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Three Car Metal Garages

Having too many vehicles to parking, but not have enough parking space to shelter them altogether?

You definitely need a separate garage structure that can provide you enough space to park multiple vehicles and protect them from theft, high temperature, snow, hailstorms, and other harsh weather conditions.

For customers who have more than a few vehicles to shelter or looking for some additional storage space than the average garage, our three car metal garage is just the answer you’ve been looking for! Here, at Viking Steel Structures you will find versatile designs to find a perfect 3-car garage for your property and give a perfect home to your vehicles.

With Viking Steel Structures, you can book your favorite and best-fit prefab three-car steel garage at the lowest price and have full confidence in securing your valuable vehicles. Numerous existing customers have already trusted our buildings due to highly competitive prices, quick delivery & installation, and top-notch post-installation service. Don’t worry about designing your dream metal car garage. With our 3D Building Estimator, you can conveniently design your car garage from scratch and order it right away.

Three Car Metal Garage Sizes

The standard size of a three-car steel garage starts with a 20’ width which can go up to a 30’-wide structure based on your end-needs. As a metal building buyer, you can entirely rely on our buildings and provide extreme-level safety to your vehicles from natural disasters, weather elements, and thefts.

An excellent three car garage is looking forward to your order. Your possessions need a high-quality 3-car garage that can last for decades without frequent maintenance.

3-Car Metal Garage Plans

Not every metal building buyer prefers buying identical car rage for their vehicles. Hence we provide you diverse buying options that you can choose based on your requirements and property needs. We provide you three roof-styles, including vertical roof, boxed-eave roof style, and regular roof. Among all roof types, regular roof is the cheap three car garage option. However, if you are looking for a robust and durable car garage, our building specialists recommend opting vertical roof metal garage. You can also install additional accessories to your three-car garage building. Below listed are the common accessories that you can choose for your metal garage.

  • Gable End
  • Garage Overhead Door
  • Windows
  • Sky Lights
  • Walk-In Door
  • Roll-Up Doors
  • Insulation
  • Wainscoting

Yet if you aren’t satisfied with the design, we provide the unmatched 3D Designer tool that will help you design a custom 3-car garage and customize it to meet your end needs.

3-Car Garage Latest Prices

The biggest question every metal building buyer asks is, “How much a three car metal garage cost?” Viking Steel Structures has a feasible and realistic answer to this query. Here you will find 3-car garages at the lowest prices. Regardless of your building type, we provide you high-quality steel garages at a highly competitive price.

However, you must know that multiple factors influence the final garage price. The primary factors that affect the three-car metal garage price include:

3 Car Metal Garage Prices
Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
28X21 $2,895 28X21 $2,995 28X21 $3,395
28X26 $3,595 28X26 $3,695 28X26 $4,195
28X31 $4,295 28X31 $4,495 28X31 $4,995
28X36 $4,995 28X36 $5,195 28X36 $5,895
28X41 N/A 28X41 N/A 28X41 $6,695
30X21 $2,995 30X21 $3,095 30X21 $3,495
30X26 $3,695 30X26 $3,895 30X26 $4,295
30X31 $4,495 30X31 $4,695 30X31 $5,195
30X36 $5,195 30X36 $5,495 30X36 $6,095
30X41 N/A 30X41 N/A 30X41 $6,995
 32X20 N/A  32X20 N/A 32X20 $5,695
 32X24 N/A  32X24 N/A 32X24 $6,695
 32X28 N/A  32X28 N/A 32X28 $7,695
 32X32 N/A  32X32 N/A 32X32 $8,695
 32X36 N/A  32X36 N/A 32X36 $9,695
 32X40 N/A  32X40 N/A 32X40 $10,695
 32X44 N/A  32X44 N/A 32X44 $11,695
 32X48 N/A  32X48 N/A 32X48 $12,695
 32X52 N/A  32X52 N/A 32X52 $13,695
 34X20 N/A  34X20 N/A 34X20 $5,995
 34X24 N/A  34X24 N/A 34X24 $7,045
 34X28 N/A  34X28 N/A 34X28 $8,095
 34X32 N/A  34X32 N/A 34X32 $9,145
 34X36 N/A  34X36 N/A 34X36 $10,195
 34X40 N/A  34X40 N/A 34X40 $11,245
 34X44 N/A  34X44 N/A 34X44 $12,295
 34X48 N/A  34X48 N/A 34X48 $13,345
 34X52 N/A  34X52 N/A 34X52 $14,395
 36X20 N/A  36X20 N/A 36X20 $6,395
 36X24 N/A  36X24 N/A 36X24 $7,445
 36X28 N/A  36X28 N/A 36X28 $8,495
 36X32 N/A  36X32 N/A 36X32 $9,545
 36X36 N/A  36X36 N/A 36X36 $10,595
 36X40 N/A  36X40 N/A 36X40 $11,645
 36X44 N/A  36X44 N/A 36X44 $12,695
 36X48 N/A  36X48 N/A 36X48 $13,745
 36X52 N/A  36X52 N/A 36X52 $14,795

Benefits of Three Car Metal Garages

Today three car steel garages are in huge demand. 3-car garages are efficient to deliver premium strength and durability for decades. Below are the unmatched benefits of investing in three car garages.

Cost-Effective: Three-car garages are far more cost-effective compared to wood buildings. These buildings are a smart investment where conventional wood buildings are expensive and require high maintenance.

Fair Maintenance Cost: 3-car metal garages are made to last long without the high maintenance. Moreover, a vertical roof car garage requires negligible maintenance as it offers easy runoff for snow and water.

Serve You For Decades: Steel is popular to confront harsh weather without heavy maintenance and is available cheaply.

Diverse Customization: Three car steel garages are available with infinite customization. With our 3D metal building designer, you can create your dream metal garage and order it directly.

100% Eco-Friendly: Steel is 100% recyclable metal; hence, it is in huge demand. The entire steel manufacturing is environment-friendly and doesn’t affect nature in either way. Remember, a well-insulated metal garage can lower your energy bills by 50%.

Book Your Three Car Steel Garage Today!

Our three-car steel structure is perfectly fit to meet your parking, storage, and other custom needs. It is the perfect building to park your car, ATV, boat, lawnmowers, motorcycles, and other personal/commercial vehicles under one roof. We have premium quality metal structures that make us stand out from the competition and let us serve you with utmost care.

Our broad line of three-car metal garages is 100% American manufactured. For high-end building strength, you can also book a certified three-car metal garage specially made to confront harsh weather conditions, including floods, hurricanes, and even seismic waves.

What more are you looking for? Order from our custom 3-car garages for sale and get it delivered in the shortest lead time. For any confusion, you can talk to our garage experts at 877-801-3263.

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