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If you need shelter for more than one vehicle or a considerable amount of valuables, tools & other belongings, triple wide metal buildings just might be the perfect solution to your problem.

Triple wide metal buildings are metal structures with a width of 26’-30’. This steel building category lies within standard buildings and commercial buildings. Tipple wide metal garages are a wise investment if you want significant space without investing high in clear-span metal buildings. 26-30 wide metal garages at Viking Steel Structures are available at an affordable price. We are an authorized dealer of top manufacturers across the nation.

Moreover, we believe in a hassle-free ordering process for our customers. Hence, you can call us at 877-801-3263 and ask for a specific building SKU. You can also visit a specific landing page and request a customized quote.

What are the Benefits of Triple Wide Metal Buildings?

Triple wide metal garages are made to last long. Still below are some untold benefits of buying 26-30 wide metal buildings:

Durability: Metal buildings are made to last long. A standard steel structure can last for 3-4 decades with minimum maintenance. Everyone has a short lifespan among all other alternatives, making steel structures a durable option to choose from. Furthermore, these buildings can withstand adverse climates like downpours, hailstorms, and even seismic activities.

High Tensile Strength: Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio in comparison to other building alternatives. Hence, with its small weight, steel can be easily transported anywhere in the United States. Still, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, triple wide structures ensure your valuables are safe and secure in adverse weather conditions.

Quick Installation: Steel buildings are delivered in prefabricated components that don’t require much time to installation. Instead, they only need to be bolted together, saving time and labor. Above all, you also save at labor costs, which protects your pocket from spending much on a single building. Prefabricated metal buildings require one-third less time for installation than traditional building erection time.

Cost-Saving: Steel buildings don’t require much labor force for building installation. Hence you can easily save on labor costs. Furthermore, the cost of upkeep, as well as the maintenance cost, is lower than wood buildings.

Multiple Customization Options: You can make changes to existing metal structures or design your own building with multiple customization options. However, with every customization you make and additional accessory added to the building, its final price increases accordingly.

Multiple Color Options: Metal buildings can be decorated with multiple color options for their walls and roof. You can choose from 15 color options for wide walls and 5 color options for roof. Check out the available colors.

Fire & Pest Resistant: Steel is resistant to fire and pests. That ensures your valuables are protected in case of unnatural fire or pests attack. Steel has a high melting point, which makes it an excellent alternative to wood structures.

20-Years Warranty: Almost all metal building manufacturers provide a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty. So you can stay assured of the metal garage’s longevity.

Less Maintenance Cost: Traditional wood requires frequent maintenance like paint, damp proofing, leakage repairs, etc. On the contrary to this, steel buildings can stay active without demanding frequent maintenance costs. Moreover, its installation cost is also less than conventional wood buildings.

Optimized Energy Consumption: A well-insulated metal building can reduce your energy bills by nearly 50%. Metal buildings are highly effective in greenhouse buildings as well. Hence you can stay assured of soothing temperature in your triple wide metal structure.

Eco-Friendly: Steel is the green way of building industry. Many triple wide structures are even LEED-certified, which makes it eco-friendly and sustainable to nature. Moreover, steel is 100% recyclable metal. So you can reuse it every time.

Triple Wide Metal Buildings Roof Styles

Viking Steel Structures offer three styles of Triple Wide Carports, i.e., Regular style, Boxed Eave style, and vertical roof.

Regular Style Triple Wide Buildings: Regular style roof is also known as standard roof style. It is the most popular choice among all roof style options. It has rounded corners that make it suitable for sheltering your vehicles from rain and sunlight. The standard roof has no trim on its eaves, ridge cap, nor purlins (hat channel); hence, it is a cost-effective option to choose. Regular roof-style is best suited for areas that experience fair weather year-round.

Boxed Eave Style Triple Wide Buildings: People opt for A-Frame horizontal roofs to get a residential look. Similar to regular roof style, it doesn’t have purlins or ridge caps, and the sheet panels run from side to side. Unlike regular roof style, box eave trim is added on its sides added, with additional welding needed on its trusses. This increases its price than a standard roof. If you are living in an area with fair weather, you can opt for the A-Frame roof to add a residential outlook to your property.

Vertical Roof Style Triple Wide Buildings: Vertical roof style is the best choice for people looking for a certified roof that can confront extreme weather conditions. The roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves, causing heavy snow, rain, and natural elements to slide off the roof easily. Here, purlins or hat channels are required to tie down the panels to the structure. Its finished look with special vertical trim makes it the best option. If you are looking to save big on triple wide metal structures, go for vertical roof style triple wide carport that requires minimal maintenance.

Triple Wide Metal Building Prices

Our building prices are highly competitive to make it feasible for our customers. Also, with every building style you choose, you get a custom price quote that meets your requirement without draining your hard-earned money.

However, the final price for any triple wide metal garage entirely varies on multiple factors. Still, we are providing you the standard price for all dimensions under triple wide building.

Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
26X21 $1,995 26X21 $2,095 26X21 $2,395
26X26 $2,495 26X26 $2,595 26X26 $2,995
26X31 $2,995 26X31 $3,095 26X31 $3,595
26X36 $3,495 26X36 $3,695 26X36 $4,195
26X41 N/A 26X41 N/A 26X41 $4,995
28X21 $2,095 28X21 $2,195 28X21 $2,495
28X26 $2,595 28X26 $2,795 28X26 $3,095
28X31 $3,095 28X31 $3,395 28X31 $3,695
28X36 $3,695 28X36 $3,995 28X36 $4,395
28X41 N/A 28X41 N/A 28X41 $5,195
30X21 $2,195 30X21 $2,295 30X21 $2,595
30X26 $2,795 30X26 $2,895 30X26 $3,295
30X31 $3,395 30X31 $3,495 30X31 $3,995
30X36 $3,995 30X36 $4,195 30X36 $4,695
30X41 N/A 30X41 N/A 30X41 $5,395

*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the manufacturers.

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Certified Triple Wide Metal Buildings

We do provide Certified Triple Wide buildings to ensure safety and protection of your vehicles, livestock, and other essentials. 26-30 wide certified buildings are specially designed to meet specific weather needs like hail storms, heavy rain, high winds, and other weather problems.

Certified steel structures offer multiple benefits that include:

Long Lifespan: Compared to non-certified buildings, certified metal buildings have a longer life span. Your buildings are built with 12-gauge galvanized steel to ensure high-end protection.

Safety-: Certified steel structures ensure your essentials, vehicles, livestock, hay, etc., are completely protected from moisture, condensation, pests, fire, and other natural disasters.

Trusted Our entire range of certified garages are manufactured and installed with building permits, engineer ratings, building blueprints, pre & post-inspection by local authorities. So, you can 100% rely on the outcome without having a second thought.

Warranties Certified buildings come with all warranties as per the industry standards, like 14-day repair warranty, 20-year of rust-through warranty, wind warranty, snow load warranty, and 1-year workmanship.

So, without any delay, call our building specialists at 877-801-3263 and order a triple-wide metal garage today.

Easy Payment Options

For your convenience, we have Rent-to-Own as well as Financing option that gives you a seamless opportunity to order your dream metal structure without worrying about the full upfront.

The rent-to-Own option requires no credit checks and provides instant approval for you. So, you don’t need to wait for long to order a building. Moreover, the metal building financing option is also available with the lowest interest and easy repayment option

Why Buy Triple Wide Building from Viking Steel Structures?

We are a trusted and authorized dealer of top triple wide building manufacturers in the United States. We offer a wide variety of sizes for triple wide steel buildings to serve every possible requirement of our customers, as well as being able to meet your design aesthetic with several custom options.

We ensure you get the top-quality 26’-30’ wide metal buildings at your doorstep and get it installed in the shortest time. Catering to your needs, our friendly building specialists are always available to solve your queries and suggest you the best-fit triple-wide garage for your land.

So, why should you choose Viking Steel Structures to buy Triple Wide Garage building?

100% American Manufactured: Steel buildings we serve are 100% American-manufactured. So, we directly support our nation without compromising the building quality. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority, and we serve the same with top-quality steel structures.

Customizations: Via call or through our 3D Building Designer tool, you can design your dream building and make endless customizations before ordering. Our 3D designer tool lets you visualize your design before ordering and then ordering it directly.

Diverse Designs: Unlike wood buildings, we are not restricted to a few building designs. Instead, we offer you a wide range of Standard Metal Buildings, Commercial Metal Buildings, and more.

Post-Installation Assistance: Our friendly metal building experts are also available to assist you post-installation. We have professional building experts who can help you with any doubts/issues related to a steel building.

Lowest Price Guaranteed: When compared with offline metal building dealers, you will always find our triple-wide building prices highly competitive. Still, our building quality is the utmost that entertains all customers’ satisfaction.

Shortest Lead Time: Quick delivery & installation is our goal. Hence, Viking Steel Structures offers you the broadest catalog of triple-wide metal carports at the shortest lead time. In short, we have the least time between dreaming a building and our installation at your property.

Still, having doubts?

Don't worry! Our metal building experts are always available to help you with the best possible solutions to all your metal building-related queries. Give us a call at 877-801-3263 and let us handle your metal building project.

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