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Metal Barns

Raise a barn on your property quickly and efficiently with Viking Steel Structures available metal barns. Our barns are ideal for a variety of needs and engineered to withstand the weather in your area. Learn more how(now).


Most of those that run any type of farming operation have a need for outdoor storage buildings. These can vary in size but most often a barn is needed and are best choice for many reasons. There are a lot of advantages to having our steel barns installed whether it is for a new addition to the property or for a replacement of an existing wooden barn. When compared to the traditional barns that are comprised of wood all of the attributes that our steel barns possess far out shine these traditional ones. Whether you’re protecting valuable equipment or sheltering a few horses, metal barns are a good alternative to traditional wooden pole barns. Metal barns are tough, durable, and rugged enough to withstand the elements while adding an attractive look to your property’s landscape. Erecting a barn on your ready property is easier than you think with Viking Steel Structures available metal barns. Our steel barns are engineered using only the highest-quality materials, so they stand up to whatever Mother Nature dishes out without batting an eye, making them a sound investment that you can count on. We offer steel barns to customers across 24 states where our professional team stands ready to recommend the right barn for your needs and then install the barn – getting your barn up and ready for housing livestock, hay, heavy equipment and more.


Those that are in the farming and agricultural industry have a lot of needs that have to be met when it comes to their buildings and storage capabilities. Farming is a hard industry to be in and it is very time-consuming. For this reason they need to be able to rely on all the resources that they can, and metal barns can be classed as one of the greatest assets that they could possibly own.

Steel Barns and Their Durability and Longevity

Farmers simply do not have the time to be spending on maintenance and repair when it comes to their barns. They need to have a structure that is self containing and will last for many years and be able to withstand the many uses that it’s put to, as well as the atmosphere and elements that it is subjected to.

  • Flexibility: Every farmer has their own focus on their farming business. Some tend to focus on crops while others focus on livestock. Being able to choose from metal barns kits that will enhance their business removes a lot of costs when it comes to the required outbuildings for their endeavors. With the variation in size of our steel barns it gives farmers a great opportunity to have them customized to meet their specific needs.
  • Safety: Livestock of any kind whether it be horses, cattle, sheep or pigs, must be housed properly and in a safe manner. Our steel barns are comprised of components that raise the safety level for any kind of livestock. For farmers that are relying on the old type traditional wood barns their ongoing concern is the worry about fire. Metal barns totally eliminate this concern and create a much safer environment for not only livestock but for any of the other uses that the steel barns may be utilized for.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Farmers work hard for their money and have to apply a lot of money to any investment that they make. Traditional wood barns are not only more expensive than the steel barns but there is also the added expense for ongoing repair and maintenance.


When selecting the right barn for your property, you’ve got options with Viking Steel Structures. We offer a range of styles from you can choose, including our popular metal Horse barns, metal Carolina barns and metal Seneca barns, all with customization options such as windows, frame outs and doors. Customize your barn with specialized upgrades, such as an interior tack room, stalls for livestock, or even an office area that’s insulated and separate from the rest of the barn. Our pros can help you determine the best barn for you based on the purpose of the barn. Horse barns: Even if farmers are not making horses as part of the mainstay of their business they usually have at least a few on the farm. Being able to choose from steel barns that can be specifically used as horse barns provides some great advantages. Our steel barn selections offer choices for small horse operations ranging from hobby farming right up to filling the need for housing a large number of horses like those found in a horse boarding business. Our standard horse barns are the regular roof barns. Carolina Barns: Carolina barns are also another perfect option when it comes to the steel barns category. These are raised center aisle barns and they are comprised with a A-frame structure that gives the choice of either horizontal or vertical roof ridges. For those that are into horses that are geared for riding, the raised center aisle is ideal for not only the passing of horses within this common area but for also working and grooming of the horses without having to be restricted to the stalls to do this. Seneca Barns: These are sometimes known as continuous roof barns that are comprised of a A frame structure with a choice of either a boxed eave roof style or for those that prefer they can have a vertical roof style.


While steel barns are predominately looked at for housing livestock there are many other practical applications that they can be utilized for. With the care of livestock it also includes having to store and maintain their feed. This can range from hay to grains all of which must be carefully protected against the elements, as a crop of hay that has been bailed has to be stored properly to prevent it from mould. Grain has to be protected as well from the elements and varmints.  In addition to this, farmers often have a lot of expensive equipment that varies in size, and by being able to choose a steel barn that can have a choice of lean-to’s added to it makes it a perfect choice both economically and for convenience.


The Lean-To’s that can be attached to the steel barns provide many benefits on their own. They allow for the composition of the steel barn to be such that everything is in one location which is a big time saver as well as a great financial investment. It means not having to have several outbuildings that not only need to be purchased but maintained and repaired as well. The central part of the steel barn can be used for housing the livestock while the lean-to’s can be used for storage purposes that are applicable to the farming operation.


At Viking Steel Structure, we know that you have many options when it comes to purchasing metal barns, which is why we go above and beyond to win your business both now and in the future. When you buy steel barns from Viking Steel Structures, you get:

  • World class customer serviceSteel Horse Barn
  • Knowledgeable service pros
  • Erection on your ready site
  • Customizable designs
  • Professional consultation regarding built site
  • Help with getting permits for your area
  • A name you can trust

Our steel barn buildings are tough, durable, and built to withstand the rigors of use for years to come while retaining their attractive demeanor and adding a nice aesthetic to your property. Each building we sell is:

  • Backed by a 20-year rust through warranty*
  • Designed to meet building codes
  • Manufactured to precise factory specifications
  • Resistant to fire and lightning
  • Impervious to termites and other insects

At Viking Steel Structures, we realize that the steel barns you choose should be custom-tailored for your own unique needs, and no two customers have the same exact vision for their barn buildings. Unlike many traditional metal barn designs, Viking Steel Structures allows for a personal slant on your barn with our customization options that allow you to completely fabricate your barn to serve you best. Choose from customization such as:

  • Height, width, and lengthCarolina Metal Barn
  • Doors (including overhead doors)
  • Windows
  • Insulation
  • Gauge upgrades
  • Steel gauge and certification
  • Vent Frame outs

Discuss your individual needs with a Viking Steel Structures specialist call us or contact us to discover how simple and easy it is to get the metal barn you need in place quickly. Explore other pre-engineered metal buildings like metal carports, clear span metal buildings, metal garages, RV Covers and metal sheds by Viking Steel Structures.

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