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4 Car Metal Garages – A Perfect Shelter for Multiple Vehicles

There is always the heck of parking your vehicles under one shed if you own multiple vehicles. There is no other option than investing in the perfect metal garage that can help you park your essentials without worrying about thefts, weather damage, and other unnatural hazards. You can buy a perfect 4 car steel garage at Viking Steel Structures. Our metal garage specialists can assist you with the best on-call support for all sorts of doubts.

Four-car metal garages are fully covered structures specially designed to provide you with high-end safety. If required, you can further convert this metal structure into numerous other structures like:

  • Auto Shop
  • Workshop
  • Studio
  • Man Cave
  • Game Room

and many more.

The uses of a four-car metal garage give you endless opportunities to utilize the clear span garage space to the fullest.

Factors to Consider For 4 Car Garages

Multiple factors cumulatively contribute to your dream four-car garages.

Wall Height: Wall height is a factor that is decided based on your personal requirements. For parking a big RV, motorhome, etc., you are recommended to go for a bigger height.

Doors: Doors are always required for an easy passway for the metal garage owners. You can add multiple garage doors based on your personal/professional requirements.

Windows: Windows is essential for proper ventilation in your metal garage building. Hence you can choose more than two windows based on your metal building size.

Roof Pitch: If you are planning to install overhead storage, roof pitch plays a big role. Four car metal garage plans can help you find the right roof pitch for your metal garage building.


Before finalizing your four-car garage building, it’s important to know all the factors that affect the prefab metal garage prices. Four-car metal garage prices must be considered whether you are making a purchase again or before making the first investment. 

The price of your metal building depends entirely on multiple factors like dimensions, gauge, steel price, customization options, and much more. The price of your four car garages building is decided on the current prices of raw materials and the other associated factors.

Available Roof Styles for Four-Car Steel Garage Buildings

A roof style plays a vital role in building the strength of your four-car metal garage. Every manufacturer in America offers three types of roof styles that you can choose according to your budget, local building codes, and local weather conditions. According to your local weather, you are provided with three roof styles to choose from:

Regular roof: Regular roof is the most common option offered with small garage buildings like carports, one-car garage, etc. It is sustainable for normal weather conditions. This ‘Regular’ roof style has rounded corners, which is preferred for small garages.

A-frame roof: A-frame roof style is also known as Boxed Eave. It is best suitable to confront moderate weather conditions. It gives a residential look to your metal garage.

Vertical roof: Vertical roof style is the preferred option for commercial metal garages or buildings to be installed to confront harsh weather conditions. In the vertical style, the roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing easy runoff of heavy snow, rain, and natural elements such as leaves and debris.

Four Car Steel Garage Accessories

At Viking Steel Structures, you are provided with multiple accessories that you can choose when ordering your dream car garage. Below listed are the available accessories:

Gable End: This is a triangular portion of the upper-end wall, which does not include any walls.

Garage Overhead Door: The overhead garage door is the most usable part of your building. You can also add insulation to reduce the temperature transfer into your garage.

Windows: Windows are essential to maintain the lightning within your garage. It gives a beautiful view of your surroundings.

Walk-In Door: Walk-in doors provide secure entry into your steel building without having to open the large door often used for large vehicles constantly.

Sky Lights: The skylight panels come on a 36” Wide x 144” Long, which can only be used on vertical roofs and walls.

Roll-Up Doors: Commercial Roll-up doors come with dual springs to help the door move up and down with little effort. These have extruded aluminum on the outside that prevents rust and corrosion from reaching the inside of the door. The Garage roll-up doors are made of 26-Gauge hot-dip galvanized steel, which is durable and rust-resistant for decades.

Extra Truss: To add strength to your metal building, you have additional trusses of different sizes, i.e., 12’-20’, 22’-24’, 24’-30’.

J-Trim: J-Trim add charm and safeguard the steel corners. It is available in different sizes, i.e., 21’, 26’, 31’, 36’, 41’, 46’, and 51’.

Insulation: Viking Steel Structures offers Single Bubble, Double Bubble, and woven R-17 insulation options that you can choose to keep your valuables in a four-car garage safe.

Reflective insulation is available, i.e., ICC-ES recognized and energy star qualified, which works in temperatures as extreme as -20 degrees Celsius and as high as 80 degrees Celsius.

Wainscoting: Using wainscoting, you can add an exceptional view to the exterior of your metal garage.

Why Choose Viking Steel Structures for 4-Car Metal Garages?

Viking Steel Structures is a renowned dealer in the United States of America to buy four car garages. With exceptional customer service and premium quality, we ensure you the best structure on your land that lasts for decades.

We have parking, recreational, industrial, and storage solutions that aren’t possible anywhere in the metal building industry.

For more information or buying assistance, give us a call at 877-801-3263. Our support team is always available to help you with the best possible answers to your queries.

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