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Your steel garage is more than just a place to park your car, truck, SUV, or van; it is a sanctuary for your expensive vehicle and may also be a spot to store tools and other items. Because of this, choosing the right metal garage building is vital to you, and Viking Steel Structures understands that your choice of a garage is a personal one. We offer you several options for customizing your metal garage, including three separate garage roof styles designed around your specific needs and the location where you live.


Metal GarageThe regular roof style metal garages are the basic design and most economical option available in the metal building industry. Its bow or truss is created by bending the material to make its unique shape with roofing panels that run from front to back. It offers reliable protection from UV exposure, rain, snow, and other elements. A regular garage is a good option if you live in an area that typically doesn’t receive extreme weather.

Regular style garages offered by Viking Steel Structures are the most economical way to protect your vehicles and valuables from the elements without sacrificing the quality or strength of the structure. Regular roofs are often recognized by their signature curved corners and horizontal paneling. Regular roof steel garages are the most affordable options on the market, making them great for customers who live in areas that do not deal with extremely harsh weather conditions.

We offer an extensive range of metal garages with regular roof styles. This popular style is our most economical roof, but that’s not its most significant selling point. This type of roof is made from premium galvanized steel, so it stands up to the rigors of long-term use, providing a dependable solution for storing your vehicle out of the elements. Our regular steel garage roofs are designed to allow water to flow easily along the ridge, draining quickly from the roof panels’ ends. Garages with regular-style metal garage roofs are ideal for erection in areas with mild winters and minimal snowfall.

Regular Style Enclosed Garage is commonly made to cover one, two, or three vehicles and can also be engineered to cover a motorhome, camper, boat, or trailer. We give you full control over your regular roof metal garage design at Viking Steel Structures. For any custom options, you can decide on your dream steel structure’s width, length, and height that work best for your requirements. And if you have any special design considerations, we can work with you on those, too. Apart from that, with our 3D Building Estimator, you can choose your regular garage sizedimensions, color combination, number of doors and windows, and everything in between.


A regular roof garage is the ultimate choice for storing your vehicles and belongings, but there are more ways you can utilize these versatile steel structures. You can use metal garages as:

  • Vehicle Parking
  • General Storage Facility
  • Workshop
  • Man Cave or She Shed
  • Music or Art Studio
  • Personal Home Office
  • Home Brewery
  • Poolside Cabana
  • Boutiques
  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Pet Grooming Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Photographer Studios
  • Real Estate Offices

and many more!

While purchasing a steel garage, you should know the answers to the following:

  • Roof Style – whether you want to buy a garage with a regular roof, boxed eave roof style or vertical roof garage.
  • Width, Length, and Height – this is important to know if you are aware of what you want to put in the garage.
  • Frame Gauge – 12 gauge or 14 gauge, both have their own benefits, which our sales representative can explain in detail.
  • Sides and ends of your garage – you can choose whether you want the metal garage to be fully enclosed/closed from both sides with both ends (front & back end)/closed from sides with open ends.
  • Other customize options include adding a roll-up garage door (measured in WidthxHeight, and we have 4 color options available), Walk-in doors (available in white color only, can be with or without a window for the same price), Door frame-outs (square and Dutch frame-out), Windows and Anchors.

Buy Regular Roof Style Garages at Affordable Prices

Look no further when Viking Steel Structures offers you a wide range of regular roof garages at affordable prices. Our extensive range of regular roof style steel garages gives you multiple choices you can shortlist to match your customized needs and get installed in the shortest lead time. If needed, you can use our 3D Carport builder to make a regular roof garage and visualize it before booking.

So, order high-quality custom metal garages now with Viking Steel Structures, where our project consultants will work with you to answer your questions, determine your needs, and create a design to fit these requirements. Our experienced consultants will help you select the best framing, roofing panels, and siding for your custom metal building project. Call us at +1 (877) 801-3263 and request a quote for your custom metal garage building today!

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