Learn About- Metal Carports, Garages and Barns Components
  1. 1braces

    This is a galvanized brace that joins the building leg to the roof framing for providing additional side-to-side support.

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  2. 2base rail

    Steel frame that is used to create the foundation (or steel base) of a building unit. The steel we use in our building is galvanized and best quality to hold the full structure.

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  3. 3corner trim

    Preformed color sheet metal trim used to close the junction of side and end wall sheets

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  4. 4door

    Doors that open vertically and are gathered into a roll suspended above the floor. We have four color options of Garage doors in some areas.

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  5. 5door frameout

    A galvanized tubular steel frame encased on three sides of a door (two on the sides and on at the top).

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  6. 6dutch frameout

    This is a Dutch frame out design with 45 degrees' angle, we also use a normal design for all garage roll up doors as well.

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  7. 7gable

    A triangular portion of the wall of a building directly under the sloping roof and above the eave line.

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  8. 8hat channel

    A steel component used to create vertically oriented roof on the building unit. This is made by Galvanized structural steel.

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  9. 9insulation

    Insulation is used in a building to reduce heat transfer as well as helps the structure to last for generations.

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  10. 10j-trim

    The light gauge metal used in the finish of a building, especially around openings and at intersections of surfaces.

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  11. 11legs

    Created by Galvanized steel material to join the base rail and roof framing components together of a building unit.

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  12. 12ridge cap

    A transition of the roofing materials along the ridge of a roof.

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  13. 13roof

    On a vertical building the ridges of the steel panels run from the top of the carport where the ridge cap is installed to the bottom (straight downward).

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  14. 14roof bow

    Roof Bow is a steel structure column that is used to create the roof framing system and support the Hat-Channels to keep the building structure firm.

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  15. 15roof braces

    These braces are attached to the roof of the buildings so as to provide additional support.

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  16. 16side panel

    The exposed exterior roof skin consisting of panels, attachments and joint sealant.

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  17. 17structure trim

    A-frame galvanized steel structure trim created to give finished look at the roof corners on overall building. Available in 12 Gauge & 14 Gauge material.

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  18. 18wainscot

    Wall material used in the lower portion of a wall that is different from the material in the rest of the wall and can be of different color combination as well.

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  19. 19wall

    Galvanized steel framing panels used to close the sides and ends of a building structure.

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  20. 20walk in door

    A door used by personnel for access to and exit from the building.

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building components

The Component Visualizer tool is a visual representation of all the building elements included in your metal carports, metal garages, metal barn or a custom metal building. This tool will give you an elaborate introduction of the elements along with their placement in a metal building. These elements include Roof bow, Braces, Walls, Roll-up garage doors, Walk-in doors, Windows, Panels, Hat channels, J-Trim, Insulation etc. We have listed most of them in the building structure above to provide you an understanding of what they are and why are they required in your metal building.


The steel buildings that Viking Steel Structures sell includes customized options as well. You can decide the width, length, height, color (15 building colors) option, roll-up colors (4 options), panels, walls, wainscot, lean-to etc to add in your metal structure. Also, the buildings we sell are made with galvanized steel, they are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated as well. Talk to our experts and know more.


Browse through our our component visualizer to know about your building in and out. If you have any difficulties in understanding any element, we are just a call away. Call Viking Steel Structures at 877-801-3263 (toll-free) to know more.

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