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A metal loafing shed is simply a type of metal structure that is built to protect your livestock in extreme weather and help keep feed fresh. An affordable and high quality loafing metal shed is a must-have for a small farm with horses. Loafing sheds provide a warm, dry shelter through the fall and winter and a cool shaded retreat during spring and summer months.
Our high-quality loafing shed provides premium shelter protection for your livestock by combining the desired strength and durability of steel with the added resistance to fire, termites, weathering, and rot.
Loafing sheds for your animals is a reliable metal building option as they are easy to install and offer a simple roofline with low investment. These sheds can be easily expanded (whenever required) and are cheaper than other loafing shed alternatives in the industry.
Ordering a prefab loafing shed gives you the liberty in terms of money and time-saving. A prefabricated loafing shed is quick to install without demanding extra installation efforts.
To make the steel loafing shed serve your purpose, you can make ‘n’ number of customization's using our 3D Building Estimator and order the final metal loafing shed quickly.
Every horse-owner or other farmers commonly prefer buying a loafing shed with tack room, offering extra space for storage of farming equipment, livestock, or hay-stack for months to come. This storage/track room doesn’t affect the open area to safeguard your animals.

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What Is A Loafing Shed?

A loafing shed is a dedicated shelter designed to protect your animals from adverse weather conditions. It is also referred to as a ‘metal run-in shed,’ which includes three sides, built inside a dressage training area.


Do you love to build things yourself?

Our Loafing Shed DIY Kits offer endless customizations. You can also consult with our metal building experts at 877-959-9683  for more details. A loafing shed kit comes with pre-engineered cold-form steel components that need to be assembled on-site without hiring a professional installation team.

There are different loafing shed plans that you can choose to make the way you want and install it at your property; by yourself. These metal loafing shed kits don’t include any hot join method, making it durable and reliable for decades to come and serve your versatile purposes. The simplest construction of a single slope loafing shed makes it the most feasible metal building option to choose to keep your horses, goats, or other cattle without worrying about winter as well as weather problems.


A horse loafing shed is most popular among the horse-owners as it provides ample space to shelter their horses along with the tack room to store the horse essentials like a saddle, livestock, or other grooming accessories.

Selecting high-quality portable horse shelters from Viking Steel Structures, making it a good investment for decades.

For DIY lovers, there are horse loafing shed kits that you can order and install at your land. No professional team is required to assemble the Horse Shelter Kits and transform them into a working metal shed.


Many people misunderstand the term ‘loafing barn’. Primarily, the loafing barns are also called run-in sheds that provide sufficient space to shelter your cattle as well as livestock storage. It is the conventional use of a loafing barn; however, you can use it for various other purposes, depending upon your requirements.

Before ordering, people initially look for the loafing barn plans to ensure it fits their expectations and is easily installed on the property.  So, if you are searching for loafing barn plans, Viking Steel Structures is the right place to get it manufactured as per your needs and install it at your property.


People commonly search for the 12×24 loafing shed cost, as 12×24 is the lowest shed that you can order from Viking Steel Structures. The loafing shed cost entirely depends upon the dimensions and customizations you order.

For ‘n’ number of customizations, you will find loafing shed prices as compared to standard loafing shed. Hence, if you are not sure about your budget and looking to get a quick quote based on your needs, call our metal building specialists at 877-959-9683 and get an instant quote about your dream loafing sheds


Are you searching for ‘Loafing Sheds for Sale Near Me’ or ‘Loafing Sheds Near Me?

Viking Steel Structures is a one-stop destination for a wide range of horse loafing sheds. You can directly call our building experts 877-959-9683 and share your building requirements. The price of a loafing shed depends upon your needs and customization.

Loafing Shed for Sale is now available at your doorstep, based on your requirements and budget. To order a loafing metal shed, you are no longer required to pay the full amount upfront. Instead, you can select from our Rent To Own Program or our metal building financing options to pay a small deposit initially and pay the rest afterward.

With our RTO program, you will get instant loan approval with zero credit checks. Furthermore, we also have diverse financing options with the lowest interest rate and easy payment methods.

Viking not only provides pre-engineered single slope sheds. Instead, it also offers loafing shed kits for sale. So, you can choose and order any metal shed that suits your requirements.

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