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Utility Buildings for Sale

Metal carport, combined with a small shed-like enclosed space is always in demand because it can be used for car parking as well as storage purposes. A utility carport building gives you the full protected place to park your vehicles with perfect additional storage space.

Viking Steel Structures gives you the versatile range of Utility Carports encompassing all the essential requirements. For a homeowner, buying a Metal Combo Carport is the ultimate solution to fulfill their parking & storage needs.

A steel utility carport is the blend of a metal carport and a metal garage. A specific area is available with the utility storage sheds, offering the parking space, whereas the left area is fully enclosed to store your essentials and protect them from weather conditions, moisture, condensation, and various other environmental issues.

Benefits and Uses of Utility Carports

With endless benefits & uses, utility metal buildings are the ideal solution for all your metal building needs. This steel combo carport unit gives you the freedom for diverse uses, some of them are mentioned below:

  • Shelter for Cars, Bicycles, Boat, ATVs, Lawnmowers and other vehicles
  • Storage for farm equipment, livestock and more
  • Picnic shelter, offering a metal shed for chill out and metal storage for accommodation
  • Personal GYM or yoga studio, entertainment area, storage for household items, office space

Steel utility carports come with benefits like extra storage space, a wide range of customizations, and a highly-durable or cost-effective structure.

Utility carports cover offered by Viking Steel Structures provide you dozens of customizable choices, including doors, windows, color, roof-style, paneling, dimensions, etc. Our long-lasting and cost-effective metal utility buildings combine the flexibility of a carport, and the security of a storage shed in a single metal structure.

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  • Flexible payment terms

    (24-72 months)

  • Same as Cash available

    for 3, 6 & 12 months terms

  • Financing available

    up to 50K Building price

  • Payoff anytime

    and own your building

Utility Carport Styles

When you order metal carports with utility shed, you will find different styles and design options. The most popular utility carport styles are listed below:

Utility Building Styles based on Roof Types

Regular Roof Style: This is the conventional roof style that comes with horizontal roof panels. It is the most common roof style that is used in good-weather areas.

Boxed Eave Roof Style: The boxed eave roof style is also known as ‘A-Frame roof style.’ You can choose vertical and horizontal roof panels before installation. It is the mid-level roof style, which is preferred for moderate weather areas.

Vertical Roof Style: The strongest among all roof styles is the Vertical Roof, which comes with extra truss, adding more strength and durability to your utility metal building. The vertical roof utility carports are recommended for harsh weather areas.

Utility Building Styles based on Steel Gauge

There are two steel gauge options that you can choose, i.e., 12-gauge and 14 gauge. Both the materials are tough and strong enough to strengthen your utility building. However, the 12-gauge tubing gives you additional strength comparative to 14-gauge steel. Metal utility buildings with a 12-gauge steel frame provide longevity and durability to your metal structure.

Utility Carports with Storage

With our metal utility sheds, you can have a wide range of customizations to meet your requirements. You can also order a utility carport with side entry garage. Adding a side entry garage door to your utility shed gives you the option to use your building for relaxing, gardening, and various other household tasks; whereas, the side entry will allow your vehicles to park into the metal storage from sideways.

Viking Steel Structures is your companion that will help you with the right utility carport installation at your property. All you need to do is make an order via call at (877-801-3263). Our building experts will call you to confirm your order details. If you have any doubts associated with multi-utility carports, you can ask our building experts. Once the order is confirmed, we ensure you receive the order in the least lead time with FREE delivery & installation.

Our 3D Building Estimator is another great way to create your custom utility building and check it before ordering. Once you are assured of the building outlooks, you can make the order with your custom requirements.

Viking offers Rent-to-Own Metal Carports that allows you to pay a small upfront amount to get your utility building and pay the rest in small monthly payments. We also have various financing options that give you monetary support to own a metal building. To get more details about the RTO & Financing options available, get in touch with our building specialists at 877-801-3263.

Utility Carport Prices

Want to get the best deals on utility carport prices?

Viking Steel Structures offers cost-efficient, pre-engineered metal utility carports. We provide you with real-time pricing updates on all prefab utility buildings. With the superior service and wide range of available customizations, the price can vary. The final price of a metal structure closely depends on the customizations and additional accessories you add to your building.

We are associated with some of the best custom metal building manufacturers in the industry to get you the top quality metal buildings at affordable prices.


The expert team at Viking Steel Structres help you create the perfect metal combo unit. Call us today at 877-801-3263 or fill out our contact form to get started.

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Common Questions about Utility Metal Buildings


What Dimensions Are Available for Metal Utility Carports with Storage?

Utility carports dimensions depend upon your requirements. You can reach our building experts and ask for the required dimensions based on your needs. However, there are many components of a metal utility building that needs to be noted at the time of ordering that includes Length, Height, Width, Roof Style, Certification, and many more.

How The Steel Utility Buildings Can Be Utilized?

Owning a metal combo carport gives you the liberty to use it for varied needs. It has a straightforward use as a car parking and a utility storage building compartment. However, you are free to use it according to the needs. The parking area is sufficient enough to park your car, ATV, mini-truck, boat, and other vehicles, and the storage area can be useful for storing your valuables. Furthermore, you can even use the entire metal shed with a garage as a workshop, training room, personal gym, or office.


How to Buy Metal Combo Carports?

Viking Steel Structures is the ultimate destination for all your metal building needs. To make an order, call us at 877-801-3263 and share your steel utility carports details. After order confirmation, the metal building will be delivered and installed at your location in minimum lead time.

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Commercial buildings now available in Vertical panels and Lap Siding panels.

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