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When it comes to protection, metal buildings are the most secure sheds due to the metal’s amazing strength. No other construction material has tensile strength, such as steel buildings. However, metal buildings come in two variants 14- gauge and 12- gauge steel framing. You get the 14-gauge steel in standard metal buildings, and you have the option to customize it with 12-gauge steel. 12- Gauge steel sheds are stronger, durable, and provide utmost protection against extreme weather conditions. So, whether you need a garage, carport, barn, or workshop, you must choose the 12- gauge steel for your shed to get the utmost strength and protection.

What is 12-Gauge Steel Framing?

12- Gauge is related to the thickness of the steel used in your metal building. The less the gauge, the thicker your building framing. Hence, 12- gauge steel is thicker than 14-gauge steel framing and provides you better strength to protect your belongings against adverse weather conditions.

Which One Should You Choose: 12 Ga vs. 14 Ga steel framing

14-gauge steel buildings are the economic building types, and you can have them if your area has mild weather. However, if your area witnesses extreme weather conditions, you must choose the 12- gauge metal buildings to safeguard your valuables. Moreover, if you are going to have a commercial or industrial building, then 12- gauge steel framing is necessary.

So, it completely depends on the area’s weather and your uses, whether you need an economical 14- gauge building or a heavy-duty 12- gauge metal building.

12-Gauge Galvanized Steel Buildings

We want to give you the best shed that always fulfills your requirements and shields your assets best from the harmful environmental elements and harshest weather conditions like blizzards, hurricanes, hailstorms, downpours, etc. 12- Gauge steel structures are robust and capable enough to house your requirements effectively, but there is something more you get with us.

Our metal buildings are made of galvanized steel, which doesn’t rust like any other metal. Generally, metals are way more prone to rusting and corrosion, but to make sure your metal building serves you well, we use galvanized steel.

In the galvanization, then steel is coated with a zinc layer, which restricts rust and corrosion, making your building durable and standing firm for decades.

So, buy your galvanized 12- gauge steel building from us to get the best shed at affordable prices.

Why Should You Upgrade to 12-Gauge Steel Framing?

It’s already discussed that 12- gauge steel is thicker and stronger to provide the best protection. However, there are many more benefits that you can have with 12- gauge metal buildings. Below are the features you’ll get with 12- ga steel buildings, and you must consider this upgrade for your metal building construction project.

High Tensile Strength: It’s the obvious one and the USP of the 12- gauge steel sheds. If we talk in technicalities, then 12- gauge steel has the highest strength-to-ratio, making your steel building more robust and tenacious to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Long Age: Generally, traditional buildings don’t survive for long, but when you choose metal buildings, and then you can expect the long life of your shed. The anti-corrosive property of steel buildings dilutes the aging effect on your building, and you get reliable shelter for decades.

Quality Housing: Your 12- gauge steel building promises you uniform quality services for decades. We provide galvanized steel buildings that don’t rust and deliver you the utmost quality for decades.

Less Maintenance Requirement: Yes! Steel buildings require less maintenance than traditional structures. 12- Gauge steel structures have damage resistance against environmental elements, which reduces your structure’s degradation with time. Hence, you can upkeep your metal structure at nominal maintenance.

Cost-Effectiveness: Metal buildings are the most cost-friendly shelter option you can have. One saves significant cost at every stage, from manufacturing to installation. Moreover, the maintenance cost of steel structures is economical. The insurance rates of steel structures are also considerably lower than the other building alternatives. Hence, you get the best affordability with the 12- gauge metal building.

Energy- Efficiency: Insulated metal buildings optimize your energy consumption from temperature control units and help you save on energy bills. You can have up to 50% on your energy consumption for temperature regulation.

Fire-Safety: The thicker the structure, the more you get resistance against the flames. Steel is non-combustible and resists fire to harm your assets or structure.

Payment Options for 12-Gauge Steel Buildings

Viking Steel Structures understand your financial condition and offer you flexible payment options if you can’t make one shot payment for your structure. Hence, a lack of funds can’t stop you from getting your 12- gauge metal building that you really need to store your assets.

You can choose from our two metal building payment options RTO and Financing. RTO payment options don’t require any credit check, and you can get same-day approval for your payment.

On the other hand, financing needs a credit check, and you should have an excellent score to get approval. Visit the respective pages to know the terms and conditions for each payment method.

Buy from Viking Steel Structures

Viking Steel Structures is the no. 1 metal building dealer for hurricane-rated metal buildings. You can have your structure from our wide range of products or go for the custom metal buildings. We promise you fair prices possible so that you can afford the 12- gauge steel framing customization option.

When you buy your 12- gauge steel building from us, you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and 1-year workmanship warranty.

So, crack the best deal and buy your 12-ga steel building now.

For any support regarding the order or anything else, call us at 877-801-3263.

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