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With our rent-to-own metal garages, you're not just solving today's storage needs. You're carving out your path to future ownership. Start this journey today and get a head start on tomorrow's dreams.

  • No Credit Check Required
  • Monthly Contract Available
  • Same Day Approvals
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Delivery & Installation Included
  • Ownership in 36 Months or Less
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Discover the New RTO Garage Building Program!

Order your dream steel structure today, even on a tight budget!

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    Best Rent-To-Own Metal Garages Options We Offer

    Experience absolute clarity and transparency with our metal building finance program. By choosing our metal building finance program, you can be sure that there will be no hidden fees, and you’ll receive the lowest interest rates with a quick and easy financing process. Our partnering bank provides the finance, while you enjoy the liberty of choosing a payment term ranging from 24 to 72 months.

    • No credit check

    • No proof of income

    • Various monthly payment terms to choose from 24, 36, 48, 60 (offer dependent on state)

    • No early payoff fee

    • Up to $20,000 (extra down payment CANNOT be made to get the total borrowed amount ≤$20,000)

    • Customer or co-signer must own property

    • No credit checks under 12K

    • No Interest on Rent to Own

    • Payments begin 30 days after installation

    • Can be a Homeowner or Renter

    • NO hidden fees of any kind

    • NO credit check

    • NO minimum amount required to qualify (except for 72-month contract)

    • NO prepayment penalties

    • Building MUST be certified

    • Labor charges can NOT be included on the loan amount

    • Financing from 84 -126 Months

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    calculate your rent-to-own payment!

    Visualize your path to building ownership with ease using our intuitive RTO Calculator. Use our rent-to-own calculator to determine your estimated monthly payments.

    Maximum Amount is $15,000
    Maximum Tax is 10%

    Downpayment of your building will be

    Monthly RTO Amount
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    Discover Our Rent-to-own Building Process!

    At Viking Steel Structures, we're committed to turning your dream of owning a metal building into a reality, and we've streamlined this journey just for you. With only five simple steps in our Rent-to-Own process, your path to securing your ideal building is more precise and closer than ever.

    STEP 01

    Choose Your Metal Building

    Kickstart your journey by selecting a metal building that aligns with your vision and unleash your creativity with limitless customization options to make it uniquely yours.

    STEP 02

    Check out Payment T&C

    After personalizing your building, dive into our transparent payment terms for a thorough understanding of our Rent-to-Own program.

    STEP 03

    Fill Out the Form

    Our T&Cs are crafted for utmost clarity with our customers in mind. Ready to join the Rent-to-Own adventure? Fill out the form and set sail towards your dream building.

    STEP 04

    RTO Approved

    Upon receiving your request, we'll promptly handle all the behind-the-scenes work to get your Rent-to-Own journey approved.

    STEP 05

    Buy Your Metal Building

    Following successful RTO approval, the countdown begins! With minimal lead time, the metal building of your dreams is about to become your reality.


    Advantage Of our Rent-to-own Option

    Dreaming of a steel structure but hindered by less-than-stellar credit scores? Don't let that stop you. Explore our Rent-to-Own Metal Building program - the perfect solution for those unable to qualify for traditional loans. Let's check how our RTO program can turn your building aspirations into reality, one rent payment at a time.

    Affordable monthly payments with no credit check or credit score!

    Same day approvals. Smooth & hassle-free process, no obligation!

    Flexible payment options allow anyone to own a metal building with a small upfront payment.

    Once you complete your schedule of payments with agreement options up to 36 months, you become an owner!

    If your needs change, there's typically an option to return the building without penalties and without worrying about a remaining balance.

    Every payment made is a step towards owning the building, making it a worthwhile investment.

    With our rto program once you get approval, just keep up with your easy monthly payments.

    The final price includes installation & delivery costs. Hence, you know the total cost for your new metal building up front.

    Embrace the Future with Viking Steel Structures' Innovative Rent-To-Own Program!

    What are Rent-to-Own Metal Garages?

    Imagine having a safe and secure spot for all your precious items, from your beloved classic car to your indispensable gardening tools. Picture owning a sturdy, durable structure that stands strong, year in, year out. Now, envision achieving all this without paying the full price up front. Sounds perfect, right? That's precisely what our rent-to-own metal garages offer!

    But what exactly is a rent-to-own metal garage? It's a simple and innovative approach to solving your storage problems. Instead of a one-time, hefty payment, you make affordable, monthly payments towards the garage. It's like renting a storage unit, but this one's right in your backyard! The best part? Each payment is bringing you closer to outright ownership.

    It's not just about storage or shelter, though. With a rent-to-own metal garage, you're investing in the future. You're saying yes to durability, security, and the dream of ownership. All of this, one payment at a time. So, start your journey today and drive your dream into reality with our rent-to-own metal garages!

    Does a low credit score stress you? Fear not! Your dream metal building awaits!

    Call our building specialist for the best RTO solutions.

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    Why a rent-to-own metal garage could be your ideal option?

    You’ve been dreaming of a garage of your own, but the high upfront cost has always been a hurdle. Now imagine being able to chip away at that cost, month by month, until that garage becomes your own. That's the beauty of a rent-to-own metal garage!

    So, with a rent-to-own garage, you can enjoy the flexibility of manageable monthly payments. It's an innovative approach to garage ownership that doesn't demand a large initial outlay. You just make payments over time, morphing what may initially feel like a rental into a solid investment for your future. You can pay off the total anytime without any additional charges. But that's just the beginning! Dive in and discover the myriad benefits of our Rent-to-Own metal garages from Viking Steel Structures:


    Immediate Access with Ease

    Say goodbye to the wait and wave hello to instant gratification. With our RTO garages, there's no need for a complete upfront payment. Start using your sturdy steel garage from day one, while you gradually pay it off. Now, safeguarding your vehicles and valuables doesn't need to wait until you've accumulated the total amount.


    Financial Flexibility

    Our RTO program is your financial ally, chopping the total cost into digestible monthly payments. This smart and flexible model slips right into your budget, enabling you to own a top-quality metal garage without feeling the financial pinch.


    Trial Before Purchase

    The RTO plan offers you the unique advantage of a try-before-you-buy experience. You get to bask in the benefits of your metal garage, ensuring it fulfills all your needs before you commit to full ownership. It's a risk-free route to acquiring that much-needed asset.


    Superior Quality and Durability

    When you choose an RTO metal garage, you're choosing resilience. Crafted to brave diverse weather conditions, these steel garages shield your vehicles, equipment, machinery, and other valuables, against sun, rain, and snow. In choosing RTO, you're investing in a product that promises longevity and stalwart performance.

    Therefore, RTO metal buildings provide a unique, flexible, and convenient path to ownership that can be tailored to your specific needs and financial situation. It's certainly an option worth considering for your next metal building project.

    Therefore, a rent-to-own metal garage delivers immediate storage solutions, creates long-term value, and guides you gently towards your dream of ownership. Start your journey today and see how this could be the perfect solution for you!

    Prices Of Rent To Own Metal Garages

    Stepping into the world of garage ownership shouldn't break the bank. That's why our RTO program for metal garages has been thoughtfully designed to meet your budget. Let's shed some light on how this works!

    Our RTO prices are set with one thing in mind - affordability. We've tailored this program so you can spread the total cost of your metal garage over time. You start with a small upfront payment and then split the remainder into manageable monthly installments. It's as simple as that!

    But the real beauty of our RTO program lies in its flexibility. You're not bound by a fixed timeline to complete your payments. If you find yourself ready to own your metal garage sooner, you can pay off the balance at any time without incurring any additional fees. It's all about putting control back in your hands.

    You might be wondering, "What about the quality?" Rest assured; the affordability of our RTO program doesn't come at the expense of quality. Every one of our metal garages is engineered to stand strong against various weather conditions, ensuring that your investment offers robust protection for years to come.

    In essence, our Rent-to-Own metal garages' pricing structure strikes a balance between affordability and quality. It's an innovative approach to garage ownership that puts you in the driver's seat, letting you navigate your journey towards owning a top-quality metal garage on your own terms and at your own pace. So why wait? Step into the process of convenient ownership today with our Rent-to-Own metal garages!

    Explore Versatile Garage Options With Our Rent-To-Own Program

    Ready to own a garage that's as unique as you? Look no further! With our Rent-to-Own steel garage program, you get access to an array of versatile garage options tailored to fit your needs.

    Our RTO option doesn't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it thrives on diversity. Whether you're seeking a single-car metal garage or a spacious multi-car structure, we've got you covered. And the versatility doesn't stop there. Our garages come in a wide range of sizes, designs, and color options, offering you the freedom to customize your space to your heart's content.

    But let's dive deeper into what makes our garages truly stand out. It's not just about the aesthetics, but also the functionality. Every garage we offer is engineered for strength and durability, ensuring they stand tall in the face of diverse weather conditions. From safeguarding your vehicles against the elements to offering an organized space for your tools, our garages are designed to cater to your every need.

    Flexibility is also a key cornerstone of our RTO program. It allows you to spread the cost of your chosen garage over easy monthly payments. Plus, you're free to pay off the total cost anytime without any extra fees, giving you control over your path to garage ownership. What's more, we don't let credit scores dictate your possibilities. So, even if your credit score isn't sky-high, we believe in making garage ownership accessible for everyone. Don't let a low credit score deter you from owning your dream garage.

    Hence, our Rent-to-Own program is about more than just making garage ownership attainable. It's about delivering a plethora of options that let you customize your garage, ensuring it's the perfect fit for your needs and style. Dive into the world of versatile garage options today and start your journey to owning a garage that's truly yours!

    Turn Your Dream Metal Garage Into Reality With Viking Steel Structures' Rent-To-Own Program

    Dreaming of owning a metal garage that's tailored to your needs? With Viking Steel Structures' RTO program, your dream can now take flight!

    Our RTO program is a gateway to effortless metal garage ownership. Start your journey with just a minimal down payment, then spread the rest of the cost into easy monthly installments. What if you're ready to own your metal garage sooner? Feel free to pay off the balance at any time without any extra fees. We've paved the path to ownership with your convenience at its heart.

    But it's not just about seamless ownership. It's about owning a garage that truly mirrors your dream! Whether you desire a compact metal garage for your car or a spacious structure for multiple vehicles or tools, we've got the perfect fit for you. Choose from an array of designs, sizes, and colors to customize your garage and match your unique aesthetics. You can also try our 3D Estimator Tool to visualize your custom structure before ordering.

    Rest assured, every garage we offer is engineered for enduring quality and resilience. Our garages stand tall against diverse weather conditions, offering steadfast protection for your valuable possessions. With us, you're investing not just in a garage, but in long-lasting peace of mind.

    And here's the real kicker - we believe in fair opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their credit score. Don't let a low credit score deter you; our RTO program is here to make your dream of owning a metal garage a tangible reality.

    So why wait? With Viking Steel Structures' Rent-to-Own program, your dream metal garage is just within your reach. Embark on your ownership journey today and transform that dream into your day-to-day reality!


    Planning to get a rent-to-own metal garage?

    Our RTO program allows you to get to your favorite garage with small upfront costs and manageable monthly payments, all without the need for a credit check. So, begin your ownership journey today with Viking Steel Structures. Reach out to us now and let's explore the endless possibilities together!

    • No Minimum on Rent-to-Own
    • No Credit Check & Instant Approval
    • No Early Payoff Penalty
    • Month to Month Rental
    • Hassle-Free, No Obligation!

    With a little upfront, get your metal garage building with quick delivery & installation.

    Zoe Tomaino
    Zoe Tomaino
    I LOVE my Viking Steel Building, it is everything I hoped for. A well built building that was installed by an excellent crew. I have recommended Viking Steel Buildings to anyone who ask.
    Willie Baker
    Willie Baker
    I was very happy with your office personal & man-power in the field. I could not have been more pleased with the men that were on my new garage project. Everyone had a good attitude ,when I ask any questions pertaining to my garage. It was a pleasure having them on my property. Thank you for a job WELL DONE.
    Paul Legg
    Paul Legg
    Seth and the team were great throughout the whole process! Very pleased!
    Angie Smith
    Angie Smith
    Seth Stanley is a great salesman. Customer service was great! He was so helpful and flexible to meet our schedule and got our building up very quickly. Thank you so much to Seth!!
    Ryan Singh
    Ryan Singh
    Amazing company and amazing products. I worked closely with Seth Stanley who helped me design my dream building. Seth was amazing! He was patient and super helpful. He even helped my concrete guys with the perfect slab for my building. I HIGHLY recommend Viking Steel - Seth Stanley!
    Duane Scheivert
    Duane Scheivert
    Awesome service !! From beginning to end.juan was outstanding as well as the installation
    Dan Collins
    Dan Collins
    Robert wasa great to work with. He was engaged and responsive when needed. Thank you
    Karen Dickerson
    Karen Dickerson
    Salomon Aguilar was a delight to work with every step of the way. He explains every step of the process in detail. Very professional and helpful with any questions or concerns you have. Thank you so much for making the process so easy
    Fire Marshal
    Fire Marshal
    Very good company to work with very well built buildings
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