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Steel Carports with Storage Building

Steel carports are the metal shed with the storage unit. It’s a kind of metal utility carport with storage that consists of a metal storage building with carport to safeguard your valuables. Steel carport with storage is carport with the add-on of the enclosed room to open up new storage opportunities. A steel storage buildings and carports is the best way to fulfill your parking and housing needs. You can employ your metal storage buildings with carport for multiple purposes.

Uses of Combo Carports

Metal carports with storage building are a combo, so the uses of both buildings also get combined. A metal combo carport can easily cover and store your parking and storage needs, but for what else it can be used? Let’s see.

Metal Carports with Storage Shed Customization Features

Metal buildings can have countless customizations to meet your requirements. There are lots of transformation features you can choose from.

  • 6′ to 16′ height options
  • Up to 15 color options
  • Garage doors (6×6 to 14×14) for uncertified buildings
  • Garage Doors (6×6 to 16×16) for certified buildings
  • 3′ wide side panels with 21′, 26′, 31′, and 36′ length options
  • 12 gauge and 14 gauge panel options
  • Two windows options (30″ x30″ and 30″ x36″)
  • Two insulation options (Double bubble and Woven R-17)
  • End openings without garage door
  • Side openings without garage door
  • Side openings with garage door
  • Three Roof Styles

With the help of the above customization feature, you can get the metal utility carport best matching your needs. You can also choose from our massive product catalog of Custom metal buildings. If you didn’t find your building, then design your metal roof carport and storage buildings with our 3D Estimator.

Roof Styles of Metal Carports with Storage Building

Generally, there are three roof types, and it’s essential to know which one is best for you and your requirements.

Regular Roof Styles: The Regular roof style metal carport is the most economical building type. The regular roof consists of horizontal sheeting, which is suitable for the mild weather. You can conveniently shelter and store your assets against elements & heavy winds.

Boxed-eave Roof Style: The Boxed-eave roof metal carports with side storage are sturdier than the regular carports. Boxed-eave carports have horizontal pitched roof sheeting, which can cope up with breeze and the occasional snowfall. So, if you are in a moderate weather area, you can acquire the boxed-eave roof style.

Vertical Roof Style: The Vertical roof steel carports with storage shed attached are the most durable building options. All Vertical Metal Carports have vertical pitched roof and side panels, which don’t allow snow accumulation and ice slide off from the building. Vertical metal carport storage building are capable of protecting your valuables during harshest weather like winter storms, tornadoes, hailstorms, etc. So, if your area has lousy weather, then you must get the vertical roof for your metal carport storage combo.

Benefits of Metal Combo Carports

Your prefab carport with storage shed is not just multifunctional, it also holds many advantages & characteristics, and you must buy a metal carport. Let’s know about the merits and beneficial properties of the steel utility carports.

Longevity: Your steel carport is so durable that it last longer without affecting the aging factors. Steel carports have anti-corrosive properties, which makes it unaffected by the harmful elements like sun, moisture, and dust. As the Steel carports are not prone to rust, that’s why stands for decades without losing the functional qualities.

Sturdiness: Steel is the most robust building material, among other options. You can bank your trust on the combo carports for the protection of your belongings. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio, which means steel is the strongest among all the same weighted building materials. Hence, your Steel carport storage combo can assure the total safety of your assets against vandalism, and adverse climate conditions like downpours, cyclones, snowstorms, etc.

Cost-Effectiveness: The steel structures are the most affordable building type. Firstly, metal building carport storage are available at affordable prices. You can get the metal carport prices from us. Furthermore, the pre-engineered metal buildings consist of components, and that’s why quite easy and economical to erect the structure. So, a metal carport and storage building does not impact your wallet and provides superior qualities.

Less Maintenance: As you know that your steel carport with side storage is not vulnerable to rust. Hence your building doesn’t degrade, and you require less maintenance to upkeep your steel carport. You can easily maintain your structure with regular cleaning. You can also avoid maintenance during winter if you consider metal building winter maintenance tips.

Portability: Your metal carport can give you the portability feature that no other building option can. If you are moving to a new place, don’t worry, you can take your metal carport with storage area. The prefab metal carports with storage buildings are forged in components and attached at the site. You can easily unbolt the structure and reinstall it at a new place.

Fire Resistivity: Steel is a non-combustible compound and doesn’t entertain fire, unlike wooden structures. The wooden structure does not just allow the fire, but fuel it to spread. So, you can save your property from fire accidents with steel carport with attached storage shed.

DIYable: No other building alternative allows you to self-build your structure except steel building. You can’t erect your wooden or concrete building if you don’t have any professional experience. With metal carport with storage kits, you can erect your building. Metal building kits require less skill level to assemble because anyone can bolt together the parts with appropriate help and resources. So, want to save money, buy our Metal Building DIY Kits at affordable prices.

These are some of the many benefits of steel structures. So, don’t think and order your prefab metal carport with storage building now.

Why Viking Steel Structures?

Viking Steel Structures is one of the legit and trustworthy metal building dealers in America. We have a vast range of metal carport and storage shed at impressive prices. If you order from us, then you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. We also care for your economic health and give you the freedom to pay through our Rent-to-Own and Financing payment options.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your metal carport with storage unit now.

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