions. Vertical Metal Carport

Vertical roof-style carports are the most popular, top-selling steel buildings offered by Viking Steel Structures. These vertical carports structures are highly-recommended for buyers who reside in an area where harsh weather conditions are common. These roofs have an A-frame and vertical ridges. Vertical roofs feature stainless steel construction with lining under the panels and edges for maximum support and strength. The steel paneling along the roof’s bottom gives it additional support, allowing it to handle extra weight efficiently. Despite, the vertical roof panels easily handle rain, snow, leaves, and other debris.

We sell vertical roof metal carports in areas where heavy snowfall, rain, and hailstorms are the norm. The extra paneling and the vertical ridges allow these roofs to handle more massive amounts of snowfall. The vertical-style carports are built in an a-frame roof and engineered for the snow to slide off the roof as the roof sheeting is vertical up and down, saving you time from having to shovel snow off the roof. The vertical ridges allow snow to be removed or fall away from the vertical roof style building.

Vertical Metal CarportAlthough the vertical metal roof’s added cost compared to regular roof metal carport or boxed-eave steel carports, investing for a vertical roof style carport is worth every additional penny. Our vertical carport roofs are ideal for all climates, and they are simple and easy to install in level areas. Use them to shelter your vehicles all around the year, or put them to work as covered shelters in the summertime.

No matter which steel carport roof you choose, we can customize the roof to your particular needs. Our color planner and component visualizer are available for every metal carport we sell. Our easy-to-use 3D building estimator is full of functionality that anyone can design their custom carport building online with easy clicks. So, use our 3D Design Tool to customize & visualize your dream carport building before ordering.

We also assure you of top-notch customer service in addition to high-quality products, all at prices that keep your budget in mind. Our vertical roof carports are long-lasting, versatile, and affordable enough that can serve anyone’s requirements. High-end steel manufacturers in the country build our carports, so you can rest assured that vertical roof metal carports offered by Viking Steel Structures are a step above the rest.

Vertical Roof Carports Sizes and Prices

We are associated with the USA’s best local manufacturers to provide you the quick, reliable, high-quality steel buildings. To accurately price your new metal building construction & installation, we consider all factors. Please speak with one of our building specialists about the latest pricing of your new building.

The standard size for a vertical roof carport is 12’W x 21’L for $1,395 and can be designed as wide and as long as you need or want. Metal carport prices vary based on location, customization options, and size dimensions. You can also check our latest updated metal carports prices. For the best deal, you can check our vertical roof metal carports for sale.

Why Choose Viking Steel Structures for Buying Vertical Roof Carports?

Viking Steel Structures is the leading steel building supplier in the USA, which provides a wide range of vertical roof carports to match all your requirements. Our pre-engineered galvanized steel framed carports are the perfect solution for covering your car, RVs, boat, farm equipment, or anything else which needs protection from the harsh outdoor elements. With our high-quality vertical roof style carports, customers receive an all-weather steel structure at budget-friendly pricing. Various customizations on metal carports also offered to meet customers’ exact needs for layout, aesthetics, and functionality.

With our years of experience and potential to deliver the best, we ensure you get your dream carport in the least possible lead time. We have a friendly and dedicated team of metal building experts who are always available to assist you. Talk to our metal building specialist today at 877-801-3263 to begin the process of purchasing your new steel carports!

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