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Top Selling Prefabricated Metal Buildings

30x40x10 Metal Garage with Porch
Starting at $13,195
30x40x12 All Vertical Side Entry Garage
Starting at $19,175
30x40x12 All Weather Steel Garage
Starting at $17,035
22Wx40Lx12H All Purpose Garage Workshop
Starting at $11,335
30x50x12 All Vertical Side Entry Metal Garage
Starting at $20,225
Starting at $14,175
30x50x12 Triple Wide Metal Garage
Starting at $17,990
30X40X12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage
Starting at $20,055
12X20X10 Vertical Roof Metal Carport
Starting at $4,995
30x40x14 All Vertical Garage Workshop
Starting at $19,305

What is Prefabricated Metal Building

Like various skyscrapers, the need for lightweight yet durable steel buildings is in huge demand. Steel being a prominent metal in the construction industry is commonly used. This brings the demand for prefab metal buildings.

Prefab steel buildings are a set of building system that is pre-designed and only require onsite assembly. There are found components that are delivered in prefabricated metal buildings. For single-frame construction, multiple wall columns are provided. All the columns are attached together to form a single frame.  The second building system is used to provide lateral support to the structure. It is connected across the bays. The third system includes the end wall framing. To make an enclosed metal structure, the wide walls and roof walls are

Last is the steel panels that cover the entire building structure and protect the internal stuff from the environment. The prefab metal buildings not only lessen your efforts but also delivers an amazing look.

Viking Steel Structures offer a versatile range of Quality Prefab Steel Buildings across the US. You can directly call our metal building specialists at 877-801-3263 or surf our diverse catalog to choose the one that suits you.

Prefabricated Metal Building Sizes

Size is a crucial factor that every homeowner consider ahead of buying a Pre-fab Metal Buildings. The metal building size completely depends upon your needs. The building size can vary to meet your needs. However, as the prefab metal buildings are commonly used as commercial metal buildings or metal farm buildings, the basic size of prefab-buildings is 30×30. You can enhance/upgrade the dimensions according to your land area as well as your requirements

Prefabricated Metal & Steel Buildings for Sale

A prefab steel building provides multiple benefits over other alternatives. Viking Steel Structures offers prefab metal building for sale at affordable prices. Selecting these buildings over alternatives has pros that include:

Utmost Quality: Serving in the metal building industry for years, Viking has assured the customers of providing high quality steep for their usage. Galvanized steel is used for the entire manufacturing of your metal building offering complete protection from rot, termites, decay and various other negative elements.

Quick Construction: Compared with other building options, the prefabricated metal buildings are quick to manufacture and install on-site. The entire parts are delivered pre-fabricated that omit the hassle of assembly and complete the task within a short span.

Cost-Effective: The biggest pros of using prefab buildings is its price. Great Prices on Prefab Metal Buildings makes it the best option when you are looking for a big building with no supporting columns. You can stay assured of its strength.

Survive for Decades: Once installed, you can utilize the prefab building for decades. With low-maintenance, the steel building can continue to serve you for years delivering complete protection to your essentials.

Prefab Steel Building Kits

Viking Steel Structures provides you Prefabricated Steel Buildings for Sale. You can choose your desired Metal Buildings Home and our metal building experts will ensure it delivers at your property in the given timeframe. The Prefab Metal Building Kits Prices completely vary depending upon the customizations and dimensions selected.

Uses of Prefabricated Metal Buildings

The uses of pre-fab metal buildings are endless. You can use it as:

  • Agricultural buildings
  • Church buildings
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Bowling alleys
  • Commercial steel buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Indoor horse riding arenas
  • Metal barns
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Industrial buildings
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Medical clinics
  • Sports facilities
  • Multi-purpose garages
  • Offices
  • Personal workshop buildings
  • Storage buildings and shops
  • Recreational and sports facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Schools
  • Mini-storage facilities
  • Retail stores
  • Welding shops and many more!

Prefab Wood Buildings vs Prefab Metal Buildings

Homeowners mostly get confused between Prefab Wood Buildings and Prefab Metal Buildings. Nowadays, the prefabricated steel structures are in huge demand, but when compared with wood, people get confused about the right selection.

Wood, as well as Metal buildings, can be used as an RV cover, garage, barn or any other building structure. However, using wood prefab building is not sustainable in the harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, storm, high winds, and rain. As an advantage, metal prefab buildings can confront such weather conditions without affecting your essentials.

Coming to the building aesthetics, prefab wood buildings are painted to give versatile aesthetics as required. However, it required additional labor costs. On the other hand, the metal buildings are available with custom color options which save your money and additional labor cost.

In terms of price, prefab wood building prices seem cheaper than steel prefab structures. But in comparison to the longevity and durability of metal buildings, the calculative cost of prefab wood structures is costly compared to prefabricated metal structures.

Now make your own prefab building with our 3D Building Designer. On our 3D estimator, you can make the designs that fit in your budget and serve your needs. You can customize the building in terms of dimensions, roof type, colors, lean-tos and many more. To ensure the sustainability of our prefab buildings, different certifications are also available.

So, its time to fetch your needs and call us to order your prefabricated buildings today!

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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