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At Viking Steel Structures, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence in the carport and metal building niche.

DIY Steel Home Kits – Ultimate Option To Install Your Dream Home

Steel homes often called green homes are the new way of supporting our planet and getting a magnificent building with all possible amenities to live.

As homeowners continue to search for ways to build affordable new homes, metal home kits are great choice for people who are looking for a more cost-efficient alternative. Metal Home Kit is the perfect decision you have made to install your dream home at your land. Metal homes provide long-lasting security for your family and protection from harsh weather conditions.

With the increasing demand of buildings for personal/professional uses, green buildings are being heavily promoted. When it comes to cost-effective metal buildings, DIY metal building kits are the preferred option. Your metal home kit can include a bedroom, cabin, lodge, porch, and various other amenities that are required by every homeowner.

Benefits of Custom Metal Home Kits

These days, more and more metal homes are popping up on every part of the country. Steel framed home kits provide superior strength, increased energy efficiency, and weather and fire protection effectively. There are various other benefits to owning a steel home.

Save Building Cost: Metal home kits are cost-effective compared to other building alternatives. Furthermore, DIY Kits exclude labor-cost, which save further in installing your dream metal home. On the other hand, conventional wood home is expensive and require professional installers. Hence, metal DIY kits are an excellent way to go.

Save on Maintenance Cost: Frequent maintenance is no more a requirement for your DIY Home Kits. Moreover, metal doesn’t require high maintenance costs compared to traditional wood structures. So, with low maintenance costs, metal home kits are a smart investment option.

Install a Long Lasting Structure: Metal structures are made to last long. So, you don’t need to invest further in other building structures. A well-installed metal home kit can cater to your requirements for nearly 30-40 years. Alongside long-lasting traits of metal structures, manufacturers provide 20-years of rust-through warranty.

Metal Homes are Quick, Convenient, and Affordable to Erect: Metal home kits are delivered in prefabricated components that need to be bolted together on the job site. So, metal home installation is quick, convenient, and affordable to erect.

Customize Your Way: Viking Steel Structures offer versatile building designs, with easy to order process and installation-manual support.

Save Our Plant: Steel is an environment-friendly metal. Moreover, steel is 100% recyclable metal that can be used for multiple purposes, including steel buildings. Minimize Your Energy Bills: Well, insulated metal building kits can lower your energy bills by 50%.

Get Sturdy & Robust Structure: Above all, installing a custom metal home kit can ensure a sturdy and robust structure that can benefit you with endless uses and serve you for decades.

Add Value to your Property: Above all, the steel buildings are the modern innovation that adds value to your property.

How Much Does Steel House Kits Cost?

Metal home kits are a popular new construction option due to their reduced maintenance needs. We offer innovative and affordable metal home kits of your dreams. Prefab Steel Home Kits are a better option to save money on labor costs. The cost of a metal home kit is always a confusing topic as the answer entirely depends upon multiple factors

The final price entirely depends upon the steel home kit that you order. Mostly the price also includes delivery & transportation charges. However, if you buy metal home kits from Viking Steel Structures, you will get FREE delivery & Installation. Moreover, the price also varies on accessories you order alongside metal building kits.

Low cost and ease of Installation are what makes metal building kits a prominent option for homeowners. These are the two main reasons for the increasing popularity of metal home kits in the United States.

Factors Affecting Steel Home Kits Prices

  • Know What You Want: Before ordering a steel home kit, you must know that Viking Steel Structures provide different types of metal building kits like metal carport kits, metal car washing building kits, metal brewery building kits and many more.
  • Steel Prices: Steel is a market asset, hence its price variations depending upon demand for steel, fluctuation in the market, etc.
  • Customizations: The more you customize your building, the higher its final price will be.
  • Buildings Size: Building dimensions are also a significant factor in calculating the cost of your building.
  • Installation Location: For metal home kits installation, you have to meet or exceed local codes and loads.

To make an order, or ask for a DIY Kit quote, give us a call at 877-801-3263.

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Pre-engineered metal house kits are getting popularity as more people learn of their unique advantages. So, homeowner looks forward to answers for numerous doubts associated with steel home kits. Below are some commonly asked questions related to DIY metal home kits.

Yes, our metal home kits are deliveries with the installation manual. So, you don't require labor or professional metal home installers. Still, if needed, you can hire local contractors for Installation.
At Viking Steel Structures, you can choose from a broad range of metal building kits that meet your requirements. Furthermore, you can share your customization so that we can deliver the exact prefab metal DIY kits at your property.
In quality, steel building kits stand out over other building alternatives. You can choose any metal building and stay assured for decades. Also, DIY metal home kits have a low maintenance cost that makes it a smart investment.

All building essential components are included like steel framing, roof panels, metal siding and roofing materials. Also included are all necessary fasteners and anchor bolts. But, you will need to specify accessories such as windows, doors, and skylights as per your requirements.

Don't worry; our metal building specialists are available at [PHONE NUMBER] . You can ask your queries, and we will provide you the best solution.

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