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Top Garden Sheds For Sale

18x35x10 Metal Garage with Carport
Starting at $8,365
20x25x9 Fully Enclosed Vertical Garage
Starting at $8,085
12X20X10 Vertical Roof Metal Carport
Starting at $4,995
20x25x8 Enclosed Metal Garage
Starting at $5,880 plus tax
18x40x14 RV Metal Garage
Starting at $10,980
20x26x9 Custom Storage Building
Starting at $7,270
Starting at $7,150
Starting at $6,495
18x36x10 Custom Utility Garage
Starting at $8,540
12x21x8 Enclosed Metal Storage
Starting at $3,330

Metal Garden Sheds

Metal buildings that can fulfill your gardening requirements like equipment storage, and lawnmower parking, and outdoor storage are termed as garden sheds. Besides gardening uses, you can also employ your garden storage shed for household storage needs. Steel garden sheds can effectively protect your assets against adverse weather and vandalism. So, buy your gardening sheds to guard your domestic valuables and gardening equipment like hand trowel, secateurs, hoe, fork, rake, wheelbarrow, etc.

Advantages of Steel Garden Sheds

Many people hold wrong perceptions about metal buildings, but in reality, there are many advantages of metal structures over traditional building alternatives. Let’s have a look at these benefits of Garden tool storage sheds.

Long Life: Garden storage metal sheds have the utmost survivability and stand for decades. Steel garden sheds are not vulnerable to corrosion and don’t degrade. Therefore metal garden sheds can safeguard your valuables for a long life span. Steel sheds hold ample durability to defend lousy weather and harmful elements. Wood buildings can’t get you the service time as metal buildings and end up rotting in a short time. So, buy from our massive product base of best garden sheds.

Extra Safety: As you know, metal is stronger than timber. Hence, Outdoor garden sheds can better secure your equipment and assets than the stick structures. Technically, steel has the highest strength to weight ratio, which makes it a perfect material to be your garden shed and shield your valuables. So, get your steel garden shed and protect your lawnmower, equipment, and fertilizers against blizzards, cyclones, and snowstorms.

Affordable: Steel made storage garden sheds are the most economical sheds than other building options. Viking Steel Structures has many garden sheds designs you can buy from at reasonable prices. Along with the affordable steel garden shed prices, the upkeep is also inexpensive. Steel buildings can be maintained with normal cleaning and dusting, which doesn’t cost a lot. Due to fewer tendencies of fire accidents in steel buildings, metal building insurance rates are also available at low rates.

Less Maintenance: The metal buildings don’t degrade due to rust. That’s why steel storage garden sheds have a slow aging process. Metal garden sheds require less maintenance because the building is unaffected by the elements which can corrode the structure. So, you can upkeep the functional qualities by normally washing your building with domestic cleansers. If you have a metal building, then you don’t need frequent maintenance like a wooden structure. Timber buildings often require damp proofing and repainting every five years, where metal buildings don’t need any damp proofing, and the paint sustain for decades.

Portability: The metal buildings are the only portable building type. Your metal storage garden shed gives you the freedom to relocate wherever you want because you can take your shed with you. The prefab garden sheds consist of parts that are attached to the installation site. You can dismantle these parts and reinstall them at your new place.

Fire Resistant: The metal buildings are non-combustible, hence not prone to fire accidents. Many lose their lives in structural fires. You can save your loved ones and assets from the fire with metal structures. So, defend your belongings and buy your steel storage garden shed now.

Garden Storage Sheds Customization Features

You can get multiple transformations to your garden shed to meet your requirements. All the parts of the building and design either is customizable. Below are some customization options you can choose from to meet your functional and structural preferences.

  • Up to 15 color options
  • 6′ to 16′ height options
  • Garage doors (6×6 to 14×14) for uncertified buildings
  • Garage Doors (6×6 to 16×16) for certified buildings
  • 3′ wide side panels with 21′, 26′, 31′, and 36′ length options
  • 12 gauge and 14 gauge panel options
  • Two windows options (30″ x30″ and 30″ x36″)
  • Two insulation options (Double bubble and Woven R-17)
  • Three Roof Styles ( Regular, Boxed-eave, and Vertical)
  • End openings without garage door
  • Side openings without garage door
  • Side openings with garage door

You can get your Custom garden sheds utilizing these features. You can also choose from our wide range of custom metal buildings.
If you didn’t like any building, then you can design your metal garden shed ideas with our 3D Estimator. Design and get the building you really wanted.

Why Buy Your Garden Shed from Us?

Viking Steel Structures is one of the best metal building and DIY Kits dealer in America. We have the best garden shed as compared to other dealers. If you buy from us, then you’ll get a 20-year rust-through warranty, 10-year panel warranty, 1-year workmanship warranty, and free delivery and installation. You can order with some percentage of the total building price, and the rest amount is payable on the installation day. We also have flexible Rent-to-Own and Financing payment programs for the customers who can’t manage the whole amount at once. So, buy now your metal garden shed.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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