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Pre-engineered metal buildings are comprised of components that are manufactured and constructed at a manufacturing facility. These pre-made components are then delivered to the installation site where they are going to be used. Once there, they are assembled in a quick and efficient manner, ready for use.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a homeowner or a business. Different types of pre-engineered metal buildings can serve many great purposes for you.

Pre Manufactured Carports

Pre-engineered Metal CarportAnyone that owns a vehicle knows that in order to protect it from the weather elements, it needs to be housed in a reliable and convenient-to-use structure. Pre-fabricated carports allow for this in an affordable manner. These types of steel structures come in a variety of sizes and styles. Being as they are pre-fabricated, it makes for a quick and easy installation.

Pre-Engineered Steel Garages

Pre-engineered Metal GarageAlthough there are many construction alternatives to build your dream garage, the benefits of steel are completely incomparable. The benefits and features of pre-engineered garages make the best choice for your future. Not only can the perfect size and style be chosen when purchasing a metal garage from Viking Steel Structures, there are numerous options for customization.

Pre-Engineered Steel Structures

Pre-engineered Steel Workshop StructureAnyone who needs additional storage space and protection of their assets can rely on pre-engineered steel structures to meet all of their wants and needs for doing this. They can be a pre-engineered clear span metal structure, which means that every inch of the internal space can be fully utilized.

Pre-Fabricated Custom Metal Buildings

Pre-fabricated Custom Metal BuildingMany homeowners and businesses have unique requirements when it comes to steel buildings. Viking Steel Structures offers a full selection of metal buildings that can be fully customized to meet the exact needs of any client. They can be pre-engineered and then delivered for a quick and hassle-free installation.

Pre-Fabricated Steel RV Covers

Pre-fabricated Metal RV CoverPre-fabricated RV covers offered by Viking Steel Structures are affordable, quality-made, and convenient. Recreational vehicles can be difficult to store and protect properly because of their sizes and shapes. Pre-engineered RV covers are the perfect solution that we offer that are quick and easy to install and built to meet all the needs.

Pre-Fabricated Metal Barns

Pre-fabricated Metal BarnsFarming and agriculture are the backbones of every country. Hence it’s essential to order a structure that can protect your equipment and livestock from harsh weather. Time is of the essence when it comes to having these buildings built, and pre-fabricated barns are the perfect solution for this. Our pre-engineered barns are built with top-quality steel and workmanship. They are pre-fabricated to exact specifications and are designed for quick and easy installations. They can be customized according to the needs of each individual that needs this type of steel structure.

Pre Manufactured Sheds

We offer an assured range of Pre-engineered Steel Sheds that can be used for parking your vehicles, equipment, tools, or other essentials with complete protection from sunlight, heavy rainfall, high winds, etc.

Pre Engineered Metal Homes

Nowadays, pre engineered metal buildings are also considered a smart investment to build your dream home. Pre-manufactured metal homes are capable of bestowing you endless amenities without compromising safety and security. These buildings are 100% American-manufactured which ensures your safety for decades. You can order one of the best pre engineered metal building homes at the lowest price.


Knowing that purchasing pre-engineered buildings according to your specific requirements is one thing but knowing who you should buy from is equally as important.

When you buy your Pre-engineered steel buildings from Viking Steel Structures, you can count on.


We only use the best pre engineered metal building components in all of our steel buildings. This means you can count on durability and longevity.


Workmanship in pre-fabricated steel structures is just as important as the materials used. Here at Viking Steel Structures, we insist on impeccable workmanship and only deliver the very best in our products. These types of buildings are structured for fast and easy installation. The success of this depends on the type of care and craftsmanship that has gone into each and every component of this type of steel building. This is a priority with us here at Viking Steel Structures.


One of the important traits of our pre-fabricated steel buildings is that they are geared toward convenience. There is no inconvenience of having long delivery times of your building. Nor is there time lost during their construction periods. The whole idea behind our pre-fabricated buildings is convenience without compromising on quality.


When comparing the costs of our pre-fabricated buildings to other types of buildings, our clients are most pleased with the cost savings they get. They are not paying for materials that are lacking in durability or longevity. Nor are they paying heavy labor costs for construction.

Time Savers

The pre-engineered buildings are meant to be constructed quickly and easily so that our clients can enjoy their features and benefits within a very short period of time. We know how important these types of buildings are to you. We strive to ensure that you receive them and can use them to their fullest capacity as quickly as possible.

Not only are they a time saver because of their quick installation features, but minimal time is needed for their maintenance or repair. The quality they are comprised of means they are almost care free.

Once your pre-engineered steel building has been erected, it is ready for use. No finishing touches are needed, like adding extras or painting it to make it look esthetically attractive. No painting is required with our pre-fabricated buildings, and there are many choices in color that are available.

When you purchase your pre-engineered steel building through Viking Steel Structures, you can do so with confidence. You will know that you are dealing with a company that stands on its integrity and reliability of offering only the very best in steel buildings of many different types and sizes.


The average pre-engineered metal building cost varies, based on multiple factors, including steel price, customizations selected, steel color option, insulation, additional accessories, etc. Call us today (877-801-3263) to know the lowest price of your custom pre-engineered metal building. Order an ideal pre-engineered steel building that is affordable, economical, and hassle-free when it comes to its installation.

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