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Top Selling Clear Span Garages

50x100 Clear Span Metal Building
Starting at $52,960
50x52x14 Metal Garage Workshop
Starting at $40,910
40x72x10 Two Tone Clear Span Metal Building
Starting at $36,700
40x60x12 Clear Span Metal Building
Starting at $29,495
40x40x12 Vertical Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $25,800
40x60x12 Vertical Enclosed Workshop
Starting at $33,825
50x90x10 All Vertical Clear Span Metal Building
Starting at $42,400
50x48x14 Two Tone Commercial Building
Starting at $36,235
Starting at $33,690.00
Starting at $33,357

The term Clear Span refers to the area in a building that has no support beams, offering ease of access to the overall structure. When building a Clear Span Structure with metal, it is built with the additional support of welded truss, base rails, anchors, steel legs, hat channels, and roof bows to give the required strength and allow free access to the Garage or any metal building you buy.

What are Clear Span Garages?

Clear Span Garages are certified steel buildings that offer wide-open interior space for your Cars, Trucks, ATV, & RVs to be parked without any supporting columns/posts. Clear Span Metal Garages built with prefabricated & pre-engineered metal can easily be constructed with paneling the roof, side walls, and end walls of the building into a vertical or horizontal position to give it maximum strength. The certification offered by Viking Steel Structures on Clear Span Garages for Wind speed and Snow load allows the Clear Span Metal Building to withstand harsh weather elements depending on the area you live in.

Uses & Applications of Clear Span Garages

You can use a Clear Span Garage as you need; it is versatile enough to be used for storing your heavy machinery or equipment, parking large vehicles, run a manufacturing unit or make a small house out of it. With a wide range of customizations available, Viking Steel Structures fulfills your purpose of buying a clear span garage and bring it to use, check our vast collection of metal buildings and order your favorite structure.

A Clear Span Garage can not only be used to park your vehicles, but it can also be used to

  • Sheltering your Aircraft Hanger
  • Make it a Church building
  • Run a restaurant
  • A complete Auto repair shop
  • Office Building
  • Fitness Center or Indoor Sports Facility
  • Community Center
  • Warehouse or Inventory Stock Unit
  • Industrial Steel Building
  • Workshop
  • Wedding Destination or more.

Whatever the purpose be, clear span garage bought from Viking Steel Structures allows you to use your building with the fullest utilization. We sell American made, high-quality metal buildings built by top manufacturers of the country. So, you don’t have to worry about the life span of your Clear Span Garage. Furthermore, you also get 20 years of warranty on your structure with standard maintenance and a 1-year workmanship warranty.

Clear Span Garages Prices

Price of a Clear Span Garage Structure depends on what size of building you order, the style of your building, gauge of the frame, doors/window, the gauge of sheet metal and building permit certification your county require along with your state (location) being the biggest pricing factor above all.

A basic clear span structure size can start from 12’x21’ Clear Span in wide and range up to 60’x100’ wide building, the price of basic structure which is certified for 140mph/30 psf can range from $1,095 to $21,295+ and so on. It varies on the add-on your Clear Span Garage has. If you have a size in mind, call us at 877-801-3263, and our building specialists will provide you the correct building permits and price for your location. Don’t forget to ask about our quick Finance and Rent-to-own options available to make your payment plan flexible.

Ordering Clear Span Metal Garage

It’s easy; all you need to do is to call our metal building specialist at 877-801-3263. They will ask you the purpose of you buying a Clear Span metal building and will suggest the suitable size and type, which doesn’t hurt your pocket. Or if you like any of our existing structures and want to customize it, just fill the “Get Your Price” form, and we will get in touch!
Before ordering a Clear Span Metal Garage, you should make a checklist of the following –

  • Quality – This is the first thing you will check while looking for a Clear Span Structure, but make sure your building is made with American steel, which is galvanized and has a good warranty.
  • Size of your building – Even if you don’t know the exact dimensions, you can still have an idea depending upon your building use.
  • Roof Style– Regular, Boxed Eave, and Vertical are three basic styles we offer. Selecting a roof style is essential as it decides the ultimate look of your building.
  • Color – We offer up to 15 color options, which can make your building look good.
  • Extra Anchors – Though all-metal building comes with a pair of pre-decided anchors, you can still buy them to give your Clear Span Metal Garage the additional strength.
  • Extra Truss – Since the truss design of your building depends on its width, but while purchasing a bigger unit, you can select the truss or ask for extra by paying a small amount.
  • Insulation – Please mention to our specialist if you are buying a building for special use and wants no heat to affect the inside of full building or roof only.
  • Free Delivery & Installation – When you buy a clear span structure with Viking Steel Structures, you get free delivery and installation depending on the size of your building.

In case you are new and having a hard time understanding the technical details of a steel building, check our building visualizer and know the tiny details.

Ultimate Benefits of a Pre-engineered Clear Span Garage

With our clear span metal garage, you can get some great benefits, as explained below:

  • Column Free Construction – Give free and easy access to interior space
  • Requires Low Maintenance – Easier to clean and don’t have color fading issues.
  • Durable and Sturdy – Clear Span Garage made with strong steel that can withstand high winds, snow, and heavy rains. Since the steel is galvanized, it doesn’t rot or rust till decades.
  • Customizable – You can add Garage doors, Walk-in doors, windows, J-Trim, additional anchors, and truss to make your structure stronger, add lean-to, or a porch with your building.
  • Fire Resistant – since these buildings are made with galvanized metal, it makes them fire-resistant.
  • Versatile – These buildings can be used as an additional unit of your home, garage, backyard unit, or more.

Learn How to Build a Clear Span Metal Garage Online

Design your own Clear Span Garage with our 3D Estimator, which gives you the freedom to create your design based on the requirement and buy it from us! All you need to do is – Go to the 3D estimator tool and follow the below steps –

  • Enter your zip code where you want to install the building and click on start.
  • Select the Style you want for your building, which can be a Carport, Garage, Commercial, Utility, Horse Barn, Carolina Barn, or Seneca Barn, depending on your end-use.
  • Upon selection, choose the installation surface of the building, which will be the base when your steel structure will be installed.
  • Select your building’s roof style – Regular, Boxed Eave, or Vertical. Regular roof-style has a classic design with curved edges, whereas Boxed Eave and Vertical are A-frame with different paneling styles.
  • You can choose if you need center storage or an additional unit, which is a lean-to in your Clear Span Structure.
  • Next, you select the dimensions which include the Width, Length & height of your building.
  • Sides & Ends gives you an option to customize each sidewall and the end wall of your building. You can keep the walls close, open, gabled, or add a panel to it.
  • You can also select the Gauge – 12 & 14 for your building. The lower the gauge, the stronger your structure will be.
  • If you use your Clear Span building for a special purpose, you may want to select the insulation option, which can be done on a full building or just the roof.
  • As Add-on your can add Rollup Garage Doors, Walk-in doors, Window, or just add frame outs giving you an option to add the door of your design.
  • Now comes the fun part. Just like you choose the color of your house, we give you the option to select the color of your building, allowing it to match the aesthetics of your home.
  • Final, you Submit your Quote for our building specialist, who will reach out to you with an accurate price and process to pay.
    Remember, you don’t need to pay 100% payment while booking, all you need to pay is a small percentage of your final payment to book the order, and the final payment will be collected on the day of installation.

Still, have questions on purchasing a Clear Span Metal Garage? Call 877-801-3263, and our building experts will be happy to assist you.

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