Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Perception Vs. Reality

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Perception Vs. Reality

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings Perception Vs. Reality
Nov, 2019

Pre-engineered metal buildings are the result of construction technology and research overcoming limitations of conventional buildings. Sometimes people create some misconceptions about advanced technologies and stick to traditional alternatives avoiding benefits of a better option. Same with the pre-engineered buildings, because PEBs are a better option than traditional buildings, but people hesitate to utilize because of some stereotypes.

Let’s break these misperceptions and uncover the reality & merits of PEBs.

PEBs Are Expensive:

It’s the most popular myth about pre-engineered steel buildings. It is proved that metal structures are cost-efficient because, in the long run, these steel buildings return the investment through its low maintenance requirement, durability, ease of repair and renovation, and lower insurance premiums. It is a onetime investment with lifelong services. Hence, metal buildings are not expensive, efficient instead.

Obsolete & Not Customizable:

It is the most common myth that pre-engineered metal buildings are not customizable and untrendy. It is a completely wrong fact about metal buildings. PEBs are completely customizable and easily match your architectural preferences. You can customize the metal structures with hundreds of components and personalize the aesthetics of the building with a unique color scheme.

Viking Steel Structures is providing a vast range of custom pre-engineered buildings at affordable prices. You don’t have to compromise with needs or trends because PEB allows you both. Use our 3D Metal Building Estimator tool to design your custom metal building or call us at 877-801-3263 for quick assistance about any doubts on metal buildings.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings are Extravagant:

No, PEBs are not expensive although it saves 30% of total construction cost. Generally, steel is used as a building material, and its components are easy to install because of lightweight virtue reducing labor and transportation cost. Pre-engineered steel buildings comprise standard designing processes that save costs and need not start from scrap every time you design a new building like traditional metal or wooden structures designing.

PEB Take a Long Time to Erect:

Not true! PEB consists of assembling the various pre-fabricated building components to set up a metal structure on-site; no site fabrication, cutting, or welding is involved. It takes one-third time of the conventional building construction time. As PEB components are lighter in weight, the building installers can easily bolt and assembled. It allows very fast construction and reduces wastage and labor requirements.

So, check our latest metal building designs and order now for quick installation before winter hits you. 

Costly Installation Process:

The whole installation process is misinterpreted as a costly process that demands to buy more steel, compared to the requirements. However, this myth is completely false. Ahead of PEB delivery & installation, your entire requirements are analyzed, and steel is used with precision. It cuts down your final cost and concludes in a multi-functional PEB.

Pre-engineered metal buildings have many other benefits like durable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly. It effectively serves you for a long life span, and after that, you can reuse the building parts or sell them to recyclers. You must consider PEB to unlock many benefits and compensate for the limitations of traditional buildings.

Call us at 877-801-3263 and explain your requirements to our experienced building experts, and they will get your best building design matching your preferences.