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Buy Wisconisn Metal Garages

Every state in the USA has the diversity that makes them different from others. The business in Wisconisn has been a crucial part of their economy. Due to varied climates and personalized needs, Wisconisn necessitates various garage types.

Metal Garages are the perfect option for the residents of Wisconisn because of their adaptability and versatility. Among all building options, metal garages in Wisconisn are popular as it serves varied applications on budget and high-end customizations. Viking Steel Structures is here to offer customized pre-engineered metal garages in Wisconisn.

Types of Metal Garages in WI

A WI metal garage’s ease has made it a highly recommended parking and storage option. A fully-enclosed garage is an ideal answer for a homeowner needing a safe haven for their vehicle(s) and other essentials. Different types of steel garages in Wisconisn are available to choose from, depending on your purposes:

  • One Car Metal Garages: Customers who simply require parking/storage for a small vehicle or outdoor equipment can choose a one-car steel garage in Wisconisn. A WI one-car garage is designed to accommodate only one vehicle; there is still plenty of space for storage.
  • Two Car Metal Garages: Two small or medium-sized vehicles can park inside WI two-car steel garages. Some customers prefer this garage size for a single vehicle and use the remaining space for storage purposes.
  • Three Car Metal Garages: Buyers who require security for more than one vehicle, like trucks, lawn equipment, and even agricultural equipment, can choose three-car garages in Wisconisn. When ordering a WI triple-wide garage, make sure to select one that is significantly larger than your current needs.

Common Metal Garage Sizes

Metal garages WI are available in different designs depending upon the customer’s need. If you plan to put your money in a WI custom garage building, you must know the common garage sizes that most people order from Viking Steel Structures.

  • 12’x20’ Regular Metal Garage
  • 20’x20’ Metal Garage
  • 24’x25’ Metal Garage
  • Custom Metal Garage

Roof Styles Available for WI Steel Garage Buildings

Choosing the right roof style that can confront harsh weather conditions is always important. Hence, you must know about different roof style options available with prefab garages in Wisconisn. Viking Steel Structures offers three different roof styles, each of which is listed below:

  • Regular Roof Style: The regular roof style is the most economical option available to our consumers. It has horizontally oriented panels with rounded edges to provide an older barn look. While it offers solid protection, it is best suited to places with moderate weather.
  • A-frame Roof Style: It is also known as the boxed-eave type. This roof has horizontal paneling and is comparable to a conventional roof. While it is a minor upgrade from a regular roof style, it is advised for places where there may be occasional severe winds but no heavy rain or snowfall.
  • Vertical Roof Style: This is the most popular and dependable roof style available for customers. While this roof is suitable for all climates, it is particularly suggested for clients who reside in locations prone to severe weather. Vertically oriented paneling, hat channels, and ridge caps are inserted for added stability and protection.

Benefits of WI Metal Garages

What makes Wisconisn pre-engineered garages from other types of structures?

Steel garages in WI have numerous advantages over structures made of other materials. Below is a list of some of the benefits:

  • Long-lasting: Metal prefabricated garages in WI can survive for years with precision engineering and high-quality materials. WI Steel garages, unlike structures built of other materials, can survive extreme weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance: WI Steel garage buildings are low-maintenance and require relatively little maintenance and repairs. However, you can extend the structure’s lifespan with a timely inspection.
  • Fire Resistant: Steel garages are not susceptible to fire in the same way that stick constructions are. This fire-resistant trait saves you money in the long run and provides excellent protection for all of your belongings.
  • Cost-Effective: Choosing a metal garage in WI will save you more money than you believe. With the saved money, you’ll be able to make any other investment that you have been planning for a long.
  • Increase Property Value: Adding a new WI metal structure to your property will boost its value.

Uses of Steel Garages WI

Metal garages are most commonly used for parking & secure vehicles from theft, damage, and vandalism. However, they are also used for many more purposes. These structures are being used for personal storage, workshops, inventory storage, man-cave or she-shed, and even as an additional housing unit.

Common uses of prefab garages in Wisconisn are:

  • Metal Workshop
  • Metal Guest House
  • Music or Art Studio
  • Man Cave (or She Shed)
  • Prefab Garage Apartment
  • Metal Home Office
  • Steel Home Brewery
  • Poolside Cabana

Design Your Custom Metal Garage in Wisconisn

If you are looking for something different from what’s available in our catalog, you should consider creating your own metal garage structure. You can use our 3D Garage Builder. Our 3D steel garage designer works to help you choose the right structure for your needs. It takes the uncertainty out of purchasing a metal garage building over the internet. It provides complete control over the situation and keeps pushy garage salespeople away.

Metal Garages Customization Options

We want you to adore your new metal garage so that it looks unique. This is why we offer a wide range of customization options to pick from. We allow you complete control over personalizing your steel garage building, from the 14 available color options to the anchors used to secure the structure to additional windows and doors. If you need help with the design process, we have metal garage specialists in Wisconisn who can assist you in any way they can.

WI Metal Garages Available at Best Price

Before turning your money into a dream metal garage, it’s crucial to know how much a prefab garage building will cost you in Wisconisn. Viking Steel Structures provide you with up-to-date metal garage rates. You can choose any garage alongside different customization options to suit your requirements.

We’re a renowned metal garage dealer in the United States and always provide current garage building pricing. We provide you with the updated pricing for one-car, two-car, and three-car and custom garages ranging in width from 12’ to 30’.

Service Area & Locations in Wisconisn

Viking Steel Structures have covered almost the entire USA to ensure everyone across the country can take advantage of prefab garage buildings and utilize it for whatever purpose they want.

If you want to know whether our manufacturers are available to serve you at your place, give us a call at (877)-801-3263.

Why Buy Steel Garage in Wisconisn from Viking Steel Structures?

  • Top-of-the-line metal garages at an affordable price
  • Buy prefabricated garage buildings meeting local building codes
  • Includes FREE Delivery
  • Built to withstand harsh weather troubles (hurricanes, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, snowfall, etc.)
  • Engineer Certified garages built to last for decades
  • Available with 14 color options