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Metal Barns for Sale

Shop your dream steel barns at competitive pricing. For high-quality steel barns at affordable prices, you can also consider our steel barns special offers and holiday sales. For any questions regarding our metal barns for sale, feel free to give us a call at 877-801-3263.

Steel Barns for Sale

Metal barns have various agricultural, commercial, and industrial uses. As barns are large structures, people use these for business purposes as well. Steel barns are the popular shed type due to the numerous fantastic features and superiority over the traditional sheds. Metal barns provide better housing than conventional structures, and you can have the most robust shed for your livestock, grain storage, or agriculture equipment storage.

Viking Steel Structures takes pride in delivering top-quality galvanized steel metal structures like carports, garages, RV covers, barns, etc. You can consider us for the commercial-grade steel sheds with the industry’s best customer service.

So, if a barn is what you need, then we are the place where you can find your ideal steel barn that will meet all your requirements.

Applications of Steel Barns

As earlier mentioned steel barns are large sheds and can be used for multiple uses. Here are some common applications of metal barns.

  • Grain Storage
  • Equipment Shed
  • Livestock Housing
  • Horse Stubble
  • Haystack Shelter
  • Storage Shed
  • RV Cover
  • Tractor Parking
  • Workshop
  • Restaurant
  • Picnic Barn

Customization Options for Metal Barns for Sale

Not every individual has the same requirement from a shed. Hence, a standard steel barn can’t meet the requirements of all, and customizations are necessary. Here are the customizations you can have to upgrade a standard metal barn and meet your specific shelter needs.

  • Custom Dimensions (Width, Length, and Height)
  • Custom Design
  • Three Roof Styles (Regular, A-frame, and Vertical)
  • 14 Color Options
  • 4 Garage Color Options
  • 12 and 14- Gauge Framework
  • Horizontal and Vertical Panels
  • Garage Doors
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Windows
  • Trim
  • Wainscoting
  • Insulation (Double Bubble and Lean-to)
  • Lean-tos

You can use our 3D metal building designing tool to self-design your metal barn with some easy steps.

Steel Barns for Sale at Affordable Prices

Viking Steel Structures offer the best in the industry prices to the customers, and you can get affordable metal barn prices. Before checkout, you must know that steel horse barn prices vary based on multiple factors like steel availability, steel market price, customization needed, distance from the manufacturing unit to the installation site, and more.

Steel Barn Prices in Southern Region

Metal barn prices for Southern Region – Valid for Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Illinois.

Regular Style
36×21 $3,170
36×26 $3,895
36×31 $4,610
36×36 $5,225
42×21 $3,270
42×26 $3,995
42×31 $4,710
42×36 $5,325
44×21 $3,470
44×26 $4,295
44×31 $5,110
44×36 $5,825
46×21 $3,670
46×26 $4,525
46×31 $5,370
46×36 $6,125
48×21 $3,770
48×26 $4,695
48×31 $5,610
48×36 $6,325

Metal Barn Prices in Northern Region

Metal barn prices for Northern Region – Valid for Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, and New York.

Regular Style
36×21 $4,260
36×26 $5,345
36×31 $6,430
36×36 $7,515
42×21 $4,360
42×26 $5,445
42×31 $6,530
42×36 $7,615
44×21 $4,660
44×26 $5,820
44×31 $6,980
44×36 $8,140
46×21 $4,960
46×26 $6,195
46×31 $7,430
46×36 $8,665
48×21 $5,260
48×26 $6,570
48×31 $7,880
48×36 $9,190

Metal Barn Prices in Florida

Regular Style
36×21 $3,470
36×26 $4,345
36×31 $5,210
36×36 $6,075
42×21 $3,750
42×26 $4,495
42×31 $5,410
42×36 $6,325
44×21 $3,770
44×26 $4,745
44×31 $5,710
44×36 $6,675
46×21 $3,970
46×26 $4,995
46×31 $6,010
46×36 $7,025
48×21 $4,170
48×26 $5,245
48×31 $6,310
48×36 $7,375

*The above prices are subject to change as per the manufacturer.

Flexible Metal Barn Payment Options

Viking Steel Structures offers two payment options that ease the financial burden on customers.

RTO: It is the most convenient payment option for your metal barn. All you have to do is select your steel barn and apply for the Rent-to-Own program. The RTO payment option allows you to pay for your buildings in installments. Moreover, when you have enough funds and want to clear your dues, you can do it without penalty. RTO needs no credit check, and you can get the same-day approval.

Financing: Financing is one of the popular payment options everyone is aware of. Finance does require a good credit score to get approval. You have to pay your loan in the EMIs when you choose the Finance payment option for your metal barn. We are associated with the best bank and try to offer you the lowest interest rates.

Benefits of Steel Barns

You should make an informed decision to buy your barn so that you can have a decent ROI. Steel barns have extraordinary features that overcome conventional sheds’ limitations and provide various advantages to the shed owner. Here are the benefits you can have with our metal barns for sale.

Ultimate Protection: Steel has the maximum strength than the other construction material. The high tensile strength of steel makes the metal barn waterproof and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Long-Lasting: Metal Structures have the best durability and are non-corrosive, which means your shed doesn’t rust and serves you for decades. The galvanized steel has damage-resistance, which reduces your shed’s degradation due to aging and makes your steel barn house your need for a long time.

Versatility: Alongside the appreciable strength, steel is more ductile than other alternatives and opens up multiple design opportunities. You can have many designs that aren’t possible with any other options. As steel can bend, you can have some creative barn design without compromising with the quality.

Nominal Maintenance: Steel structures have amazing anti-corrosive properties, which reduce the maintenance requirement. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about your shed’s pest control as well because steel barns aren’t habitable for the molds, pests, and termites. So, you don’t have to work or spend on your barn maintenance extensively.

Fire-Safety: No matter which shed you buy, it should have the utmost fire safety to safeguard your assets from fire accidents. Steel is non-combustible and provides you with fire-resistivity. Steel barns don’t catch fire and help it spread like wooden sheds. So, if you want better fire safety, then a steel barn is the option you may consider.

Best Steel Barn for Sale from Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures is one of the reliable steel building dealers, and we have hurricane-rated steel barns for sale at affordable prices. You can have the commercial-grade steel barns from us with various amazing warranties. When you buy from us, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

So, check out our steel barns for sale and buy your favorite one today. You can talk to our building experts at 877-801-3263 for any help or support.

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