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Rent to Own Benefits

Now Calculate the payments below!.

No Credit Check Required

Affordable Monthly Payments with No Credit Check or Credit Score!

Instant Approvals

Same Day Approvals. Hassle-Free Process, No Obligation!

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options Allow Anyone to Own A Metal Building with A Small Upfront Payment.

Ownership in 36 Months or Less

Once You Complete Your Schedule of Payments with Agreement Options Up to 36 Months, You Become An Owner!

Build Equity

RTO Program Offered by Viking Steel Structures Will Get You Closer to Owning Your Dream Building.

More Than Just Storage

Use Your Building As A Workplace, Art-showcase, She Shed, Man Cave, Garden Shed, Workshop, etc.

Monthly Contract Available

With Our RTO Program Once You Get Approval, Just Keep Up With Your Easy Monthly Payments.

Delivery and Installation Included

The final price includes installation & delivery costs. Hence, you know the total cost for your new metal building up front.


Viking Steel Structures believe in serving the best to its customers. That’s why the entire RTO process takes only five steps to own your dream building.

Building downpayment of your building will be $7,500.00

Monthly RTO Amount

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Viking Steel Structures believe in serving the best to its customers. That’s why the entire RTO process takes only five steps to own your dream building.

Step 1

Choose Your Metal Building

The first step is to select the building you want to own. You can add any number of customizations that you want.

Step 2

Check out Payment T&C

Once you are done with the building customizations, you need to check the payment Terms and Conditions for transparency and detailed information about the RTO program.

Step 3

Fill the Form

The entire T&C is created to have 100% transparency with our customers. Now, you can fill the form to avail the RTO program.

Step 4

RTO Approved

Once we receive your request, we will complete the necessary process and get your RTO approved.

Step 5

Buy Your Metal Building

After successful RTO approval, you can own your metal building with least Lead time.



Rent-to-own by viking steel structures

About Rent-To-Own Metal Barns

Wooden Barns were the trend of the past that is now replaced by metal barns. People used to install traditional barns with the purpose of storing their farming equipment and keeping their animals protected. However, the wooden structure can’t sustain for long, resulting in its replacement. Owning a metal barn requires a significant investment, which is not possible for every farm-building owner. For such people, Rent-To-Own Metal Barn is more like a boon, and our RTO plans for metal barns offer ultimate benefits to people throughout the USA who can’t pay the whole amount upfront.

Benefits of Rent-To-Own Program by Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures offer you an easy way to own a metal barn without paying complete upfront. Our Rent-To-Own Program provides versatile benefits, including:

No Credit Check: Your credit score is never an issue when you are planning to buy a metal barn. Our rent-to-own plan doesn’t consider the credit score for RTO Application approvals.

One-Day Approval Process: We have one-day approval process that enables you to complete your order and install metal barn at your property as soon as possible.

No Advance Payout Penalty: You can complete the payment anytime you want. There is no penalty for advance payment. Instead, you can choose any of the options that suit you best.

Monthly Basis Contract: To add leverage for our customers, we offer a month-to-month contract, which lets you make wise decisions.

Rent to Own Barns Near Me: People mostly consider buying/renting a steel barn near their property. The Rent-To-Own option provides this facility. You can search for the most suitable RTO Barns and make their payment accordingly.

More Than Just Storage: You can make use of steel barns more than just for storage purposes. You are paying the upfront amount, but still, you can use the building anyhow you want.

Rent-To-Own Barns with Countless Customizations

You can add modifications to meet your requirements and order the custom metal barns. Rent-to-Own Barns comes with numerous customizations starting from roof type, color schemes, no. of windows, no. of walk-in doors, roll-up garages, extra trusses & braces, barn dimensions, and more. All your modifications may increase the price of your metal structure, but the Rent-To-Own program helps you pay the complete amount in small payments.

Customized Barns can have open ends, back-closed end, or fully enclosed structures which you can further customize as per your requirements.

Rent-To-Own Barn Prices

For many of the buyers, metal barn price becomes a problem when you need to pay the full amount upfront. Rent-To-Own program by Viking Steel Structures is specially introduced to resolve all such problems. Whatever customization you made in your steel structure, you don’t need to bother about the final price of the metal building. Rent to Own Barns can be purchased with quick approval and small upfront.

Why Choose RTO Metal Barns?

Steel Barn Buildings are versatile metal buildings that you can use for numerous applications. You can use barn buildings for:

Residential Storage: Metal Barns are the best option to choose when you need extra space apart from your existing house. Its versatile design and minimal maintenance make it the best suited for your purpose.

Agriculture Metal Buildings: Whether you want to protect your farm equipment, store the livestock, or safeguard your animals from Mother Nature, Barns are the option that can work as Agriculture Metal Buildings.

Greenhouse: The Steel Barn Structures are even beneficial to protect your crops from the negative impact of the environment. Proper insulation in your metal barn keeps your crop safe from natural calamities like high wind, cyclones, heavy snowfall, etc.

If you have any doubts or want to know more about your financing requirements,

No worries. Call our building specialist today


How to Buy Rent-To-Own Metal Barns?

The complete process of ordering Rent to Own Barns includes three major steps:

Step 1: Choose your Steel Barn: From the wide range of metal buildings, choose the one that meets your needs and is eligible under the Rent to Own Program.

Step 2: Pay Small Upfront Amount: Instead of paying the full price of the barn, you need to pay a small amount initially and sign the Rent-to-Own agreement.

Step 3: Get Your Barn Delivered at Your Property: At last, your building will be successfully ordered and delivered at your property with precise installation.


Planning to get a Rent-To-Own Steel Building?

Viking Steel Structures now provide you Rent-to-Own option from RTO National. This RTO Program enables you to order Metal Barns, Carports, Garages, Utility Buildings, Commercial Buildings, and other premium-quality steel structures.

RTO By RTO Nationals:

  • No credit check
  • No proof of income
  • No Drivers license required
  • Up to $20,000 loaned; WV up to $10,000
  • Borrower or Co-signer must own property

With little upfront, get your dream metal building with quick delivery & installation.