Build A Metal Man Cave or She Shed with Viking Steel Structures

Build A Metal Man Cave or She Shed with Viking Steel Structures

Build a Metal Man Cave or She Shed with Viking Steel Structures
Oct, 2019

She-Shed and Man Cave are separate dedicated spaces for women and men, respectively, where they can utilize their leisure time or pursue their interests peacefully.

Everyone desires to have a private, stress-free space where they can have an escape from the outside world and enjoy whatever they want.

There are many things that you can enjoy with a steel she-shed or man cave. Below are the ultimate uses of She-sheds or Man caves.

  • Hobby hut
  • Art studio
  • Personal sports bar
  • Gaming area
  • Home office
  • Pool room
  • Quiet nap shed
  • Private library
  • Tea room
  • Guest cottage
  • Exercise and weight room
  • Yoga studio
  • Poolside bar
  • Staycation cabin
  • Simple solitaire shed
  • Writer’s retreat
  • Tool shop
  • Workshop
  • Sew shed
  • Meeting space
  • Party hub
  • Motorcycle room
  • Hangout house

Why Metal Man Cave or She-Shed?

You can build your favorite she-shed or man cave with wood, then why would you go with a metal structure? The answer is timber sheds are outdated and have many limitations. Steel buildings are the current construction trend. Steel sheds overcome the limitations of the stick structures.

Metal she-shed is more durable than wood-shed. Metal structures are more robust and heavy-duty than wooden buildings.

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Metal doesn’t rot like wood and unaffected of termites, pests, etc. The metal man cave is fire resistant, and no need to say that wooden structures are not. Wood can’t withstand the harsh weather and start to warp & bend.

Timber buildings are not recommended for the coastal and humid regions because building start rotting, and doors & windows don’t work properly due to continuous contact with moisture. Opposite of this, metal buildings have no impact on moisture and last for a long time.

There is a common rumor that metal buildings are ugly. No, this is not true, although metal buildings come in various designs with infused paint, which doesn’t fade for decades, maintaining the aesthetic view. Instead, wood buildings start looking ugly after some time because due to moisture absorption, paint starts to peel off, and wood starts rotting.

From a financial point of view, again, metal buildings win the race because the erection time of steel structures are way less than stick shed, which saves labor cost. On the other hand, due to less maintenance, the upkeep cost is also reasonable, unlike wooden sheds.

A well-insulated metal building also reduces energy consumption and saves energy bills, consequently.

Along with the above benefits, metal buildings also save nature. Steel is the most recycled metal on earth. Hence, steel parts of the metal building can be recycled and reused. On the other hand, the wooden structure requires many trees to cut off for a single building. Trees are part of the ecosystem, and deforestation results in severe climate change.

Hopefully, it’s clear now why you should buy a metal she-shed or man cave.

You understood the advantages of the metal shed over traditional wooden structures. Now, why do you need to buy from Viking Steel Structures?

Get Your She-Shed or Man Cave from Viking Steel Structures

At Viking Steel Structures, you will get the best-personalized metal shed-shed or man cave. We provide a vast range of custom metal man cave and she-shed designs.

You can also design your custom metal structure with our online 3D Building Designer Tool. You can also mention your preferences to our metal-building experts while ordering.

We are not from the clamoring crowd promising best deals. You will get the following benefits with your order for sure.

  • 15 color options
  • Easy payment options (Rent-to-Own & Finance)
  • 20 years of rust through warranty (for 12 gauge building)
  • 10 years of panel warranty
  • 1-year workmanship warranty
  • And 24*7 support.

For any questions when ordering your she-shed or man cave, call our building specialist at 877-801-3263.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your She-shed or Man Cave Now!