Metal Barns Prices

48x30x12 Carolina Barn
Starting at $17,680
36x20x14 Carolina Barn
Starting at $11,830
40x25x12 All Vertical Metal Barn
Starting at $17,375
48x20x12 All Vertical Deluxe Style Carolina Barn
Starting at $16,230
42x40x13 Carolina Barn
Starting at $13,405
50x40x14 All Vertical Seneca Barn
Starting at $21,800
42x30x13 Carolina Barn
Starting at $19,100
53x40x14 Carolina Barn
Starting at $27,195
48x44x12 Raised Center Aisle Barn
Starting at $27,200
38x25x13 Carolina Metal Barn
Starting at $13,365

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Steel Barns Prices

The steel barns are the new way of fulfilling your agricultural, storage, and livestock housing needs. Metal barns consist of two lean-tos and a central building, which can be customized according to your requirements like open lean-tos and enclosed central structure or enclosed lean-tos and the open-air roofed central building. Metal barns prices start from $7095 and go up according to size and designs. Steel barns can be used for multiple purposes like Metal shed, Outdoor shed, Car shed, Garden shed, RV cover, Boat garage, Motorcycle room, ATV garage, Storage building, Grain storage, Hay storage, Horse barn, Warehouse, Workshop, Tractor shed, Equipment shed, Art studio, Party Hub, Personal den, and much more. You can enjoy all these functionalities with affordable steel barn prices if you make your purchase from us.

Aspects Affecting Steel Barns Costs

Location: The barns prices may vary according to your region. Different manufacturers offer unique prices for the specific region, and you might notice different steel barns rates of the same style for different locations. If your area’s authorities impose any tax on the building, then the total steel barn cost gets escalated. So, your location can influence your barn’s prices.

Manufacturer: Steel barns prices can vary with the building dealer or manufacturer. You are advised to buy your barn from a trusted dealer because fraudsters offer attractive prices and great discounts to entice customers. This kind of dealer provides poor quality buildings with the worst customer service. Viking Steel Structures is providing the best quality metal barns with 24×7 customer service at reasonable prices.

Building codes: There are some building codes and regulations according to local wind/ snow loads. These building laws exist in some states, and you have to confirm it from your building expert or local authorities, whether you need a permit or not. If yes, then you need to pay a fee amount for the permit. Hence, the total metal barn cost gets elevated. Make sure you get the permit before the day of installation.

Design Complexity: It’s obvious that intricate designs require more effort to fabricate and consequently raise the final metal barn prices. As you step towards more complex designs, you need to pay high metal barn costs. You can get your dream building without compromising anything. Viking Steel Structures is offering trending barn styles at reasonable prices.

Foundation: The type of foundation can also fluctuate your steel barn prices. The concrete and asphalt foundations are expensive but match commercial & heavy-duty standards. Gravel, clay, and dirt are quite economical but can’t serve commercial purposes.

Customizations: Standard buildings are easy for the manufacturer to provide, but custom buildings require additional resources & efforts, and that’s why every custom change is payable. You have the freedom to customize every part of your barn, like dimensions, design, roof-style, side panels, etc. The final steel barn prices get varied with every customization you opt. We are offering a wide range of custom metal buildings at affordable prices.

You can also self-design your metal barn with our 3D Estimator Tool.

How Much Does a Metal Barn Costs?

Below is the table of steel barn prices based on different sizes.

Metal Barns Prices
Regular Style
36×21 $3,170
36×26 $3,895
36×31 $4,610
36×36 $5,225
42×21 $3,270
42×26 $3,995
42×31 $4,710
42×36 $5,325
44×21 $3,470
44×26 $4,295
44×31 $5,110
44×36 $5,825
46×21 $3,670
46×26 $4,525
46×31 $5,370
46×36 $6,125
48×21 $3,770
48×26 $4,695
48×31 $5,610
48×36 $6,325

*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

Viking Steel Structures is one of the most reputed & trustworthy metal building dealers in America. We are providing the best standard metal barn and barn kits at economical barn & kits prices. Along with your order, we’ll give you a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery and installation. Concerning your economic health, we are also allowing reliable payment options like RTO & Finance, so that you can get your dream building without any financial difficulty. Don’t delay, order your building now.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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