Modular Garage Prices

20x50 Combo Utility Building
Starting at $9,585
22Wx40Lx12H All Purpose Garage Workshop
Starting at $11,335
20x25x9 Fully Enclosed Vertical Garage
Starting at $8,085
20x25x8 Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $5,880 plus tax
Starting at $7,150
20x56x12 Utility Metal Garage
Starting at $10,350
18x36x10 Custom Utility Garage
Starting at $8,540
12x21x8 Enclosed Metal Storage
Starting at $3,330
18x26x10 Custom Metal Building
Starting at $10,505
16x26x11 Partially Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $3,165

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Modular Garages

Technology is growing day by day and the building & construction industry as well. Prefab modular garages are the result of technology and a new way of meeting your storage needs. With modular garages, you can have more usable space and utilize that space effectively by smart storage techniques. Modular garage prices start from $2,955. This is not a concrete price and changes with some factors. Modular garages are the pre-engineered buildings. Hence holds many advantages like portability, endurance, robustness, affordability, fire-resistivity, customizability, and many more.

You can use your modular garage as:

Factors That Impact Modular Garage Prices

Size of The Garage: It’s kind of obvious that the prices of the modular garage increase with the size of the structure, but when your building size exceeds a specific size, then the all over per square ft price falls. A big garage is a significant investment but worth investing because you can employ the garage for several tasks at once. Viking Steel Structures is providing the most affordable clear span metal buildings and garages.

Design of The Garage: The design of the garage can also influence your modular garage costs. The modular garage’s price elevates with the complexity of the building design. There are tons of trending garage designs available, and one can choose according to their functional expectations. You can get any design at economical prices from us.

To self-design, your building, use our building designing tool, 3D Estimator.

Building Codes & Regulations: Some states have some permit provision for buildings. These permits are for confirming your building’s standard against local winds/snow load ratings. You need to submit a permit fee to the authorities in order to get the certificate, and this amount reflects in your final modular garage prices. To check whether you need a permit or not, get in touch with your building dealer and local authorities.

Delivery and Installations: Sometimes, building dealers don’t provide installation services, and you have to manage the professional installer and concerned charges. On the other side, some building manufacturers serve the installation services but charge for the same. So, delivery and installation charges can also increase the modular metal garage prices. You can get free delivery and installation if you make your purchase from us.

Foundation: There are many kinds of foundations like Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel, Clay, and Dirt. You can get any according to your use. Concrete and asphalt foundations are expensive but ideal for commercial functions, and the rest are economical foundation options. So, your prefab modular garage price varies according to the foundations.

How Much Does a Modular Garage Costs?

Below is the modular garage pricing list based on different sizes. See and get your garage’s prize.

Modular Garage Prices
Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
12X21 $2,955 12X21 $3,055 12X21 $3,255
12X26 $3,350 12X26 $3,550 12X26 $3,800
12X31 $3,735 12X31 $4,035 12X31 $4,335
12X36 $4,090 12X36 $4,490 12X36 $4,840
12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $5,465
18X21 $3,275 18X21 $3,375 18X21 $3,575
18X26 $3,670 18X26 $3,895 18X26 $4,145
18X31 $4,055 18X31 $4,405 18X31 $4,705
18X36 $4,410 18X36 $4,885 18X36 $5,235
18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $5,885
20X21 $3,685 20X21 $3,785 20X21 $3,985
20X26 $4,180 20X26 $4,355 20X26 $4,605
20X31 $4,665 20X31 $4,915 20X31 $5,215
20X36 $5,120 20X36 $5,445 20X36 $5,795
20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $6,495
22X21 $4,105 22X21 $4,205 22X21 $4,505
22X26 $4,630 22X26 $4,825 22X26 $5,200
22X31 $5,145 22X31 $5,435 22X31 $5,885
22X36 $5,640 22X36 $6,015 22X36 $6,540
22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $7,315
24X21 $4,415 24X21 $4,615 24X21 $4,815
24X26 $5,010 24X26 $5,285 24X26 $5,535
24X31 $5,595 24X31 $5,945 24X31 $6,245
24X36 $6,050 24X36 $6,575 24X36 $6,925
24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $7,725

*Note: Above mentioned prices are subject to change by the location and manufacturers.

Get Additional Benefits with Affordable Garage Costs

Viking Steel Structures is one of the most reputed and trustworthy metal building & kits dealers. We are well known for the best garage and garage kits prices. Along with the best prices in the industry, we also offer some benefits like a 20-year rust-through warranty, a 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty. You also have the liberty of paying through our flexible payment options like RTO & Finance. So, order your garage now.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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