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What are Metal Colonial Style Buildings?

The shortest definition of the colonial building is a custom metal building that is blessed with colonial style. In colonial building type, the customer is offered to choose two color options that add a two-tone touch to the building. The option is only available on sides and ends. Moreover, colonial steel buildings always have vertical walls that give strength to your structure.

A colonial building offers you ample space to utilize it for residence or business purposes. Viking Steel Structures offer you a wide range of colonial metal buildings:

  • Colonial Garage With Porch
  • Colonial Garage with Lean-to
  • Colonial Building with Lean-to
  • Colonial Utility Building

With endless customizations, you can make any number of changes in your colonial metal structure and make it a perfect fit for your lot. You can customize your colonial building with doors, windows, insulation and make a deluxe colonial-style building.

Most colonial buildings are preferred for non-agricultural uses. It is only available on any end or side that can be made vertical.

Colonial Steel Building Roof Styles

When building a colonial style house, roof plays a crucial factor that decides the strength of your colonial building. Most manufacturers offer you three roof styles.

Regular roof: Regular roof is the standard buying option offered suitable for small garage buildings like carports, one-car garage, etc. It is capable of withstanding normal weather conditions. That’s why it is a cheap roof style among all metal roof styles available.

A-frame roof (Boxed Eave): Boxed-eave roof style is a budget-friendly roof option that gives you a residential look. However, it is restricted to moderate weather conditions only. Further, it is costlier than the regular roof style.

Vertical roof: It is the strongest option among all three roof styles. It is the most preferred option for commercial metal garages or buildings installed to confront harsh weather conditions. In the vertical style, the roof panels run from the pitch to the eaves causing easy run-off of heavy snow, rain, and natural elements such as leaves and debris.

Metal Colonial Building Prices

The final price of your colonial building isn’t fixed for all customers. Instead, colonial structure price varies due to multiple factors. The most influential factors are listed below.

Building Codes: Most American states have local building codes that must be followed when installing a custom colonial structure. You have to pay a fee to get the certificate or permit for building installation. If you live in a region that has the provision of permits, then steel sheds price gets elevated.

Location: Not every manufacturer is capable of providing you a standard building at the same price. Instead, your local from manufacturer plays a vital role and fluctuates the building price accordingly.

Manufacturer: You will always find different building prices from different manufacturers. We prefer avoiding the manufacturer that offers the lowest price because sometimes fraudsters offer shocking prices but give you the worst quality building and after-sale services.

Building Design & Complexity: Steel sheds prices vary with the complexity of the designs. If you choose a complex-style building, then you are billed a high amount.

Customizations: The total metal colonial structure prices fluctuate according to the transformations you’ve chosen. You can customize every single part of the building like roof (Regular roof-style sheds, Boxed-eave roof-style sheds, and Vertical roof-style sheds), panel orientation, size, color, and design. If you want to design your building, use our 3D Estimator and start building your favorite structure.

Why Choose Viking Steel Structures for Colonial Steel Buildings?

We are the renowned colonial metal building dealer in America. We are committed to serving top-class colonial structures to meet your end needs. Above all, our metal building expert ensures you get the building at a highly competitive price.

Apart from standard colonial structures, you can also choose metal garages, clear span buildings, metal barns, and custom steel buildings to fit your criteria and serve you for decades.

Don’t wait anymore and give us a call today at 877-801-3263. We are always available to omit your queries and give you the most feasible buying option.

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