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The 30′ wide and more are considered the large steel sheds, and prices of large metal sheds start from $5,695. Large metal sheds are cost-effective because you get enough quality in return. Moreover, we provide you the premium steel buildings at affordable prices. Hence, when you get a large metal shed, you’ll not only get the top quality housing but the best large shed prices.

So, explore our extensive range of large metal sheds and buy your favorite one at the best price in the industry.

What Factors Affect Large Metal Storage Sheds Prices?

Various factors influence metal building prices. So, you should also know about these factors to plan your finances for your large steel shed.

Building Customizations: It is obvious one that when you customize your structure, you have to pay more. You can find various large metal sheds on our website with their prices, but when you opt for any customization, your large steel shed price increases. However, you get enough quality against your additional investment, and custom metal buildings are worth having. We offer the most affordable metal building customization, and you can get your dream shed at reasonable costs.

Design Complexity: As mentioned, your large metal storage shed can accommodate any customization without compromising the quality. However, when you choose an intricate design, it needs more manufacturing efforts, which elevates your large metal storage shed’s costs.

Manufacturer: Metal bundling price changes from manufacturer to manufacturer. Hence, your extra-large metal shed price may vary depending on the manufacturer of your building.

Location: Your location is also a significant factor that can affect your large metal shed costs. It depends on the distance of the delivery location from the manufacturer. So, if you buy from a place far from you, then it’s going to increase your prices. We have many delivery centers around the nation and promise you on-time delivery with no additional charges.

Demand: Both demands of steel can have an impact on your large steel shed price. So, your large steel shed price will increase with the increase of steel prices. However, the fluctuation due to steel prices is very low because steel is the most abundant and recyclable metal globally.

Roof Type: There are three roof styles available for your extra-large steel building. The regular roof-style buildings are most affordable but only suitable for mild weather. Next, the A-frame roof style is a bit more expensive than the regular roofs but provides the best service in moderate weather. Lastly, vertical roofs are a premium roof option that provides the best protection against extreme weather conditions. Vertical roofs are the most expensive ones but are recommended for dense snowfall areas.

Add-On Features: Prefab steel buildings have add-on options you can choose from. The popular metal building options are garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, skylights, wainscoting, insulation, lean-tos, etc. These help you make your shed more convenient according to your functionality but cost you more.

Prices of Large Steel Sheds

32′-40′ Wide 42′-50′ Wide 52′-60′ Wide
32X20 $5,695 42X20 $7,595 52X20 $9,995
32X24 $6,695 42X24 $8,645 52X24 $11,095
32X28 $7,695 42X28 $9,695 52X28 $12,195
32X32 $8,695 42X32 $10,745 52X32 $13,295
32X36 $7,395 42X36 $11,795 52X36 $14,395
32X40 $9,695 42X40 $12,845 52X40 $15,495
32X44 $11,695 42X44 $13,895 52X44 $16,595
32X48 $12,695 42X48 $14,945 52X48 $17,695
32X52 $13,695 42X52 $15,995 52X52 $18,795
34X20 $5,995 44X20 $7,995 54X20 $10,695
34X24 $7,045 44X24 $9,045 54X24 $11,795
34X28 $8,095 44X28 $10,095 54X28 $12,895
34X32 $9,145 44X32 $11,145 54X32 $13,995
34X36 $10,195 44X36 $12,195 54X36 $15,095
34X40 $11,245 44X40 $13,245 54X40 $16,195
34X44 $12,295 44X44 $14,295 54X44 $17,295
34X48 $13,345 44X48 $15,345 54X48 $18,395
34X52 $14,395 44X52 $16,395 54X52 $19,495
36X20 $6,395 46X20 $8,495 56X20 $11,295
36X24 $7,445 46X24 $9,545 56X24 $12,395
36X28 $8,495 46X28 $10,595 56X28 $13,495
36X32 $9,545 46X32 $11,645 56X32 $14,595
36X36 $10,595 46X36 $12,695 56X36 $15,695
36X40 $11,645 46X40 $13,745 56X40 $16,795
36X44 $12,695 46X44 $14,795 56X44 $17,895
36X48 $13,745 46X48 $15,845 56X48 $18,995
36X52 $14,795 46X52 $16,895 56X52 $20,095
38X20 $6,795 48X20 $8,995 58X20 $11,895
38X24 $7,845 48X24 $10,095 58X24 $12,995
38X28 $8,895 48X28 $11,195 58X28 $14,095
38X32 $9,945 48X32 $12,295 58X32 $15,195
38X36 $10,995 48X36 $13,395 58X36 $16,295
38X40 $12,045 48X40 $14,495 58X40 $17,395
38X44 $13,095 48X44 $15,595 58X44 $18,495
38X48 $14,145 48X48 $16,695 58X48 $19,595
38X52 $15,195 48X52 $17,795 58X52 $20,695
40X20 $7,295 50X20 $9,595 60X20 $12,495
40X24 $8,345 50X24 $10,695 60X24 $13,595
40X28 $9,395 50X28 $11,795 60X28 $14,695
40X32 $10,445 50X32 $12,895 60X32 $15,795
40X36 $11,495 50X36 $13,995 60X36 $16,895
40X40 $12,545 50X40 $15,095 60X40 $17,995
40X44 $13,595 50X44 $16,195 60X44 $19,095
40X48 $14,645 50X48 $17,295 60X48 $20,195
40X52 $15,695 50X52 $18,395 60X52 $21,295

RTO & Financing Options

At Viking Steel Structures, we understand that all our customers have unique financial conditions. Everyone can’t pay their full savings at once. Buying a new metal building can be a significant expense. So, we offer some fantastic Financing and Rent-to-Own programs to our customers! If you have any questions about our financing options, give us a call at 877-801-3263.

How to Economize Your Large Metal Shed Prices

When you keep some essential factors in mind and plan your building accordingly, it helps you optimize your large metal storage shed prices and support your affordability.

Choose Standard Buildings: Standard buildings are more economical than custom sheds. So, if you can meet your requirement without any customization, then choose a standard large metal shed for you. However, if customizations are necessary, then choose us to get the best price for your custom large sheds. You’ll be able to do more things when you get a custom shed, which is ultimately cost-effective.

Order during Off-Season: Winters is the off-season for the metal building industry, and dealers offer discounted prices. So, you can order your shed at that time and schedule your large metal shed installation in the summer. This way, you’ll be able to grab the most discounted price for your large steel storage shed.

Wait for the Sales: There are various occasions throughout the year when metal building dealers run sales, and you can order during these sales to get a practical deal. Many metal building dealers offer incredible discounts, and you can buy your large metal shed at significantly discounted prices.

Get Approval on Time: Some states of the USA require building permits for construction. And if your area mandates the permit, then get it before the scheduled installation day. As installers can’t erect your structure without a permit, you have to pay for your installation’s rescheduling.

So, use all these tips to economize your large metal storage shed prices.

Affordable Large Metal Sheds Prices from Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures is the top metal building dealer in the country. We have all types of metal buildings that people need, like carports, garages, barns, workshops, RV covers, commercial sheds, etc. We are committed to providing you with quality large metal sheds at fair prices.

We offer a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty to benefit our customers.

So, get fair large steel storage shed prices from us and get all these amazing additional benefits. So, order your extra large metal shed now!

For ordering your shed or learn about our flexible payment options like RTO and Financing, you can call us at 877-801-3263.

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