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Rent to Own Program

Rent to Own steel buildings are the ultimate option for buyers who cannot qualify for loans for their dream steel structure due to poor credit scores. Check how our RTO metal building program can benefit you if you're interested in renting to own your new metal building.

No Credit Check Required

Affordable Monthly Payments with No Credit Check or Credit Score!

Instant Approvals

Same Day Approvals. Hassle-Free Process, No Obligation!

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options Allow Anyone to Own A Metal Building with A Small Upfront Payment.

Ownership in 36 Months or Less

Once You Complete Your Schedule of Payments with Agreement Options Up to 36 Months, You Become An Owner!

Build Equity

RTO Program Offered by Viking Steel Structures Will Get You Closer to Owning Your Dream Building.

More Than Just Storage

Use Your Building As A Workplace, Art-showcase, She Shed, Man Cave, Garden Shed, Workshop, etc.

Monthly Contract Available

With Our RTO Program Once You Get Approval, Just Keep Up With Your Easy Monthly Payments.

Delivery and Installation Included

The final price includes installation & delivery costs. Hence, you know the total cost for your new metal building up front.

financing option

Flexible payment terms

(24-72 months)

Same as Cash available

for 3, 6 & 12 months terms

Financing available

up to 50K Building price

Payoff anytime

and own your building

Kentucky Metal Buildings

With the diversity in every state, there is a need for different metal building types. Various applications and businesses exist in Kentucky; hence KY metal buildings become a necessity. Viking Steel Structures provide a variety of steel buildings in Kentucky that you can choose based on your requirement, budget, and customization.

Advantages of KY Metal Buildings

Cost-Effective: Steel buildings are cost-effective and do not affect your pocket in the same way that wood and concrete ones do. You can order your desired building with a small deposit and pay the balance via RTO or Financing.

Long-Lasting: Steel is a long-lasting construction material, so you can count on its strength. Steel also has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it lightweight but highly robust for protecting your valuables from the elements.

100% Galvanized Steel: When steel is exposed to damp air, it can corrode. However, the steel used in metal buildings is 100% galvanized with a zinc coating. Hence, custom buildings in Kentucky, made of galvanized steel, extend the life of your building without requiring frequent upkeep.

Low Maintenance Requirements: Stick structures need to be maintained regularly to stay alive. Wooden structures are susceptible to dampness and severe winds, resulting in rotted wood. This necessitates periodic and consistent upkeep. Custom metal buildings in Kentucky, on the other hand, do not require a lot of maintenance. Instead, you can use them for decades with minimal upkeep.

Versatile Design Options: Many believe that steel buildings are only available in limited designs; however, you can choose from an extensive catalog of KY steel buildings. You can customize everything from the design to the color. Each metal building is custom-built to meet the needs of our customers; thus, each is unique.

100% Customizable: You can completely alter your metal structure to meet your needs. You can personalize everything from a conventional metal carport to a commercial metal building. You can also change the building's color, dimensions, roof-style, etc.

Quick Installation: KY custom buildings are delivered in prefabricated components to your location. As a result, you'll need to fasten them together. This way, you can save much money on labor costs and time.

Pest Resistant: Pests are most commonly found in wood and may harm your valuables and your structure. On the other hand, steel provides complete protection from pests and ensures that your farming essentials are fully protected from environmental harm.

Disaster Resistant KY Metal Buildings: Viking Steel Structures provides you with premium quality metal buildings in Kentucky that can confront harsh weather. Steel buildings are disaster-resistant, making them a practical investment option for decades. The galvanized steel used for metal building contributes to its strength and makes it weatherproof.

Certified Metal Buildings in Kentucky: Certification might be required based on where you live. Certified steel buildings KY are a great investment deal that offers complete peace of mind. We ensure you get a tailor-made steel building in Kentucky that can match the local building codes and protect your essentials from weather hazards.

Types of Prefab Steel Buildings in Kentucky

Metal Carports: Viking Steel Structures offers a variety of steel carports in Kentucky that are 100% American-made. Reputable manufacturers build our KY metal carports; hence they last for decades. Metal carports are enough for protecting your automobile, RV, boat, farm equipment, or anything else from the elements.

Metal Garages: You always need a custom metal garage whether you need a storage compartment to declutter your home or additional parking space for your automobiles. KY Metal garages are available in various styles, including one-car, two-car, three-car, and more.

Metal Barns: Our metal barn buildings are totally adaptable to match your needs and provide weather protection for your cattle, farming equipment, and big machines. All metal barns in Kentucky are built to last a long time and provide reliable service.

Metal Utility Buildings: Metal Utility Buildings are multipurpose metal structures that may provide a variety of services based on your needs. Many times, a custom-built storage facility with a lean-to shed is required. Steel utility buildings can meet your requirements while providing enough storage and parking room.

Metal RV Covers: Traditional RV covers fail to protect your recreational vehicles adequately. As a result, steel RV Covers are required to protect your RVs from the elements. Metal RV Covers are available in sizes ranging from 18' to 24' wide and come standard with 13' legs that may be extended to 16' height. You can order it with double legs and double base rails for add-on protection and durability of your Steel RV Cover.

Commercial Metal Buildings: Commercial buildings are defined as metal structures with a width of more than 32 feet. Viking Steel Structures provide commercial structures with high-quality craftsmanship and flexible customization possibilities. These structures are ideal for storing building supplies, farming equipment, and huge construction equipment.

Steel Farm Buildings: Farm buildings are generally referred to as agricultural buildings (AG Buildings) and are utilized in farming and animal production. Hay storage, farm equipment storage, tractor sheds, and animal shelters are all great uses for metal farm sheds. We provide agricultural steel buildings in Kentucky that are sturdy and long-lasting and can be tailored to meet your specific demands at a reasonable price.

Latest KY Metal Building Prices

Custom metal buildings in Kentucky are cost-effective and affordable. The overall price of owning a KY prefab building is less than timber structures. However, you must know that multiple factors affect the final building price in Kentucky.

Before you checkout for your dream steel building, you should know the factors that influence the total cost of your metal building project. Below listed are the factors affecting the final building price.

  • Size of building
  • Complexity of design
  • Cost of Raw Materials
  • Weather
  • Supply & Demand
  • Building Styles
  • Customization
  • Geographical location
  • Installation
  • Insulation

With these influencing factors, you can conclude the final price of your KY prefab building.

Viking Steel Structures also provide quick RTO and easy Financing options if you cannot pay the total upfront for your custom steel building.

Kentucky Steel Building Financing

Financing your custom steel building in Kentucky is easy with Viking Steel Structures. You can finance your steel building at the lowest prices. We have other benefits associated with our financing option that is listed below:

  • Flexible payment terms (24-72 months)
  • Tie-ups with leading finance vendors
  • Financing available up to $50K Building price
  • Payoff anytime
  • The quick and easy financing process
  • Complete transparency

Rent To Own Metal Buildings in Kentucky

Our KY Metal Building Rent-to-Own service allows you to order a prefabricated steel building with a low down payment. Our quick RTO program provides sturdy, high-quality steel buildings in Kentucky. With our easy rent-to-own scheme, you can even purchase the entire building. Without having to worry about finance, take advantage of the rent-to-own possibilities.

  • No credit check required
  • Flexible payment options
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • Payoff anytime
  • Instant approval
  • Ownership in 36 months or less

Contact our building specialists at (877)-801-3263 for any doubts regarding RTO.