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Cold-formed Steel Structures

New techniques and advancements in the metal building industry have made building installation quicker and more secure. Cold-formed buildings are lightweight, robust, and durable, making them the utmost preference for a wide range of metal building applications. They are commonly delivered with Do-it-Yourself Steel Building Kits that make the installation process easy. For your assistance, a hard copy of the instruction manual is also provided, along with video references. These buildings can confront adverse weather conditions and last long.

What Is Cold-formed Steel

Cold-formed steel doesn’t have any welding; instead, entire components are made using cold procedures like squeezing, trimming, twisting, etc. A complete steel structure is erected using the ‘C’ shape steel bars, which are settled on the bay using various other construction components, including knee braces, apex braces, cross bracing, and more. Cold-Formed Steel Buildings can confront fire, storm, flood, and other weather issues.

Cold-formed steel (CFS) is more preferred over hot-rolled steel. Hot-rolled steel is manufactured at high temperatures, which results in steel welding joints. Contrary to hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel is made in common forms like steel plates, strips, and columns, without any welding requirements.

Steel framing is available in varying thicknesses to meet your steel building requirements. Thus, the quality of the steel will remain consistent for decades without getting damaged from moisture, timber, rust, or fire. These buildings are also built with high standards, making them seismic-proof and capable of withstanding high winds. Every CFS component has at least 25% of recycled steel which adds another advantage to green buildings.

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Cold-formed Steel Building Kits

At Viking Steel Structures, you will find many cold-formed Steel Building Kits as per your needs. We provide 100% American-manufactured steel structures that deliver a robust and long-lasting cold-formed steel frame to your doorstep. Viking has a dealership of top manufacturers in the United States, so you can stay assured of the best and highly competitive price for your cold-formed steel building.

Once you place an order, it takes a maximum of two weeks to ship your building to the delivery location. Once the delivery is done, it takes no time for metal structure assembly. With our complete Steel Building Kits, you will get the tools and hardware to screw every single bolt and erect your building through DIY. Above all, our building components are manufactured by American companies and workers.

Cold Formed Steel Framing Cost

Cold-Formed Steel Structures come in different sizes, which you can choose accordingly. Viking Steel Structures bestow you the option to select the required width, length, and height of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing. The final cost will depend upon your requirements. We at Viking never charge you for making customizations; instead, you will only be charged for the building you want to install at your property.

Viking Steel Structures have a variety of options, including American Barn, Gambrel, Gable, SIngle Slope, and more to choose. Moreover, you can also add features like mezzanine floors, overhangs, and variable bays at the time of installation.

Cold-Formed Steel Framing Cost completely varies according to your order. To get a quote for your cold-formed steel structure, you can give us a call at +1 (877) 801-3263.

Advantages Of Metal Building Kits

Cold Form Steel structures enable tremendous benefits over other building materials available. It is today the best building construction material, which is recommended across the globe; because of its low installation cost and high durability. Moreover, there are many other advantages of using Cost-formed metal building kits at your property.


No Welding Joints

Similar to hot-rolled steel, the CFS doesn’t have any joints that protect the building from shrink & splitting problems during the change in weather. Instead of welding joints, the different types of braces are used to bind the steel columns together and add strength to your building.


Lightweight and Economical

Cold-formed steel is lightweight that decreases the overall transportation cost of your building. Also, the easy transportation of this building makes it economical in terms of time and cost.


Easy DIY Installation Process

Entire Cold-formed Metal Building Kits are manufactured offsite, saving your efforts for the building installation. The entire Steel Building Kits are pre-built that doesn’t require onsite efforts; even the frames are delivered pre-punched. Further, these buildings come with Installation manuals that you can easily read and erect your metal building. However, if needed, you can easily hire a professional metal building specialist to install your building hassle-free.


No Heavy Installation Tools Required

For complete building installation, you don’t require professional tools. Instead, you only need some standard metal building tools. Commonly required tools are a hand seamer, torch screw gun, a chop saw, clamps, magnetic level, etc., which will help you install the metal building correctly. With these available tools, you can complete the installation process completely.


Quick Building Installation

The installation process of Cold-formed steel structures is quick as it comes with pre-fabricated components and is pre-punched. At onsite, there is no trouble of cutting or drilling, resulting in zero wastage onsite. These steel structures are pre-engineered offsite that only require DIY assembly at your property.


Minimal Labor Cost Onsite

Along with the quick installation process, cold-formed metal framing also has lower labor costs. The CFS is all pre-built offsite, reducing the workforce requirement at the job site, without compromising the quality of your steel building. All the Cold-Formed Steel Building Kits are made with the exact measurement that doesn’t demand to trim, cutting, etc. on site.


High Strength & Stiffness

The high strength and stiffness in a metal building mean better stability and durability of the building. Cold-formed steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio that provides high strength and stiffness.


Stable with Changing Weather

Cold-formed steel (CFS) doesn’t have any welding that may get damaged with the changing weather. The braces used in this building construction make it more stable in any weather condition. Alongside this, the steel is also secured from moisture that boosts its lifespan to decades.

Steel Building Kits We Offer


Agricultural Steel Building Kits

Viking Steel Structures is capable of serving all your needs associated with agricultural steel building kits. These steel buildings can accommodate large farming equipment and other wide applications.


Aircraft Hangar Building Packages

Even a small airplane deserved top-quality protection in terms of metal buildings. The aircraft hangar building kits will serve your needs and safeguard your aircraft.

Auto Shop Building Kits

For automobile entrepreneurs, auto shop building kits is a reliable option to save labor expenses and expand their business reach.

Barndominiums Kits

Nowadays, people are more inclined towards the Barndominiums kits, which is a metal barn transformed into a living space. You can install your Barndominiums and make your building style.


Steel Barns Kits

Metal Barns have versatile use, depending upon your business/personal needs. You can order the metal barn kits as per your requirement and get it installed without external support.


Metal Brewery Building Kits

If you are planning to set up your Brewery business, the Metal Brewery Building Kits will help you with low investment and save labor costs. You can make customizations as per your need and order this cold-formed steel structure with DIY Steel Building Kits.


Metal Car Wash Building Kits

To maximize a small car wash space, you need to enhance your business. Metal Car Wash Building Kits are the best option to expand your car wash facility and grow your profit count.


Metal Carports Kits

To protect your motor vehicles from unexpected weather damages, you require metal carport kits that not only give shelter to your vehicles but also confront adverse weather elements.


Metal Church Building Kits

For the congregation, people always find the Churches peaceful place. A Metal Church building is the best option without any supporting columns. It will offer you a peaceful place to connect with the almighty lord.


Commercial Steel Building Kits

You need a commercial steel building to handle multiple businesses or expand space for your existing business. The Commercial metal building entertains all your requirements and lets you better use the commercial building space for your business growth.


Metal Fitness Center Building Kits

With the Metal Fitness Center Building Kits, you can make endless customizations and order the entire building in cold-formed steel framing. These are DIY Metal Building Kits that don’t require additional manpower for installation.


Metal Garage Kits

A quality metal garage enhance the value of your assets alongside adding value to your property. You can easily order the Metal Garage Kits that can serve all your garage needs within the least possible investment.


Horse Barn Kits

We understand the crucial need of best quality horse barns. Horse owners can order horse barn kits according to their needs and application.


Metal Home Kits

Viking provides you a wide range of meta house kits that comes with easy DIY Steel Building Kits and the installation manual. You can make your home stylish and appealing with added facilities.


Industrial Metal Building Kits

For ample inventory storage and vast business expansion, you need an industrial metal building that can fulfill all your needs. These steel buildings come in Prefab structures that are easy to install at the job site.


Metal Recreational Building Kits

Recreational metal building kits can be used for various applications, including swimming pool, fitness center, basketball courts, or any event center. The recreational building provides clear space for use; without any internal supporting columns.


Metal RV Garage Kits

To park your Recreational Vehicle or a Motorhome, you need an RV Garage that can serve all your essential needs. The RV Garage Kits aid you with all the parking as well as maintenance requirements that you need for your RV/Motorhome.


Metal Storage Building Kits

Metal Storage buildings are a reliable option to store your essentials and protect them from theft, heavy rain, snowfall, high winds, and various other harsh weather elements. The DIY Metal Building Kits allows you to make customizations as per the needs.


Steel Warehouse Building Kits

The Metal Warehouse Building Kits can be used as a warehouse to store your inventory, manage your orders without worrying about the building size. It comes with a clear span area offering ample space to use it for your purpose.


Metal Workshop Building Kits

A metal workshop building comes with endless customizations and DIY Steel Building Kits that offer quick and easy installation at your land.

Order Your Diy Steel Building Kit Today

What are you waiting for? Cold-Formed Steel Buildings comes with DO IT YOURSELF KITS that offers seamless installation at your property.



DIY metal building faq’s

We offer an extensive range to customize the functionality and personalize the look of your building. From doors, windows, skylights, wall-lights, insulation, color schemes, wainscoating and even vents, the possibilities are endless.
No welding required for erecting your steel building kits. The entire manufacturing of DIY kits building is based on bolt/screw construction. Hence, it offers seamless installation at your property and no welding is required.
We do offer financing options for your metal building project. We are associated with some most popular financing providers in the USA. You can connect with us at 877-801-3263 for more details about steel building financing.

Certification is a must for new metal structures in certain states of the USA. We install metal buildings to meet the criteria for certification which is essential for designing, specifying, building, or approving metal building systems. Please speak with our metal building representatives to learn more about certifications at your location.

You will get a bill of all steel building components that arrives with the order. After arriving you must check everything off the list (one by one) as you offload until you have accounted for all parts.

Our DIY steel building kits come with a comprehensive installation manual, along with access to informative instructional videos to provide full assistance for erecting a building.

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