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26×36 Triple Wide Steel Building

Are you looking to buy 26 x 36metal building for residential, commercial or any other purpose? Investing in a metal building is always a crucial decision that requires detailed research followed by a wise decision. Viking Steel Structures is your companion, offering this 26′ x 36′ steel building with endless customizations at a competitive price.

Whether you need this metal structure for parking purpose, storage, warehouse, man-cave, she-shed or any other personal use, this 26 x 36 triple wide metal building is the perfect option to choose. The utmost benefit of buying 26×36 Prefab Garage is a quick installation at an affordable price.

26 x 36 Metal Building Uses

This 26×36 steel structure can be used for various applications. Depending upon your needs, you can either order a customized metal building or use it as per the requirements. Yet, you can use this 26′ x 36′ metal structure as:

26’x36′ Utility Building

A utility building is a reliable and profitable investment if you are looking for a 26 x 36 metal garage including a metal carport. For parking a car, boat or other farming equipment you can utilize the open shed whereas the storage compartment can be used to safeguard your day to day tools, livestock, horse saddles, and other essentials. Buying a 26×36 Utility Carport can serve your multiple needs at an affordable price.

26’x36′ Metal Garage

For a startup business or small office purpose, you would always expect an affordable metal garage that can accommodate basic office amenities. Furthermore, you might be planning an inhouse metal garage for regular maintenance of your vehicles. You can buy 26 x 36 metal garage to make a small office for your business or standard garage. In either case, you won’t be worried about extra investment. You can make ‘n’ number of customizations in this 26×36 metal garage or call us at 877-801-3263 to resolve any doubts.

26’x36′ Metal Carport

Parking is a major concern when you are having a limited residential area. It’s tough to park your vehicles in-house. The 26 x 36 Metal Carport is the utmost solution for your parking needs. This metal carport can easily accommodate two cars, boats, ATV or other personal vehicles. One time installation can serve you for decades.

26’x36′ Pole Barn

Based on your needs, you can also use it as a pole barn. Installing 26×36 Pole Barn at your property will give you ample space for protecting your horses, goats and other cattle and offering a secure home. Built with 100% American made steel, you can stay assured of complete safety from adverse weather conditions for decades to come.

26’x36′ Lean-To Building

The 26 x 36 Lean-to building is a perfect building structure if you are looking for an outdoor space for a family outing or metal building with a porch. The lean to shed attached to the metal building makes it a sturdy metal structure that can withstand frigid weather conditions.

26 x 36 Metal Building Features

Viking Steel Structures believe in serving the best metal building to every customer. Hence, we provide a wide range of features to choose from and let you install your dream metal building at your land.

The 26×36 Steel Building Height starts from 6’ which can be upgraded up to 16’ depending upon your purpose of purchase. The selection of height completely depends upon your needs. In whatsoever height you choose, Viking Steel Structures will provide you braced at every leg and welded center truss.

This metal building comes with three roof style options. Regular, A-frame and Vertical roof styles are available. Regular roof is the most-favored roof style that is ordered by people living in standard weather conditions. Among all three roof styles, vertical roof style is the best and strongest option as it offers easy water/debris run-off along with hat-channels that offer more strength to the metal building. So, you can order:

  • 26 x 36 Regular Style Metal Building
  • 26 x 36 Boxed Eave Metal Building
  • 26 x 36 Vertical Roof Style Metal Building

26’x36′ Side Entry Metal Garage is another feature that allows you to use the metal building sides to park your vehicles. Parking from sideways makes it easy for seamless parking and provide sufficient walking space around the parking.

This 26×36 frame comes with a 20-year rust-through warranty. The standard size metal structure uses 14-gauge steel framing. However, you can upgrade it to 12-gauge. Ordering a 12-gauge steel building provides you the certification of wind load up to 180mph.

So, what are you waiting for? You can consult with our metal building experts at 877-801-3263 to order 26’ x 36′ Steel Building for Sale.

26 x 36 Metal Building Kits

Our 26×36 Metal Building Kit is a great option against conventional metal buildings that offer wide space without internal columns. The 26×36 Kit is easy to customize and permits quick installation on site. Based on your purpose of use, you can make customizations and get it delivered directly at your property.

The basic package includes the primary and secondary framing as well as the sheeting and is engineered for your location. The DIY Metal Building Kits gives you the freedom to install the metal building on your own, saving the labor cost. The price of 26 x 36 Barn Kit completely depends upon the size of your barn, location, and quality of products ordered.

Customize 26×36 Metal Building with 3D Building Estimator

Looking for a different design?

In case you are not satisfied with the 26 x 36 metal building plan, you can use the 3D Estimator tool to create your own structure. During the customization, you can add Windows, Walk-in doors, frame-outs, and more.

Viking Steel Structures offers up to 15 color options for your metal building. Furthermore, you also get 5 color options for garage doors. Apart from standard customization and 26 x 36 3D model you can choose from various other customizations while ordering this metal structure.

  • Insulation
  • Frame-outs or Garage Doors
  • Windows
  • Panel Orientation
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Lean-tos
  • Skylights
  • Solar Panels
  • Wainscot
  • DIY Kits
  • Certifications

For more information about the available customization options, you can call us at 877-801-3263 and get this 26 x 36 metal building delivered in the minimum lead time.

26×36 Metal Building Price

The 26’ by 36’ metal building price starts from 4720. However, the final price completely depends upon the customizations. You can make endless customizations, but it will directly affect the 26×36 metal building price. The best way to get 26’ x 36’ Garage Price is to customize the building as per requirement and share the details with us to get a quick quote. Our metal building specialists will assist you to conclude with the best and robust metal structure.

Check out the 26 × 36 metal building latest price:

Regular Style BoXed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
26X21 $1,995 26X21 $2,095 26X21 $2,395
26X26 $2,495 26X26 $2,595 26X26 $2,995
26X31 $2,995 26X31 $3,095 26X31 $3,595
26X36 $3,495 26X36 $3,695 26X36 $4,195
26X41 N/A 26X41 N/A 26X41 $4,995
28X21 $2,095 28X21 $2,195 28X21 $2,495
28X26 $2,595 28X26 $2,795 28X26 $3,095
28X31 $3,095 28X31 $3,395 28X31 $3,695
28X36 $3,695 28X36 $3,995 28X36 $4,395
28X41 N/A 28X41 N/A 28X41 $5,195
30X21 $2,195 30X21 $2,295 30X21 $2,595
30X26 $2,795 30X26 $2,895 30X26 $3,295
30X31 $3,395 30X31 $3,495 30X31 $3,995
30X36 $3,995 30X36 $4,195 30X36 $4,695
30X41 N/A 30X41 N/A 30X41 $5,395


No Credit check required

No Credit check required

No need to go through credit score check

Instant approvals

Instant approvals

Get quick approvals from bank

Monthly Contract Available

Monthly Contract Available

You can choose to pay from 36 months to 48 months

Build Equity

Build Equity

Every payment moves you closer to owning your shed

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Easy month-to-month installments for your convenience

Ownership in 36 months or less

Ownership in 36 months or less

Payoff anytime and own your building

More than Just storage

More than Just storage

Use your building as a workshop, hobby house, garden shed, etc

Free Delivery

Delivery & Installation Included

The final price includes installation and delivery costs. Therefore, you know the total cost for your new metal building upfront.

  • No Credit check required
  • Instant approvals
  • Monthly Contract Available
  • Build Equity
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Ownership in 36 months or less
  • More than Just storage
  • Delivery & Installation Included

Why Buy 26x36 Triple Wide Building from Viking Steel Structures?

Viking Steel Structures is one of the trustworthy dealers across the United States offering top-quality metal buildings at your doorstep. Buying from Viking not only delivers quality but also the long-term relationships that bind our customers for years.

Now, you have decided to order 26x36 metal building, you should know the benefits of buying from Viking Steel Structures:

  • 100% American Steel: Quality is our utmost priority and hence we always use 100% American made steel for metal building manufacturing. The proven workmanship and top-quality ensure the durability and longevity of our steel structures for decades.
  • Endless Customizations: We never restrict you with limited metal building plans. So, we provide a 3D Building designer to make your own building design.
  • Versatile Metal Buildings: Our entire catalog is not restricted to triple wide metal buildings. Instead, we also offer you a wide range of commercial metal buildings, one car garage, metal sheds,prefab-metal buildings, boat carports, lean-to buildings and more.
  • After Installation Assistance: Our task is not limited to installation. Our metal building experts are available even post-installation. We have professional building experts who can assist you with any doubts/issues related to a steel building.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed: Compared with other metal building dealers, we guarantee you to offer the lowest price. However, we never compromise with the quality and let you choose your building.
  • Delivery in Minimum Lead Time: Viking always prefers delivering the order in minimum lead time. It means, based on your location and weather conditions, your dream metal structure will be delivered at your property in the minimum possible time.

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