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Top Selling metal buildings

48x25x12 Carolina Barn
Starting at $15,925
24x35x9 Vertical Style Metal Building
Starting at $9,810
26x36 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $10,845
30x40x12 Fully Enclosed Metal Garage Building
Starting at $20,145
30x55x9 All Vertical Steel Building Workshop
Starting at $18,160
30x40x10 All Vertical Modular Garage
Starting at $19,500
32x32x20 Vertical Metal Carport
Starting at $14,300
30x41x10 Two Car Metal Garage
Starting at $14,000
18x30 Vertical Roof Style Metal Building
Starting at $6,895


Metal carports or enclosed garages offer a safe enclosure for your cars, horses, lawn equipment, ATVs, RVs, garden equipment, boats and literally anything that you need to secure from weather elements. However, buying an outdoor storage shed or a carport can be a tricky thing in Michigan if you are doing it for the first time. In Michigan, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right company that offers you the best metal buildings. Here is what we (Viking Steel Structures) recommend you look into, if you are in the market to buy a pre-engineered steel building.

Look for excellent services that extend beyond hollow promises

We have heard many customers call us and tell us they cancelled the order for their enclosed garage or side entry carport in Michigan. The reason being that even after a long wait period, the carport manufacturers could not get their buildings delivered to them. We recommend you work with a reputed company like ours when you buy a metal building in Michigan that stands tall on its promise to deliver quality steel structures on time.

Quality of built

A “Made in America” tag will give you satisfaction of getting a quality building that offers you the best bang for your buck. You can safely consider Viking Steel Structures for your carport style buildings including RV covers, motorhome sheds, lean-to sheds, and metal workshops. Our steel buildings are manufactured with galvanized steel in USA, so you can depend on our buildings to withstand the weather in Michigan without breaking a sweat. We offer 12 ga and 14 ga tubing options in Michigan to stand rough weather conditions, hail, storms, and tornadoes. For the roof panels, we offer 29 gauge as the default with an optional upgrade of higher end 26 ga panels for any commercial or farm building needs.

Metal Frames and Panels

Gauge is standard measuring unit which defines thickness of a metal sheet or steel sheet. Every carport or metal structure company uses it as a standard term to define the quality of the metal sheets.  We have frames available in either 12-gauge or 14-gauge galvanized steel and for the roofing panels we use 29 gauge or 26 ga premium steel.

Gauge represents the thickness of metal sheet, its values are presented in inverse i.e. The lower the Gauge, the stronger metal sheet. 12 gauge metal sheets have thickness 0.1084 inches whereas a 14 gauge metal sheet is 0.0785 inches thick. If you live in an area that experiences rough windstorms or heavy snow, we recommend the stronger and more robust 12-Gauge metal sheet option. The 14-Gauge metal sheet is the industry standard for frame thickness and accepted everywhere for building metal carports and garages. Both Gauges are safe to use in your building structures including metal carports, steel barns, metal workshops, steel garages, custom metal buildings, RV Covers and other utility carports. The 14 gauge tubular frame has 2 ½” x 2 ½” steel tubing, whereas the 12 gauge – 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” steel tubing which is Heavier and stronger than the 14 ga – 20-year limited warranty on rust through of frame assuming normal user care/maintenance.

Garage Doors

Feel free to choose from a range of color options below to select a door that best fits your needs. Please remember that certified doors are only available in white as of now.

Garage Door Colors

Why you need certified Garage Doors?

According to AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association), NAFS (North American Fenestration Standard), WDMA (Window and Door Manufacturers Association) there is a rating system which defines the load, wind and snow a door can handle and withstand in its end-use application.

Our certified doors are pressure rated which means they are rated for wind and pressure for that the door will be installed.

Enclosed Garage with Doors and Window

Walk-in Doors

Strong swing style doors for instant access to your metal garage, side entry garage, pole barn or metal barn. Walk-in doors or pedestrian door are available in two types: with and without windows. Our walk-in doors are available with custom frameout options.

Walk-in Door with and Without Window.p



If you want to install your own door or windows, frame-outs are best suitable option. Call us and let us know if you want us to build openings in your enclosed structures and we will do it for you.


Metal structures conducts heat and transfer heat in and out which cause condensation. Insulation is completely optional and is charged $0.75/sq ft for Single Bubble and $1.00/sq ft for Double Bubble. If you want to buy enclosed steel structures with insulation in Michigan, please let us know when you order the metal building so that our installers can build your garage with insulation.


Viking Steel Structures offers affordable payment terms with rent-to-own facility in MI. Pay for your steel structure in easy monthly installments without the need of a credit check. With our rent-to-own program, you also get an option to convert your rental into purchase by paying the remaining amount at any time, if you don’t want to continue with the monthly payments.

Why Buy from us?

Yes, you can obviously buy from the local dealer or the building lot next door in MI. However, there are some compelling reasons for you to consider us.

  • We do not sell, we understand your needs and recommend building solutions. Our building experts are engineers on call and not pushy sales people.
  • We get you the best prices as we are among the nation’s largest volume dealers. No need to work with multiple manufacturers, we go you covered.
  • We provide an easy online ordering process through secured payment options.
  • We provide best in the industry pre-sales and after sales services.
  • Our buildings are customizable, with pre-fabricated steel structures we also have many customization tools for you like a color planner and building estimator.

Want to know more about metal carports in Michigan, MI? Give us a call at our toll-free number 877-801-3263 and our building experts will answer all your questions to make the right decision and buy the best for your property.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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