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With Viking Steel Structures find the right metal carports, metal garages, metal barns, metal RV covers, utility carports, lean-to buildings, custom metal building, and other types of metal buildings to enhance your property. Our buildings are built to last, and we have the muscle to get your building up quickly.

18x26 Steel Carport Building

Starting at: $3,900.00

22x21 Two Car Steel Carport

Starting at: $3,095.00

24x31 Double Wide Metal Carport

Starting at: $6,116.00

20x21 Two Car Metal Carport

Starting at: $3,184.50

22x31 Two Car Side Entry Garage

Starting at: $10,668.00

20x21 Vertical Roof Steel Garage

Starting at: $8,484.00

26x51 Three Car Metal Garage

Starting at: $25,438.00

18x26 Side Entry Garage

Starting at: $8,246.00

46x21 Raised Center Aisle Barn

Starting at: $14,133.00

48x51 Fully Enclosed Carolina Barn

Starting at: $41,510.00

48x31 Metal Horse Shelter

Starting at: $11,417.00

50x41 Continuous Roof Barn

Starting at: $32,081.00

20x46 Motorhome Metal Cover

Starting at: $10,864.00

24x51 Steel RV Carport

Starting at: $16,541.00

12x41 Metal RV Shelter

Starting at: $7,161.00

18x36 RV Car Port

Starting at: $4,620.00

34x41 Metal Storage Workshop

Starting at: $30,681.00

40x81x12 Metal Workshop Building

Starting at: $52,577.00

28x41 Steel Workshop Building

Starting at: $25,851.00

36x56 Prefab Metal Workshop

Starting at: $44,982.00

30x41 Utility Carport Building

Starting at: $19,971.00

18x31 Carport With Storage Shed

Starting at: $6,419.00

20x31 Steel Utility Carport

Starting at: $5,775.00

18x26 Metal Utility Carport

Starting at: $4,494.00

Types of Metal Buildings

Erecting a high-quality steel building on your property has never been easier, quicker, or affordable. Viking Steel Structures offers a range of options for you to consider, including metal carports, metal garages, metal barns, RV covers, and more. We also provide custom metal buildings. Each structure that we deliver to our customers is set up on-site using exact methods and the expertise of our knowledgeable staff.

Metal Carports

Viking Steel Structures’ metal carports do an important job – they protect your car from the elements while also providing shelter for you when you get into and out of your vehicle. Like every building and structure we build, our metal carports are available with a variety of customizable options to ensure that your carport meets your specific needs. Alongside this, this metal building can also serve your need for Boat Carports.

Metal Garages

Metal garages add a lot of value to your property while also serving the purpose of keeping your vehicle dry and out of harm’s way. Our garages can be up and operational on your ready property in a short period, and they’re customizable to ensure that your garage, Man Cave, or She-Shed is just what you always dreamed of. Find out more about the different metal gauges, sizes, roof styles, and optional customizations that can make your metal garage the best it can be.

Metal Barns

Raise your barn-style metal buildings quickly and cost-effectively by selecting a prefab metal barn from Viking Steel Structures. Our metal barns are made using the best materials and are customizable with the features you need. Make your barn your very own creation by choosing your color scheme from our Color Planner tool, and then customize the inside with stalls, a small metal office building, a bathroom area, and other upgrades using our 3D Building Design & Price Estimator. Work with our specialists to find the right barn for your vision.

Metal RV Covers

Protect your home-away-from-home (your RV) with a Viking Steel Structures RV cover. Our RV covers give you a spot to park your RV out of the elements, so hail and other perils are less of a concern. Metal RV covers also protect your RV’s interior from fading and degradation due to the harshness of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Find out more about our steel RV covers, and learn why owning one is a smart investment.

Metal Workshops

Our workshops are a big hit with a range of customers, including hobbyists and people running successful small businesses. A workshop for carpentry, auto work, and other industries is easily erected on your ready site so that you can get started doing what you love. Talk with our specialists about customizing your metal workshop to your needs, whether that means insulating the building to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer or adding an office or other specialized areas to your workshop’s interior. We’re here to serve you and bring your ideas to life.

Custom Metal Buildings

At Viking Steel Structures, we don’t limit ourselves to a one-product-serves-all attitude. We can craft a custom metal building for you, whether you need a specially sized warehouse, storage facility, church, or other building. Everything we build comes with our 20-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your building is up to par and will hold up for decades of dependable service.

Metal Utility Carports

Metal Utility Storage Shed is a solution to have multiple benefits, different from a standard metal garage or a metal shed. We are proud to provide 100% American-manufactured utility buildings, offering quick delivery + installation. We always prefer customers as our top priority. Talk to our metal building specialists for more details about the Metal Utility Buildings.


Clear-span is a column-free framing structure that doesn’t need any interior support columns. In metal building construction, the building’s span refers to the width of the steel framing. Such metal buildings are the perfect choice for customers as they need wide-open interior spaces for easy functions of their business. Metal barns, farm buildings, steel warehouses, airplane hangars, and commercial structures are some of the structures that come in clearspan buildings. Clear-Span frame style gives end-users the flexibility for various end-use applications without hurdles due to large space availability.


A metal loafing shed is simply a type of metal structure that is built to protect your livestock in extreme weather and help keep feed fresh. An affordable and high-quality loafing metal shed is a must-have for a small farm with horses. Such buildings provide a warm, dry shelter through the fall and winter and a cool shaded retreat during spring and summer months.

Our high-quality loafing shed provides premium shelter protection for your livestock by combining the desired strength and durability of steel with the added resistance to fire, termites, weathering, and rot.

Lean-to Buildings

Lean-to Metal sheds are the new way to get extra space alongside your metal building installation. It gives you additional space that can be used for parking, outing, and more. Our building experts are always delighted to help you with the perfect lean-to storage sheds that can serve your entire needs.

Cold-formed Steel Building KITS

If you are searching for the best DIY Building Kits, Viking Steel Structures is the right place to opt. The Pre Engineered Metal Building Kits are available to install metal buildings of various sizes and designs. Best of all, these Steel Building Kits are easy to install and don’t require hiring professional building experts. You can call us to learn more about the Cold-formed Steel Building KITS.


Viking Steel Structures is known for its custom-building options to fit your specific requirements. We understand your unique business nature, conditions, needs, and creative taste. So, we are the perfect metal building dealers in the whole of America who provide budget-friendly custom metal buildings to fulfill all your needs and match your desires. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality custom steel buildings at affordable prices.

Our online 3D estimator tool allows customers to build their dream metal structure – regardless of the size, design, types, and color specifications that you want.

Our custom steel buildings are available for various industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational markets. Our experienced metal building consultants can help you select the right metal building types and help you choose the framing, roofing, and siding options that best fit your needs. Whether you need garage doors, rolling doors, windows, insulation, skylights, or any other accessories, our dedicated team can help you integrate these features into the design of your steel building.


Our high-quality, fully-engineered prefab metal buildings are always available to all customers from various industries, including the residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational markets. We provide high-quality steel structures that are versatile enough for multiple applications. Our steel buildings are priced competitively and come with various top-quality features that are not included with other low-budget metal building companies.

Our metal building specialists help you select the right building options to fulfill your specific requirements for quality steel buildings. According to your particular region, our team has the highest qualified professionals to provide the best suggestion for buying a metal building.

We are America’s highly recommended and top seller of custom metal buildings. So, we can help you find the perfect steel structure for any need. Give us a call at +1 (877) 801-3263, and our experts will help you buy the best metal buildings in your area.

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