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    Fully Enclosed Metal Garage

    Metal garages are structures installed in the exterior part of a house to shelter cars and other vehicles. Viking Steel Structures provides residential metal garage buildings and commercial metal garage buildings. Our enclosed metal garage structures are the perfect solution for sheltering vehicles, providing additional storage space for your belongings, creating a workshop, personal office, and many more.

    Garages Design Types

    Explore the diverse world of Garages designs, tailored to meet the unique requirements of every farming operation. From classic structures to modern innovations, find the perfect solution for your farm's needs.

    What is a Metal Garage Building?

    A metal garage building is an enclosed structure fabricated with steel to protect your vehicles. By installing any custom metal garages of any size or dimensions, you can park your cars and protect other valuables safe during harsh weather conditions. Our metal garages for sale are versatile and built with a rigid-quality steel frame. These garage buildings are the perfect solution for protecting all types of vehicles and equipment and can serve other storage purposes. These are fully customizable, and you can choose from different roof styles and many other color options.

    These buildings function well as storage sheds, car garages, garage workshop, self-storage buildings, metal office buildings, man caves, or she-sheds. Our commercial customers also choose steel garage buildings; they’re great for retail space, office space, restaurants, auto repair shops, warehouses, manufacturing space, horse stables, barns, and much more!

    Types of Metal Garage Buildings

    One of the great advantages of selecting garage metal buildings is that they are available in various types.

    One Car, Two Car & Three Car Metal Garages

    We provide any size and style of prefab metal garages to our customers. Steel Garages are essential to any home or business for increased storage and vehicle protection. Our garage metal buildings can be designed and adapted easily for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. We work with our customers to design and provide custom steel garages that meet their personalized building specifications.

    One-car metal garages work well for the single-vehicle family. They are compact yet leave plenty of space for housing the vehicle and room for moving around it. For those with two or three cars, there are other options available. Many individuals with only one vehicle often go for the two or three-car steel garage to use the additional space for other storage needs.

    ONE-CAR METAL GARAGES: Adding a 1-car garage to your property is a fantastic way to use your existing space and enhance your property valuation smartly. One Car Garage is an enclosed metal garage unit built to park one car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle, lawn equipment storage, and various other vehicles.

    TWO CAR METAL GARAGES: All prefab garages with widths between 20ft to 24ft are commonly known as two car metal garages or 2 car metal garages; this garage has enough space to accommodate two cars at a time without any hassle. However, we can customize your garage to any size you need.

    Prefab Side Entry Garages

    Another great advantage that comes with steel garages is the choice to have side entry metal garages. These side entry metal garages really are convenient as they mean that you don’t have to open the main door every time to enter or exit. It also adds a great look to the overall style of the steel garage. This is a great feature to have, especially if the metal garage is going to be heated, as it prevents the heat from escaping from a large open area that would occur when using the main doors.

    Metal Garage Building Features

    Everyone must know the features of steel garage buildings before diluting their long-term savings. Some of the main features that they come with are:

    • A variation in sizeMetal Garage
    • Gauge for steel
    • Choice of number of windows
    • Types of doors
    • Maintenance free
    • Choice in roof styles
    • Durable
    • Easy to install

    Metal garage buildings provide many benefits, but specific wants and needs must be identified to make the right choice. E.g., some people find that having a side entry metal garage is an essential option for them. The first consideration when buying steel garages is deciding on the needed size. This can be determined by the amount of space available for its construction but, most importantly, will be based on steel garage use.

    For example, you may want to go 12 to 24 foot wide, or perhaps you are looking for something much larger and want a triple-wide like a 26 to 30 foot wide. Here you will witness big differences in the sizes, which is why it’s crucial that considering these points will give you a clear idea as to what you will use it for, and also understand that based on these different sizes, it offers a lot of flexibility.

    Metal Garage Roof Styles

    Another consideration factor is steel garage roof type. If you are planning on staying with just looking at the options that are classed as standard, then this would mean going with the regular roof garages option. For those staying with the standard steel garage versions, this regular roof is usually the best choice as it is the most economical yet very attractive with its top to bottom curved ridges.

    If the preference is an A-frame roof, there are metal garages available in this style that come with horizontal ridges and are very impressive in their looks. A steel garage will also demand consideration for the type of environment that will be constructed.

    If you are dealing with a lot of snow and rain, then your best choice for roofing would be the vertical roof metal garage, which comprises the vertical ridges and uses the A-frame structure. While these are considered essential components, many other choices will provide opportunities to look at metal garage customization options.

    Metal Garage Buildings Custom Options

    Customization can be broken down into two categories of wants and needs when looking at customization.

    Side Entry Metal Garage


    • : For steel garages, a decision needs to be made on the size, including the width, length, and height.
    • : You may be required to choose between 12 or 14 gauge, and when it comes to the roofing, the choices are between 26 gauge and 29 gauge.
    • : One of the great advantages of steel garages is the option for a garage door’s size.


    Wants for metal garages are those components that are nice to have, but they are extra options that will focus on your preferences.

    • : You may decide that you want to petition off your garage, which can be done with additional lean-to walls.
    • : Additional windows can be added to it, depending on the purpose of your steel garage.
    • : Having a side entry door is a real convenience
    • : A Steel garage will give you several options for choosing the type of trim desired, and there is a great variety of colors that are applicable for the roof, walls, trims, and doors.
    • : If you have something specific that you want for your steel garage, you most likely can have it customized to suit you.

    Prefab Steel Garage – A Problem Solver

    While most people prefer to buy metal garages to protect their vehicles, many other uses can be utilized. It can be challenging for those with a lot of outdoor equipment to find proper spots to protect these items, which are often expensive. Having one central location rather than several small outbuildings to house this is cost-effective and convenient. For the sports-minded family with a lot of sports gear, this can take up a lot of room in the main house, but metal garages provide the perfect atmosphere for housing all types of sports equipment, allowing plenty of room to store it properly to prevent damage. This also includes exercise equipment.

    Get Best Deal on Metal Garages

    Viking Steel Structures is committed to providing tailor-made metal garage buildings in the shortest lead time. Furthermore, our metal garage buildings prices are highly competitive, making us the best metal garage dealer in the USA.

    You can check out our comprehensive range of metal garages for sale and order one that fits your personalized needs. You can also reach us at 877-801-3263 to discuss payment options.

    Why Viking Steel Structures Metal Garage Is The Best Choice

    Choosing from metal garages must also include making quality and workmanship a priority. When you choose metal garages from our catalog, you are getting the best garage and affordable metal garage prices. What makes Viking Steel Structures the best choice

    • We offer the best steel materials and components built for longevity and durability.
    • We pay attention to detail how the construction and installation of metal garages.
    • We offer an exceptional warranty backed by impeccable customer service.
    • We offer speedy metal garage maintenance services and repairs.
    • Being credible, honest, and trustworthy.
    • Offering choices and options in their metal garage inventory.

    If you want to create more affordable space and provide the ultimate protection for your vehicles and other items, then now is the time to contact Viking Steel Structures.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer up to 60′ wide buildings. You can check our Building Styles page and choose any structure that fits your need.

    Yes, you can revise the order until it gets on schedule. Post-scheduling, you can’t alter your order. Furthermore, if there is some issue with the site where you want to install a building, you can ask the manufacturer directly, and they can suggest a solution.

    Our Vertical Style roof carports are considered as best for areas with extreme weather conditions. You can check our Vertical Carports products range for more details.

    You can call us on the given number or send an inquiry via forms, our team will get in touch with you to complete the purchase process and guide you on the way. They will help you in selecting a perfect building for you as well as accept your payments. Please note only a fixed % amount needs to be paid as deposit while purchasing from us and the remaining payment would be collected when the installers come to your installation site for assembling.

    Yes, a % deposit of the total amount has to be paid for quick purchasing of a building from us. The deposit amount can be 10%, 12%, 15% or 17% of the total building amount and not more, we promise.

    The remaining amount would be collected by the manufacturer when their installers come at your given location to install the building.

    Yes, it is advisable to measure the size of your area before placing the order as you will need enough space to accomodate your metal structure. Order without measurement may result in a bigger or a smaller carport/building for your place.

    You can start by measuring the width of the space to check if the area will be levelled and big enough, followed by the length of the installation space that you have. The building height is defined as the lowest point closest to the sides of the structure, which is also identified as “” sidewall height””. All the area include the width, length and height should be levelled and have flat surface. Please ensure that you have enough space for leg heights as this way you can change your building to a fully enclosed Garage or add a door to your metal building at a later stage. Overall, you will need to prepare a space that is large enough for your structure and can accommodate installation of the carport or metal building easily.

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