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New Team Carport LLC has qualified and professional staff to provide better service.  This manufacturer is located in Mount Airy, NC; the heart of the metal building industry specializes in the design, construction, manufacture and installation of Barns, Carports, Garages, Custom Buildings, and many more steel structures.

Their mission is to generate and provide construction services to meet the expectations, needs, and desires of customers. They always strive to improve the quality of services due to their values like responsibility, truthfulness, loyalty, and professionalism.

Being a leader in the domestic market of the metal building construction for industrial and household purposes, they are one of the top manufacturers in the design and quality of metal structures.

Their hard work, dedication, loyalty & honesty are the key factors in the success of New Team Carport LLC, which allow them to stand from their competitors. Through our association with them, we provide our customers with quality metal buildings at a reasonable price.

Metal Buildings Offered By New Team Carports

New Team Carports (NTC) offers a wide range of metal structures to choose from, each engineered and manufactured with quality steels. They provide some of the most popular building styles that are listed below:

  • RV Covers
  • Single/Double/Triple-Wide Carports
  • Custom Carports
  • Single/Double/Triple-Wide Garages
  • Barns
  • Equipment Storage Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Storage Building
  • Industrial and Household Buildings

Advantages of New Team Carport Buildings

Buying a steel building is a big decision because it is very important to be aware of your investment in metal structure and what you’re getting from the product. When you order a metal structure from Viking Steel Structures, you aren’t just getting a new means of shelter or storage; you’re getting a top-quality, highly durable, rigid steel building.

NTC metal buildings are durable, fully-customizable structures that will serve you for decades and save you money in the long-run. They aren’t susceptible to rot, rust, critter infestations, or fires like traditional wooden buildings. Metal structures manufactured by NTC aren’t limited to specific applications. You can customize and design the building to fulfil your requirements.


Design Your Steel Building

Being able to design your dream metal structure is the most convenient method that most building providers don’t offer. But when you work with Viking Steel Structures, we understand all your requirements and help you to design a building that fulfils your needs.

You can choose your ideal color scheme, desired dimensions, roof-style, doors, windows, accessories, and so much more! We want you to get exactly what you want when you order a building from us. If you’d like to know more about our customization options, feel free to contact us today at 877-801-3263

With our 3D building designer tool, you are also free to design and check the view of your structure in advance.

Roof Styles offered By New Team Carports

One of the most important customization options you will choose during the design process is the roof style of your structure. Each style is designed and engineered to withstand certain weather conditions and meet building codes.

New Team Carports gives you three roof-styles which you can choose according to your needs. The three roof styles are:

Standard Roof

They are also known as “Regular Roof” type. These roofs come with curved steel panels on the sides and have no trim. They are adequate to sustain normal weather conditions. However, a standard roof style doesn’t tolerate moderate weather conditions

A-Frame Horizontal Roof

The A-frame horizontal roof is commonly known as a boxed-eave roof style, which is recommended when you are living in areas with moderate weather conditions. In the A-frame horizontal roof, there are no ridge cap and hat channels used. It is an upgraded roof style for a regular roof, which also increases your investment in terms. The use of extra trusses gives more strength to this horizontal channel.

A-Frame Vertical Roof

A-frame roof style is a perfect option for commercial and industrial buildings that increase the durability and sustainability against winds load, snow load, and other critical weather conditions. Extra trusses, ridge cap, and hat channel make the vertical roof style sturdy to withstand against various weather problems. However, with the addition of additional accessories in roof installation, the vertical roof style is costlier than the latter two options.

Viking Steel Structures is a proud partner of New Team Carport. To our customers, we are committed to supplying quality metal buildings, excellent customer services, and the best craftsmanship in the industry. Call us today at 877-801-3263 to order your dream metal structure, and we will custom build your perfect building.

New Team Carport & Buildings Prices

New Team Carport provides fair prices of metal buildings without compromising the quality. Their manufactured metal buildings allow homeowners and businesses to own the building that they always dreamt of. There are several factors to take into consideration when investing in a new metal structure. If you want to customize your metal structure, there are many factors like size, lean-to, doors, windows, roof-style, panels, insulation, location, etc. that will affect the final price.

While our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, your final price will be affected by the size and style of the unit, the installation site’s location, and the customizations you choose to add. At Viking Steel Structures, we know that it’s difficult to spend a large amount altogether, so we provide financing and the rent-to-own program; thus, you can afford the building you always wanted. For more information, you can talk to one of the metal building specialists at 877-801-3263.


New Team Carport Service Areas

Due to our association with New Team Carports, we can provide several of the northern states with their ideal storage solutions at affordable prices. New Team’s service area includes parts or all of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. And if they do not cover your area, Viking Steel Structures assist you in finding a local manufacturer to provide you with your dream metal building.



Why Should You Partner with Viking Steel Structures for New Team Carport (NTC) Buildings?

Viking Steel Structures is proudly associated with New Team Carport LLC to deliver quality metal structures and outstanding service to each customer. Their drive for success, excellent workmanship, and desire to help others has made them a wonderful partner for us.

New Team Carport LLC can handle all your construction needs in one place, ensuring that you get a building that looks and works in all the ways you want it to. We are committed to crafting every aspect of your new home or workplace to meet your every expectation. For any information, contact us or talk to our metal building experts at 877-801-3263.


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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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