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Two Car Metal Garage

All garages with width between 20ft to 24ft are commonly known as two car metal garage or 2 car metal garages, these garage have enough space to accommodate two cars at a time without any hassle. However there is no such thumb rule of width but standard carports above 24ft wide are termed as triple wide garages, which can easily accommodate three cars, where length of the garage plays a vital role in optimal utilization of space. For more details about two car metal garage dimensions and size please visit our article “How Wide is a 2 Car Garage?"

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Why Two Car Garage?

Two car garages are versatile and multipurpose, and their compact size makes them a perfect outdoor building that can be installed near to your house. Two car metal garages provide more flexibility, storage, and room at affordable 2 car garage cost, with almost no additional maintenance cost. While metal adds beauty to aesthetics, up to 15 color options, infinite dual color customization, and building add-ons make two car metal garages a perfect choice for homeowners. 2 car metal garage can easily blend with a variety of home styles, with three different types of roofs like classic Regular roof, A-frame roof or robust Vertical roof styles.

Moreover, these buildings are not just limited to personal or residential purposes but also for commercial, agricultural, and institutional purposes as well. By adding additional building units with a 2 car metal garage, you can easily transform it to a garage workshop, garage with storage building or even into a utility building with a lean-to.

2 Car Side Entry Metal Garage

Side entry two car metal garages can be a good example of how important a garage’s length is. In side entry garages, doors are installed towards the depth of the building and width is generally enclosed with walls. In this case, the standard dimension of two-car metal garage will be minimum width of 20ft. The maximum width will be 24ft. The minimum length will be 21 ft., and it can be as long as you need.

Get the Storage You Need with Two Car Garage

Customize your two car garage with Viking Steel Structures as per your needs select the width, length, and height of you building to park almost any vehicle you want in it. A bigger space will allow you to shelter your car equipment, cleaning kit, automobile tools, and general equipment under one roof; where enough enclosed space can also be used as workshop inventory storage unit, office, hobby store, farm, and garden outdoor building.

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