Garage Shed Prices

30x40 Metal Building with Lean To
Starting at $19,385
30x71x12 Commercial Building with Lean To
Starting at $27,000
24X25X10 Metal Garage with Lean-to
Starting at $9,070
24x30x10 Vertical Garage with Lean-to
Starting at $11,600
36x48x14 Metal Workshop with Lean-to
Starting at $44,800
20x50x10 Metal Garage with Lean-to
Starting at $13,840
24x20x10 Metal Garage with Lean-to
Starting at $8500
30x80x16 Vertical Garage with Lean-to
Starting at $ 36,890
18x30x12 Vertical RV with Enclosed Lean-to
Starting at $8,235
Starting at $8,600 plus tax

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Metal Garage Shed Prices

Garage sheds are the best outdoor storage, car shed, and garden shed option. Metal garage sheds prices start from $1395. This building price is the standard cost of building, and it may vary with size, design, and customizations in the garage shed. A garage shed is always a wise decision because your garage shed can’t just be used for the car shed, you can use it as a garden shed, equipment cover, ATV Shed, bike metal cover, boat cover, etc. You can fulfill your several functional needs at the cost of a building.

Why Buy Steel Garage Shed?

Before moving to metal sheds pricing table, first, you should know why steel garages are superior and why you should buy a metal garage shed.

Resilience: Steel is amazingly durable, and so is garage sheds because sheds are made of steel. Your steel storage shed has the capability to shield your assets from heavy winds and snow loads. Steel sheds are also unaffected by moisture and, consequently, corrosion. Therefore your shed does not degrade and last longer. Viking steel structures provide buildings made of galvanized steel, which is more robust and long-living.

Strength: Steel buildings are the most robust building option as compared to other building options. Steel has the highest strength to metal ratio, which means steel has the utmost strength among the same weighted other building materials. We provide commercial-grade buildings at reasonable garage sheds carports prices.

Low Maintenance: Steel buildings have no impact of environmental elements like sun, water, and dust. Hence doesn’t degrade with time and services effectively, and low maintenance is required to upkeep the functional quality of the building. You can also avoid maintenance during winters by preparing your metal building for the cold weather.

Economical Repairs: Firstly, the metal shed itself is available at comparatively low garden sheds prices. Further, the repairs of the building are also inexpensive, simply replace the damaged panel or weld it, unlike wooden sheds.

Customization: There are countless transformations you can acquire. You can have one from three roof style sheds, regular roof garage shed, boxed-eave garage shed, and vertical garage shed. You can get any of these at amazing garage and sheds prices. You also have the liberty to customize the building size, doors, windows, panels orientation, and color, either. If you can’t describe your customization needs, then design your shed with our 3D Estimator, and we will get you the same at most affordable rates.

These are some benefits of the garage shed; besides these, it also possesses energy efficiency, time & cost efficiency, fire resistivity, and recyclability. You can’t have this much benefit from any other building option.

Now let’s see the steel garage sheds pricing table.

Table of Metal Garage Sheds Costs

Following is the table of sheds and garage prices.

Metal Garage Shed Prices
Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12X21 $2,955 12X21 $3,055 12X21 $3,255
12X26 $3,350 12X26 $3,550 12X26 $3,800
12X31 $3,735 12X31 $4,035 12X31 $4,335
12X36 $4,090 12X36 $4,490 12X36 $4,840
12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $5,465
18X21 $3,275 18X21 $3,375 18X21 $3,575
18X26 $3,670 18X26 $3,895 18X26 $4,145
18X31 $4,055 18X31 $4,405 18X31 $4,705
18X36 $4,410 18X36 $4,885 18X36 $5,235
18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $5,885
20X21 $3,685 20X21 $3,785 20X21 $3,985
20X26 $4,180 20X26 $4,355 20X26 $4,605
20X31 $4,665 20X31 $4,915 20X31 $5,215
20X36 $5,120 20X36 $5,445 20X36 $5,795
20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $6,495
22X21 $4,105 22X21 $4,205 22X21 $4,505
22X26 $4,630 22X26 $4,825 22X26 $5,200
22X31 $5,145 22X31 $5,435 22X31 $5,885
22X36 $5,640 22X36 $6,015 22X36 $6,540
22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $7,315
24X21 $4,415 24X21 $4,615 24X21 $4,815
24X26 $5,010 24X26 $5,285 24X26 $5,535
24X31 $5,595 24X31 $5,945 24X31 $6,245
24X36 $6,050 24X36 $6,575 24X36 $6,925
24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $7,725

*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

Factors Affecting Steel Garage Sheds Prices

  • The first factor is your location. You might have to pay a permit to get the license for metal shed installation on your property. This permit is not applicable in all states, and you should confirm from your building experts or local authority whether you want a permit or not. If yes, then the permit fee will escalate the total metal garage shed price.
  • Moreover, the manufacturer is also a cost affecting factor, and your garage or garden shed price might vary dealer to dealer. You can get the best shed prices if you make your purchase from us.
  • Moving forward, the complexity of your building’s design can also affect the final steel garage shed costs. The shed price faces a hike if it has complex designing.
  • Lastly, delivery and installation charges can also impact the steel garage shed costs. Some building dealers don’t offer installation services or charge separately for the installation. Viking steel structure provides free delivery and installation.

Why Buy Garage Shed From Us?

Viking Steel Structure is the best metal building dealer in America. We provide quality sheds at impressive steel garage sheds prices. You can also get shed kits from us with economical shed kits prices. We also offer some additional benefits along with your order, a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and 24×7 customer service. So, order and grab these benefits now.

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