Steel Warehouse Building Prices

58x50x12 All Vertical Carolina Barn
Starting at $29,900
50x40x14 All Vertical Seneca Barn
Starting at $21,800
50x52x14 Metal Garage Workshop
Starting at $40,910
42x25x12 Continuous Roof Metal Barn
Starting at $10,810
60x60x14 Clear Span Workshop
Starting at $55,500
60x52x14 All Vertical Commercial Building
Starting at $41,900
36x30x12 Carolina Metal Barn
Starting at $12,475
36x30x12 All Vertical Carolina barn
Starting at $12,580
50x90x10 All Vertical Clear Span Metal Building
Starting at $42,400
36x25x9 Lean-to Metal Garage
Starting at $8,365.00

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Metal Warehouse Costs

Do you have many things to store that can’t be stored in a standard garage or workshop? The metal warehouse is the perfect option for your large scale or commercial storage needs. The steel warehouse width ranges between 32ft to 60ft, and you can choose any width between according to your storage requirements. Metal warehouses can be used as mass storage, RV garage, ATV home, Multicar parking, Clearspan building, Metal garage, Steel workshop, etc. Apart from commercial and residential uses, it can also be used as a recreational building like She-shed, and man cave.

Steel warehouse building prices start from $5000 and go up to $22,795. This price is variable and depends on various factors.

Factors Affecting Metal Warehouse Building Prices

Building Size: Your metal warehouse cost tends to vary with the increasing size of the building, but the interesting thing is as your warehouse exceeds the 2000 sq ft, the all-over construction cost starts decreasing.

Design & Complexity: There are lots of customization options, and with the increasing complexity of the design, the cost of the metal warehouse also increases. The price depends on your choice, which door, windows, insulation, and roof style combination you choose.

Building Codes: Some location asks for the certifications & some don’t. These certifications are for assuring, whether your warehouse can withstand the local winds & snow or not. If your area has the defined codes and regulations, then you have to spend some money in the process of getting the certificates and permits.

Delivery & Installation: Delivery and installation cost is also added into the final metal warehouse costs. But if you buy your metal warehouse building from Viking Steel Structures, then you’ll get the free delivery and installation.

Foundation: Which foundation you pour also influences the cost of steel workshop building. There are various foundations available, like Concrete, Asphalt, and Gravel. You can choose anyone according to your use. Concrete foundations are recommended for commercial purposes.

Table of Metal Warehouse Building Prices

Below is the pricing table of the steel warehouse according to different sizes and locations.

Metal Warehouse Building Prices
32′-40′ Wide 42′-50′ Wide 52′-60′ Wide
32X20 $5,695 42X20 $7,595 52X20 $9,995
32X24 $6,695 42X24 $8,645 52X24 $11,095
32X28 $7,695 42X28 $9,695 52X28 $12,195
32X32 $8,695 42X32 $10,745 52X32 $13,295
32X36 $7,395 42X36 $11,795 52X36 $14,395
32X40 $9,695 42X40 $12,845 52X40 $15,495
32X44 $11,695 42X44 $13,895 52X44 $16,595
32X48 $12,695 42X48 $14,945 52X48 $17,695
32X52 $13,695 42X52 $15,995 52X52 $18,795
34X20 $5,995 44X20 $7,995 54X20 $10,695
34X24 $7,045 44X24 $9,045 54X24 $11,795
34X28 $8,095 44X28 $10,095 54X28 $12,895
34X32 $9,145 44X32 $11,145 54X32 $13,995
34X36 $10,195 44X36 $12,195 54X36 $15,095
34X40 $11,245 44X40 $13,245 54X40 $16,195
34X44 $12,295 44X44 $14,295 54X44 $17,295
34X48 $13,345 44X48 $15,345 54X48 $18,395
34X52 $14,395 44X52 $16,395 54X52 $19,495
36X20 $6,395 46X20 $8,495 56X20 $11,295
36X24 $7,445 46X24 $9,545 56X24 $12,395
36X28 $8,495 46X28 $10,595 56X28 $13,495
36X32 $9,545 46X32 $11,645 56X32 $14,595
36X36 $10,595 46X36 $12,695 56X36 $15,695
36X40 $11,645 46X40 $13,745 56X40 $16,795
36X44 $12,695 46X44 $14,795 56X44 $17,895
36X48 $13,745 46X48 $15,845 56X48 $18,995
36X52 $14,795 46X52 $16,895 56X52 $20,095
38X20 $6,795 48X20 $8,995 58X20 $11,895
38X24 $7,845 48X24 $10,095 58X24 $12,995
38X28 $8,895 48X28 $11,195 58X28 $14,095
38X32 $9,945 48X32 $12,295 58X32 $15,195
38X36 $10,995 48X36 $13,395 58X36 $16,295
38X40 $12,045 48X40 $14,495 58X40 $17,395
38X44 $13,095 48X44 $15,595 58X44 $18,495
38X48 $14,145 48X48 $16,695 58X48 $19,595
38X52 $15,195 48X52 $17,795 58X52 $20,695
40X20 $7,295 50X20 $9,595 60X20 $12,495
40X24 $8,345 50X24 $10,695 60X24 $13,595
40X28 $9,395 50X28 $11,795 60X28 $14,695
40X32 $10,445 50X32 $12,895 60X32 $15,795
40X36 $11,495 50X36 $13,995 60X36 $16,895
40X40 $12,545 50X40 $15,095 60X40 $17,995
40X44 $13,595 50X44 $16,195 60X44 $19,095
40X48 $14,645 50X48 $17,295 60X48 $20,195
40X52 $15,695 50X52 $18,395 60X52 $21,295

*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

Customization Features of Steel Warehouse Building

Metal buildings are fully customizable, and you can employ any part’s transformation best matching your needs. You have the authority to choose from wide color, side panels, and roof style options. You can also change the width, length, and height of the building to fulfill your functional requirements. There are garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows customizations options also available for ease of use and amazing aesthetics.
Below are some customization options for different parts of the buildings.

  • Up to 15 color options
  • Uncertified garage doors width 6’x6’ to 14’x14’
  • Certified garage doors width 6’x6’ to 16’x16’
  • Two windows options 30”x30” & 30”x36”
  • Two Insulation choices Double bubble & Woven R-17.
  • 29 gauge roofing
  • 12 & 14 gauge panel variants
  • 3 roof styles
  • And many more

We provide many custom metal buildings and also serve online building designing tool, so you can self design your metal warehouse.

Viking Steel Structures is well known to offer enticing metal warehouse and metal building kits prices. We also offer additional benefits to our customers like 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. Along with these benefits, we also provide easy payment options like RTO & Finance for the customers who can’t afford the whole amount at once. So, don’t think and order your steel workshop now.

For any query or support regarding the order, call our building experts at 877-801-3263.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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