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As a horse owner you are faced with having to make decisions for providing a proper living atmosphere for these animals. You will find that you have several choices ahead of you one which includes the possibility of having a metal barn constructed to meet the needs that horse ownership brings. There are a lot of things that you have to consider and it’s important before making your final decision to think carefully about all the purposes that your building structure for your horses is going to have to serve. You may also be thinking about having a wood barn constructed but when doing so you will want to compare this against a steel horse barn that you will soon learn has a lot more advantages to it.

Metal Barns Durability

Most that are into owning horses are in it for the long term and they want to have a structure to house these animals that is going to be one that will provide safe housing for them, and will last and keep its attractiveness. You will find that when looking closely at the metal horse barns that you are going to see that they are built for both durability and longevity.

One of the advantages of metal horse barns when compared to using wood for this type of structure is that you don’t have to deal with the warping and cracking that wood presents. When this happens over a period of time it leads to more significant issues such as leakage and rotting of wood. Not only does this affect the overall look of the structure but it compromises its integrity and most importantly the safety of the horses.

The investment in horses is a big one and preserving their health by providing a good living environment is paramount. Another problem that can occur with wood but is not one that has to be dealt want with the prefab horse barn is the infestation of insects that can create a lot of wood damage as well as being subjected to mould. Mould can be detrimental to the health of the horses.

Metal Horse Shelters and Equine Safety

Another distinct advantage of the metal barn for horses is that it creates a safe environment. Quite often wooden structures are constricted and it is important that there is plenty of height in this type of housing component for horses which the metal barn aptly allows for. Also, without having to worry about leakage and weakening with the metal horse barn like what can occur with wood it eliminates the worry about structural damage affecting the livestock.

Fire Safety with Metal Horse Barns

Another very high risk with the housing of horses is to keep it their living environment safe from fire. This is always been a major concern with wood structures especially if the barn is being used to house feed and other equipment. As the wood in the conventional barn ages is a can put it at higher risk for fire. With a metal structure such as that found in the metal horse barn this is a big worry that is lifted off the horse owner. In addition to this, it may be much easier to get good insurance coverage with a metal structure compared to one that is comprised of wood.

Metal Horse Barn Maintenance

Horses that are kept in the pasture create very little maintenance however during the inclement weather and the winter months they often need to be housed indoors. In order to do this it is most advantageous to the horse owner to have a structure such as the metal barn that creates minimal maintenance to it.

There is no concerns of having to paint or replace wood as there is with the traditional barn and not having to deal with the warping and cracking is another advantage to the metal sheds for horses. There isn’t the concern for shifting as a result of the supports being decayed.

Then also quite often wooden barns become weather worn very quickly and this can detract from the overall atmosphere of the property itself. Metal barns don’t require the same amount of repair and maintenance as other structures do and this is one of the major reasons that many are switching to this type of structure for their horse care needs.

Another very important factor about keeping horses is that they must be kept in a clean environment. This is important for their health and being able to clean both the interior and exterior of the metal horse barns simply by using proper cleaning solutions and pressure washers is a big advantage in that is not only a time saver but can be extremely important for keeping the barn in a healthy state.

Cost factors for Metal Horse Shelter

For those not familiar with the metal barns, the first thought may be is that wood structures would be a cheaper investment. It actually turns out to be the opposite in that wooden barns cost more to build compared to the prefab barn cost. Also the fact is that the metal barns retain their newness and fit in beautifully with the natural landscape so it can often increase the value of the overall property. This investment into this type of horse housing turns out to be a substantially long term investment that adds to the ambiance of the property.

Increases Business Viability

Many horse owners will keep a large stock of horses either that they own themselves or provide boarding services. Individual horse owners that are able to see a well-kept barn and one that has all the benefits that the metal barns for horses has  is that provides a much better attraction for bringing in boarders.


Another great advantage about making the choice to use metal barns for your horse care needs is that you have many more options when it comes to style and sizes. You may want to start off with a smaller sized barn but one that is going to fit in with your future plans. This means that if in the future you decide to grow your equestrian operation you can easily extend the size of the barn without having to completely replace it.

Additional Metal Horse Barn Uses

While you may be looking at a metal barn structure with the concept of providing a good living environment for your horses, you also want to keep in mind that it has additional uses such as the storing of a grain and hay as a well as your equipment. All of these require the same kind of protection that your livestock does particularly keeping it safe from water damage and mould. With the integrity and durability that the metal barn offers you can consider its use for these other areas without having to worry about having additional outbuildings for the storage of your feed and equipment.


Regular roof style metal barns are popular by the name of metal horse barns and are preferred as a roofing choice among our customers. These barns have curved edges and are most economical among the metal roof styles for your farm needs and other outdoor storage.

Steel Horse BarnThe cost of construction and materials is less due to the lack of posts, hat channels or eave side trims in these steel barns, as this style uses horizontal roofing sheets. When looking for a barn, you should always consider the height of the main building as well as Lean-to’s that needs to be added. On Buildings For Horses – the drop on the lean-to is 3’ and thus the lean-to leg height must always be 3’ shorter than the main building. You can customize your metal barn and select the center building or lean-to building to be open, fully enclosed, both sides closed and both ends gabled, etc. There are lot of customization options that we offer including 15 color options. The regular roof style barn beats all others due to its low costs and our building experts can guide you to select the roof that best fits your requirements.

Viking Steel Structures offers horse barns that are fully or partially closed, depending on the degree of coverage you need. It can also be customized in varied sizing based on your agricultural or farm requirements. The roof height can be adjusted with 1 foot increments, by legs up to 12 feet. Regular roof style is a great pick for geographical areas where there is little rain or snow, as the flat roof has poor drainage, which leads to accumulating water.

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