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Transform your space with strength and style! Discover the endless possibilities of our 100x100 metal buildings – the ultimate in strength, flexibility, and affordability that stands the test of time.

Available Color Options

  • Barn Red
  • Clay
  • E.Brown
  • E.Green
  • S.Blue
  • P.Beige
  • P.Gray
  • Q.Gray
  • Sandstone
  • King Blue
  • True Burgundy
  • Vintage Burgundy
  • White
  • Cardinal_Red
  • Black

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    A 100×100 steel building is a pre-engineered metal structure that offers a spacious and versatile solution for various needs. The weather-resistant nature of steel makes it an ideal choice, ensuring durability and protection for your valuable assets. With 10,000 square feet of unobstructed/clear-span space, these buildings can be used for everything from warehouses and workshops to agricultural buildings and even airplane hangars. The possibilities are vast, showcasing the adaptability of a steel building of this 100×100 square feet size to meet different needs.

    From vision to reality, we guide you at Viking Steel Structures every step of the way. Choose from our extensive collection of custom steel buildings, including the unique 100×100 steel structure, and maximize your space with endless possibilities.

    Features of 100 By 100 Metal Building

    A 100×100 metal building offers a massive 10,000 square feet of unobstructed space, making it a popular choice for various commercial, industrial, and agricultural needs. Its impressive size and adaptability are just a few of its standout features. Let’s delve into what makes this metal 100 x 100 building so remarkable:

    Column-Free Interior: The defining characteristic of a 100×100 metal building is its vast, open interior, free from obstructive columns. This creates a clean slate for you to customize the space to your exact needs, whether it’s a warehouse, workshop, agricultural facility, sports complex, or even a retail store.

    Endless Possibilities: The design possibilities for a 100 by 100 metal building are extensive. Clear-span interiors without the need for columns or support walls offer unobstructed space utilization. You can set up multiple workstations, install heavy machinery such as automotive repair shops, indoor sports facilities, large-scale manufacturing plants, or even partition the space for different uses.

    Durability: Metal buildings are widely acclaimed for their exceptional durability, which is attributed to their construction using high-grade steel. This robust material endows these structures with resistance against harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and potential pest infestations. The result is a low-maintenance architectural solution with an impressive lifespan that often surpasses 50 years. In our commitment to providing superior options, we offer top-quality commercial metal buildings featuring 14-gauge and 12-gauge galvanized steel tubing. Our 100×100 steel building for sale is equipped with standard 29-gauge sheet panels, with the option to upgrade to more robust 26-gauge panels. Additionally, we back our offerings with warranties, including a limited 1-year workmanship warranty from the installation date and a 20-year limited rust-through warranty for 12-gauge and 14-gauge framing, ensuring our customers can trust in the longevity and quality of their investment.

    Prefabricated Advantage: Metal buildings revolutionize construction with prefabricated kits, slashing costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar structures. The streamlined assembly process, facilitated by pre-engineered components, ensures efficiency and rapid construction. Beyond economic advantages, Metal building insulation options like Double Bubble and Woven R-17 stabilize interior temperatures and prevent moisture infiltration. This enhances energy efficiency and contributes to a more eco-friendly structure, reflecting reduced utility bills and a sustainable architectural footprint.

    Customizable: The beauty of a 100 x 100 metal building is its adaptability. You can choose from various roof styles, wall heights, door configurations, and window placements to create a space that perfectly suits your functional and aesthetic preferences. You can further enhance your metal building with skylights for natural lighting, ventilation systems for air circulation, and mezzanines for additional usable space.

    As a leading metal building supplier, we understand the need for customizable solutions. While we offer a vast array of sizes, the 100×100 steel building stands out for its exceptional value and adaptability. This spacious and economical option perfectly accommodates diverse needs and usage requirements, making it a top choice for warehouses, workshops, agricultural facilities, and more.

    Available Roof Styles For 100 X 100 Metal Building


    For your 100 x 100 metal building, the roof isn’t just a finishing touch – it’s a warrior’s shield, standing guardian against the harshest elements, heavy snowfall, and high winds because the orientation of the paneling is ideal for guiding rain, snow, and other debris off the roof of the building. And when it comes to choosing the right shield, vertical roof styles.

    The vertical roof-style metal building for a 100 x 100 metal building is a top-tier choice, emphasizing strength and practicality. This roofing design features vertically oriented panels that add a sleek aesthetic and significantly enhance the building’s durability. This is particularly crucial for larger structures like a 100 x 100 metal building, where proper runoff is essential to prevent potential issues associated with pooling.

    A metal building 100×100 is best suited with a vertical roof. Not only does it add a contemporary aesthetic, but it also provides structural integrity and efficient drainage. Your roof is more than just a cover; it’s the defender of your building, a symbol of its resilience, and a crown jewel of modern grace. Choose a vertical roof for a combination of form and function that you won’t regret.

    Certification Standards For Our 100’x100′ Metal Buildings

    Metal buildings are a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications because they are durable, affordable, and easy to erect. However, it is important to ensure that your metal building is certified to meet the wind and snow load requirements for your area. At Viking Steel Structures, we take pride in delivering top-quality commercial metal buildings that stick to rigorous certification standards, ensuring the safety and durability of our structures. Our 100’x100′ metal buildings come with certifications that guarantee performance in various weather conditions.

    Our commercial metal buildings with a standard 14 gauge steel frame are certified to withstand extreme conditions. They are designed to handle a wind speed of up to 170 MPH and a snow load of 35 PSF. This certification ensures that your metal building is built to withstand the challenges posed by high winds and heavy snowfall.

    For those seeking even higher durability, we offer buildings with a 12 gauge steel frame; specifically, for 100×100 steel buildings, we only recommend 12 gauge metal buildings. These structures are certified for a wind speed of 105 MPH and an impressive snow load of 65 PSF. This enhanced certification is available in all states where our services are offered, providing peace of mind in areas prone to more severe weather conditions.

    Our metal buildings cater to diverse needs, ranging from 32′-40′ wide to 100′-120′ wide. Regardless of the size you choose, our structures are equipped with 170 MPH wind certifications and up to 35 PSF snow load certifications. This ensures that our buildings maintain their structural integrity across various dimensions, accommodating your specific requirements. For precise certification details based on your custom requirements and area code ratings, contact us at +1(877)-801-3263. Our dedicated team will assist you in understanding the certification specifications that align with your needs and location. We believe in tailoring our solutions to your unique demands, ensuring that you receive the most suitable and resilient metal building for your commercial endeavors.

    Customize Your Commercial Steel Buildings with our 3D Metal Building Estimator!


    Imagine a large canvas, not for paint, but for your dream commercial space. The 3D Metal Building Estimator lets you do just that! Craft your commercial steel buildings from towering heights to bold colors.

    Forget cookie-cutter. This tool is your architect, designer, and budgeter rolled into one. Choose every inch: roof pitch, door placement, window fancy. See your vision in real-time 3D Estimator and get an instant price estimate.

    No more guesswork, no more surprises. This Estimator empowers you to design the perfect workshop, warehouse, showroom, or whatever your business craves. So, stop dreaming in flat sketches – build your 100-foot steel building today. Our metal building specialist is always available at +1(877)-801-3263, where you can also get quick assistance for all metal building requirements & custom options.

    There are many more options you can customize in your building’s a few of them are the following

    • InsulationInsulation
    • Panel_OrientationPanel Orientation
    • SkylightsSkylights
    • Frame_outs_or_Garage_DoorsFrame-outs or Garage Doors
    • Walk_in_DoorsWalk-in Doors
    • Solar_PanelsSolar Panels
    • WindowsWindows
    • WainscotWainscot
    • Lean-tosLean-tos
    • DIY_KitsDIY Kits

    100×100 Steel Buildings Uses

    100×100 steel buildings offer a vast array of potential uses thanks to their spacious interiors, customizable options, and durable construction. Here are some of the most common applications:

    Commercial and Industrial:

    • Warehouses: The ample square footage (10,000 sq ft) makes them ideal for storing inventory, equipment, and materials.
    • Manufacturing facilities: With open floor plans and the ability to accommodate heavy machinery, they’re perfect for production lines and assembly operations.
    • Office buildings: Open layouts can be divided into sections for various departments, and additional floors can be added for extra space.
    • Gyms and fitness centers: The vast space allows for diverse workout areas, equipment storage, and even swimming pools or indoor sports courts.
    • Aircraft hangars: Large doors and high ceilings accommodate airplanes, while additional space can be used for maintenance and workshops.


    • Barns and storage: Equipment, hay, livestock, and grain can be safely stored in a weatherproof and spacious environment.
    • Riding arenas: Horses and other animals have ample room to exercise and training, and additional features like stables and viewing areas can be incorporated.
    • Greenhouses and hydroponic farms: Controlled environments can be created for year-round crop production.


    • Workshops and studios: Artists, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs can dedicate ample space for their creative pursuits.
    • Garages: Multiple vehicles, boats, and recreational equipment can be easily accommodated.
    • Barndominiums: Combining living space with agricultural functionality creates unique and spacious homes.

    Other uses:

    • Community centers: Large gatherings, events, and activities can be hosted in these versatile spaces.
    • Schools and educational facilities: Classrooms, libraries, and sports facilities can be housed under one roof.
    • Medical facilities: Clinics, hospitals, and research labs can benefit from the flexibility and adaptability of these structures.

    These are just a few examples, and the possibilities are truly endless. The modular design and customizability of 100×100 steel buildings allow them to be adapted to virtually any need or purpose. Viking Steel Structures offers all types of steel buildings in different sizes, whether you need metal industrial buildings, metal warehouses, metal retail buildings, farm buildings, or even standard-size buildings like metal garages, RV covers, metal carports, or more.

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    100×100 Steel Building Prices: Get A Quote Instantly!

    Looking for the best price on a 100×100 steel building? Viking Steel Structures can help! We offer real-time pricing updates on all our metal buildings, with a wide range of customizations available to fit your specific needs and budget.

    We offer custom metal buildings in widths ranging from 32 feet to 100 feet, all at competitive rates. Due to the extensive customization possibilities, we do not provide pre-priced options. However, we guarantee exceptional value for your project. If you’re interested in the cost of a 100×100 metal building or any other size, contact us at +1(877)-801-3263 and get a real-time quote in minutes! Simply provide us with your desired specifications, and we’ll give you an accurate estimate.

    To help you estimate your project cost, we’ve included a table below showcasing the price range for popular pre-fabricated commercial metal buildings.

    32′-40′ Wide 42′-50′ Wide 52′-60′ Wide
    32X20 $5,695 42X20 $7,595 52X20 $9,995
    32X24 $6,695 42X24 $8,645 52X24 $11,095
    32X28 $7,695 42X28 $9,695 52X28 $12,195
    32X32 $8,695 42X32 $10,745 52X32 $13,295
    32X36 $7,395 42X36 $11,795 52X36 $14,395
    32X40 $9,695 42X40 $12,845 52X40 $15,495
    32X44 $11,695 42X44 $13,895 52X44 $16,595
    32X48 $12,695 42X48 $14,945 52X48 $17,695
    32X52 $13,695 42X52 $15,995 52X52 $18,795
    34X20 $5,995 44X20 $7,995 54X20 $10,695
    34X24 $7,045 44X24 $9,045 54X24 $11,795
    34X28 $8,095 44X28 $10,095 54X28 $12,895
    34X32 $9,145 44X32 $11,145 54X32 $13,995
    34X36 $10,195 44X36 $12,195 54X36 $15,095
    34X40 $11,245 44X40 $13,245 54X40 $16,195
    34X44 $12,295 44X44 $14,295 54X44 $17,295
    34X48 $13,345 44X48 $15,345 54X48 $18,395
    34X52 $14,395 44X52 $16,395 54X52 $19,495
    36X20 $6,395 46X20 $8,495 56X20 $11,295
    36X24 $7,445 46X24 $9,545 56X24 $12,395
    36X28 $8,495 46X28 $10,595 56X28 $13,495
    36X32 $9,545 46X32 $11,645 56X32 $14,595
    36X36 $10,595 46X36 $12,695 56X36 $15,695
    36X40 $11,645 46X40 $13,745 56X40 $16,795
    36X44 $12,695 46X44 $14,795 56X44 $17,895
    36X48 $13,745 46X48 $15,845 56X48 $18,995
    36X52 $14,795 46X52 $16,895 56X52 $20,095
    38X20 $6,795 48X20 $8,995 58X20 $11,895
    38X24 $7,845 48X24 $10,095 58X24 $12,995
    38X28 $8,895 48X28 $11,195 58X28 $14,095
    38X32 $9,945 48X32 $12,295 58X32 $15,195
    38X36 $10,995 48X36 $13,395 58X36 $16,295
    38X40 $12,045 48X40 $14,495 58X40 $17,395
    38X44 $13,095 48X44 $15,595 58X44 $18,495
    38X48 $14,145 48X48 $16,695 58X48 $19,595
    38X52 $15,195 48X52 $17,795 58X52 $20,695
    40X20 $7,295 50X20 $9,595 60X20 $12,495
    40X24 $8,345 50X24 $10,695 60X24 $13,595
    40X28 $9,395 50X28 $11,795 60X28 $14,695
    40X32 $10,445 50X32 $12,895 60X32 $15,795
    40X36 $11,495 50X36 $13,995 60X36 $16,895
    40X40 $12,545 50X40 $15,095 60X40 $17,995
    40X44 $13,595 50X44 $16,195 60X44 $19,095
    40X48 $14,645 50X48 $17,295 60X48 $20,195
    40X52 $15,695 50X52 $18,395 60X52 $21,295

    *Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

    Other Popular Options To Buy Metal Building Size 100’x100′

    When it comes to acquiring a 100×100 metal building, we understand that flexibility is key. That’s why we offer two popular options to meet your needs:

    Metal Building Financing

    Viking Steel Structures provides a range of financing options with the lowest interest rates, offering numerous benefits with our varied metal building financing solutions.

    • Flexible Payment Terms (24-72 Months)
    • Tie-ups with Leading Finance Vendors
    • Financing Available Up To $50k Building Price
    • Payoff Anytime
    • Quick & Easy Financing Process
    • Complete Transparency

    Apply for Financing

    Rent-to-Own Steel Building

    Benefit from our rent-to-own program for our steel buildings for sale without financial concerns. With our flexible RTO option, you can pay off at any time to own the building, freeing you from financing worries.

    • No Credit Checks
    • Flexible Payment Options
    • Affordable Monthly Payments
    • Payoff Anytime
    • Instant Approval
    • Ownership in 36 Months or Less

    Apply for RTO

    For any doubts regarding RTO, reach our building specialists at +1(877)-801-3263.

    Benefits of a 100×100 Commercial Steel Building From Viking Steel Structures

    Spaciousness and Versatility

    • Clear-Span Interior: This massive space allows for flexibility in use, accommodating everything from large machinery and equipment to expansive warehouses, workshops, and even offices.
    • Customization options: We offer a wide range of customization options, including door placements, roof styles, insulation, and interior layouts, tailoring the building to your specific needs.

    Durability and Low Maintenance

    • Steel construction: Weather-resistant and strong steel buildings withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy snowfall, high winds, and even seismic activity.
    • Low maintenance: Unlike wood or concrete, steel requires minimal upkeep. No need to worry about painting, rotting, or termite infestations.
    • 20-year warranty: We provide a 20-year warranty on their steel buildings, giving you peace of mind about their longevity.


    • Competitive pricing: We offer competitive prices on steel buildings, making them a cost-effective option compared to traditional construction methods.
    • Faster construction: Pre-engineered steel components allow for quicker assembly, saving you time and money.
    • Energy efficiency: Optional insulation can improve energy efficiency, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

    Additional Benefits

    • Fire resistance: Steel is naturally fire-resistant, providing an extra layer of safety for your property and belongings.
    • Environmentally friendly: Steel is a recyclable material, making it a sustainable choice for your building project.
    • Reputed Metal Building Dealer: Viking Steel Structures has a reputation for quality and customer service, giving you confidence in your investment.

    Specific to Viking Steel Structures

    • One-stop shop: We offer a variety of additional products like doors, windows, and insulation, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your building needs.
    • Financing options: Viking offers financing options to help make your project more affordable.
    • Experienced team: Our team of experts can help you design and build the perfect steel building for your business.

    Why Buy 100’x100′ Metal Building From Us?

    When considering a metal building of substantial size, such as a 100’x100 ′ structure, Viking Steel Structures stands out as a reliable choice. Renowned for their commitment to quality, durability, and customization options, We offer a diverse range of buildings designed to meet various needs. With a focus on customer satisfaction and a reputation for delivering top-notch products, choosing a 100’x100 ′ steel building from We ensures a sturdy and versatile solution for commercial, industrial, or personal use.

    If you’re ready to start, call us at +1(877)-801-3263 to speak with one of our steel building specialists, or start designing your dream building with our 3D estimator tool.

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