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Metal garages kits are an ideal solution for all your versatile needs. These are the perfect way to safeguard your investment. Every homeowner requires different building features; hence we bestow custom metal garage kits according to use. Our steel garage kits are easy to assemble, with complete DIY instructions available with the prefabricated components.

Viking Steel Structures offer steel garage kits that are specially engineered to build without hiring third-party installers. Our entire catalog of garage kits is manufactured to be installed by newbie/first-time installers. In short, if you are interested in the DIY installation of your dream metal garage building, you are on the right platform. We got you covered with the precise building that includes all the required features.


Steel frame garage kit by Viking Steel Structures is specially engineered by top metal building manufacturers in the United States. These garage kits offering 100% American-manufactured steel structures. This way, we support local products and help the nation’s economic growth.

Our entire steel garage Kits come with the ‘100% AMERICA MANUFACTURED’ tag that ensures you are getting a premium steel garage. Our steel garage kits are available in any size and are configurable to include one or several bay doors, pedestrian doors, windows, and other options.


Engineered Easy to Install

One of the biggest advantages of DIY garage kits is its easy and quick installation. DIY garage kits are made especially for the DIYer. We ensure that assembly is easy and each component is a perfect fit together. Our entire building setup comes with well-instructed instructions. Furthermore, we deliver easy-to-handle garage parts to omit unnecessary wear and tear.

Buying DIY metal garage kits from Viking Steel Structures ensures you don’t require heavy tools for assembly. For convenience, we offer step-by-step video tutorials accessible on digital devices.

High-Quality Frame System

Steel garage kits give you endless flexibility to use the fullest and get maximum advantages that aren’t available in other building alternatives. Our garage DIY kits are available to fit your space and necessity. If you aren’t able to finalize best-fit metal garage DIY kits, call our steel building experts at 877-801-3263.

Backed By Rock-Solid Warranties

Buying from Viking Steel Structures comes with a hassle-free ordering process alongside a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. The final price includes installation and delivery costs. Choosing a metal building supplier that includes installation and delivery at the purchase price eliminates the hassle because you know the total cost for your new metal building upfront.

So, making a one-time investment will deliver you for decades to come with minimal maintenance costs.

Benefits of Custom Metal Garage Building Kits

With increasing popularity, metal garage kits for sale are in huge demand. Steel garage kits are efficient in delivering superior strength and durability for decades. Below listed are some unmatched benefits of investing in steel garage kits.

Cost-Effective Kit Buildings: Steel Garage Kits are far more cost-effective compared to other building alternatives. Steel garage building kits are a smart investment where conventional wood buildings are expensive and require frequent maintenance as well.

Minimal Maintenance Cost: Garage Kits are made to last long without frequent maintenance. Furthermore, with a vertical roof style, you have the lowest maintenance required as it offers easy runoff for snow and water.

Made to Serve for Decades: Steel frame is the most prevalent building material ideal for confronting harsh weather conditions. Steel structures don’t require high maintenance over time and are available at a low cost. That’s why steel garage kits are always the first preference for homeowners looking for a robust metal structure.

Endless Customization: Metal Garage Kits are available with infinite customization. Whether you want to buy metal garage kits from a variety of styles, including metal RV garage kits, metal garage shed kits, garage shop kits, metal carports garage kits, garage workshop building kits, and metal garage home kits – we provide the best custom garage building kits in the industry that fulfils customers’ specific requirements. You can choose our 3D metal building designer tool to create your dream metal garage kit and order it directly. This 3D estimator tool helps you to get real-time pricing on your personalized structure. Our metal garage specialists are also available to assist you with an easy purchasing experience.

100% Environment-Friendly: Steel is 100% recyclable metal that helps in protecting nature. Hence, steel is in huge demand for various metal-building purposes. Moreover, the entire process of steel manufacturing is environment-friendly and doesn’t affect nature. Remember, insulated metal building kits can lower your energy bills by 50%.

Easy Payment Options: Viking Steel Structures offers you Rent-To-Own and Financing options that make the purchasing process smooth. You can order your dream garage kit for a small deposit and pay the rest amount via monthly installments. There are numerous other benefits of investing in steel garage kits. Hence you should not miss this opportunity and order a custom metal garage kit today. Call 877-801-3263 for more details.


Looking to buy steel garage kits but don’t know the actual price?

Viking Steel Structures provides you with a wide range of metal garage kits at an affordable price. Investing in steel garage kits is better than other building alternatives. Prefabricated metal garage kits save your money on maintenance and labor cost. Still, many buyers search for the price of a steel garage kit which is a significant factor in decision-making.

The steel garage kit price is never the same for all customers. Instead, it varies depending on your customization. At Viking Steel Structures, the final price includes installation and delivery costs. Choosing a metal building kit that includes installation and delivery at the purchase price eliminates the hassle because you know the total cost for your new metal building upfront.

Versatile uses with quick installation make it the prominent buying option for metal building buyers.


Multiple factors collectively decide your garage kits price. Below listed are the prominent factors that you must know:

Steel Price: Steel is a commodity that is directly affected by its demand in the market. Also, it is affected by the production, American dollar value, etc.

Building Styles: Decide what building style you want at your property. We provide diverse steel garage kits at Viking Steel Structures that meet your personal needs.

Building Size: Building size does vary from one buyer to another. Hence, the final price of your steel differs accordingly. Building width, height, and length are three essential factors that decide your garage kit’s final cost.

Customization: Every metal garage buyer makes customization according to their necessity. The price of your garage kits varies accordingly, depending upon your customization and additional accessories.

Location: Different contractors have a different reach to the buyers, so the price varies accordingly. If you are far away from the manufacturer, the cost will elevate. Manufacturers do add transportation costs in the final building price. Also, during adverse weather conditions, installers require extra labor that will cost you more than usual.

Installation: Installation is a crucial phase that ends with the ultimate metal garage kit at your property. For proper installation, you might require additional machinery and tools that will cost you additional to your final price.

Insulation: For metal frame garage kits, there are different types of insulation available, like fiberglass blankets, foam insulation, spray-on cellulose, etc. Insulation is used for minimizing the heat exchange with the outer atmosphere and avoiding condensation problems. The insulation price changes with quality standards like U-Value, R-Value, Vapor Retarders, etc. So, the insulation cost is also added to the final value of the steel structures.

So, what are you waiting for? We have a large network in the country, so we are always available when you find us online – “steel garage kits near me” for all garage kits requirements. To build stronger, faster, and more efficient prefab metal garage kits, we are your true friend. Hence, order today or ask for a quote of your metal garage building kits. Give us a call at 877-801-3263 , and our metal building representative will assist you in buying one of the best metal garage kits in the industry.

Order Your DIY Steel Building Garage Kits Today!

What are you waiting for? Cold-Formed Steel Buildings comes with DO IT YOURSELF KITS that offers seamless installation at your property.



Pre-engineered metal garage kits are getting popularity as more people learn of their unique advantages. So, homeowner looks forward to answers for numerous doubts associated with steel garage kits. Below are some commonly asked questions related to DIY metal garage kits.

Yes, our metal garage kits are deliveries with the installation manual. So, you don't require labor or professional metal home installers. Still, if needed, you can hire local contractors for Installation.
At Viking Steel Structures, you can choose from a broad range of garage metal building kits that meet your requirements. Furthermore, you can share your customization so that we can deliver the exact prefab metal garage DIY kits at your property.
In quality, we provide 100% American-manufactured buildings that can confront rust, rot & other troubles; and stand out over other building alternatives. You can choose any metal building and stay assured for decades. Also, DIY metal garage kits have a low maintenance cost which makes it a smart investment.

All building essential components are included like steel framing, roof panels, metal siding and roofing materials. Also included are all necessary fasteners and anchor bolts. But, you will need to specify accessories such as windows, doors, and skylights as per your requirements.

Don't worry; our metal building specialists are available at 877-801-3263. You can ask your queries, and we will provide you the best solution to choose metal garage kits for sale.

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