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The steel prices have increased so that all new orders will be taken on the revised prices. We'll update the prices on our website soon. For more details & the latest price updates, please call us at +1 (877) 801-3263. Lead times affected due to COVID-19, call us for details. Lap Sidings on Buildings now available. Call us to know more.



  • Flexible Payment Options (24-72 Months)
  • Same as Cash Available for 3, 6 & 12 Months Terms
  • Financing Available Up to 50K Building Price & Payoff Anytime

Metal Barns Financing Process

Financing may seem complicated, but with our steel barn financing option, you can have it in three easy steps. So, choose your favorite metal barn and follow the below steps to buy it with Financing.


Apply For Financing

When you are done with the metal barn selection and made all the necessary customization, you can apply for the Financing payment option. You may read the terms and conditions and check the availability of financing in your state before applying. Once you go through the payment terms, apply for steel barn financing by filling the form, and here you go. You'll need the following documentation for easy application and quick approval.

Credit Application, Copy of Driver's License, Proof of Income, Invoice of Building Wanting to Get Financed, Proof of Homeownership

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Get it Approved

We have the smoothest approval process for steel barn financing. However, you should have a good credit score and all the documents mentioned above to get your financing approval. You can get a loan of up to $50K. The interest rates will vary according to the different banks and your credit score.

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Receive the Funds

You can order your metal barn with a small upfront amount, and the rest can get Financed with our metal barn financing option. So, make your booking with a small deposit and loan the rest amount to get your metal barn.

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Including Clear & Transparent Terms & Conditions by The Bank.

We have the most flexible and transparent metal barn financing option. There is no hidden charge, and you can get the lowest interest rates from us. Below are the banks that are associated with us and finance your metal barn. We offer you the liberty to choose the repayment tenure from 24 months - 72 months.


U.S. Credit Financing

  • Approval within minutes
  • 9.99% – 23.99%
  • Customer does not have to be a Home/Land Owner
  • Get Approved for up to $25,000
  • 600+ credit Score
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Greensky Financing

  • Cheapest Finance Offered
  • Approval Within Minutes
  • 13.99 % APR
  • $2K – 55K
  • 720+ Credit Score
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Heartland R.T.O.

  • No Credit Required
  • No Penalty for Early Purchase
  • Customer may be Homeowner OR Renter*
  • 45 – 50% Rental Rates
  • No Credit Check (Renters require a Landlord Wavier)
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Best Selling Metal Barn With Financing Payment Option

30x40x12 All Weather Steel Garage
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30x40x12 All Weather Steel Garage

Starting at: $23,849

  • Metal Building Width
    Width 30'
  • Metal Building Length
    Length 40'
  • Metal Building Height
    Height 12'
30x55x9 All Vertical Steel Building Workshop
  • Metal Building Width
    Width 30'
  • Metal Building Length
    Length 55'
  • Metal Building Height
    Height 9'
30x60 Fully Enclosed Vertical Metal Garage
  • Metal Building Width
    Width 30'
  • Metal Building Length
    Length 60'
  • Metal Building Height
    Height 12'
24x35x10 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage
  • Metal Building Width
    Width 24'
  • Metal Building Length
    Length 35'
  • Metal Building Height
    Height 10'
50x36x14 All Vertical Metal Carport
  • Metal Building Width
    Width 50'
  • Metal Building Length
    Length 36'
  • Metal Building Height
    Height 14'

Buy Your Barn With Steel Barn Financing from Viking Steel Structures

Can't afford your metal barn price in one shot?

Don't worry! There is a way where you can get your barn with a small upfront amount and the rest you can pay in monthly installments. If you need a barn, it's inefficient to wait until you save enough funds to buy your barn. You will have to face many difficulties until you have enough funds.

Metal barn financing is the reliable way to get your steel barn and don't let financial constraints stop you from getting your shed. We offer the most flexible and easy payment option to assist you with financing your metal barn.

All you have to do is explore our product base and choose the barn that suits you best. Make the necessary customization in the metal barn you chose and finalize your structure. Now, you can apply for financing by filling the application form.

However, you must check whether a financing option is available in your state or not. Moreover, according to the bank standards, you should have a good credit score to get approval on your financing application.

When you choose to buy your barn with metal barn financing, you have to pay a small upfront amount, and the rest is payable through the financing. So, choose your barn and buy it with our financing payment option. When you choose us to buy your metal barn, you'll get the below features with our steel barn financing.

  • Flexible Payment Terms (24-72 Months)
  • Tie-ups with Leading Finance Vendors
  • Financing Available Up to $50K Building Price
  • Payoff Anytime
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Quick and Easy Financing Process
  • Available for All Types of Metal Buildings
  • Complete Transparency

We always understand our customers and provide the most seamless buying experience so that one can have their barn without any inconvenience. Our flexible metal barn financing payment option is one of the many efforts we make to comfort our customers and stimulate the best experience. Our metal barns are superior in quality and will serve you for decades.

So, don't wait and buy your steel barn today with our metal barn financing.

Alongside the easy payment, we offer a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty on our steel barns. So, order today to grab all these benefits.

If you need any help regarding metal barn financing, then you can reach us at 877-801-3263.

Financing Not Available in your State?

metal building finance faq's

No! We won't keep you waiting and process your financing application quickly. You'll get the approval or denial in the 3 to 48 hours.

RTO needs no credit check, and you get the approval after answering a few questions from our executive. However, you can get the RTO up to $15000 only.

On the other hand, metal barn financing does require a credit check before approval. And you only get the approval if you have a good credit score defined by the banks. You can get a loan of up to $50000 with a financing payment option.

Yes, you can select the bank for your metal barn financing. Call us to get further information.

  • You should be a homeowner, paying a mortgage, own a property
  • Your details on the application should match the information on your DL
  • Two years of residence and employment history
  • Financing availability in your state
  • Good credit score

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