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People in the farming industry have long used metal farm storage buildings to help them maintain an efficient working environment. Metal farm buildings are commonly known as agricultural buildings used in various farming operations, hay storage building, housing the farming machinery, sheltering livestock, etc. Farmers in the country always feel the need for a feasible space for supplies, farm products storage, livestock, or equipment storage purposes. They always think about how efficiently their work can be performed and look for different ways to protect the livestock, expensive equipment & other essentials with minimum investment. Hence, metal farm sheds are the ideal structures to fulfill all requirements of farmers.

Viking Steel Structures is the industry leader in metal & steel farm and AG buildings at cost-effective prices. Prefabricated agricultural buildings can be a large investment; they are far sturdier than traditional buildings and can withstand harsh conditions, including strong winds, hailstorms, extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall, thunderstorms, and more. Therefore, our steel buildings featured the strength, long-lasting performance, permanence, and top-grade materials for your agricultural steel buildings.

We offer highly-durable and robust prefabricated farm buildings that can be customized according to your needs at an affordable range of steel agricultural buildings prices.

Benefits of Steel Farm Buildings

The gives multiple benefits to farmers and horse lovers. The reasons why Metal Farm Buildings are more recommended over the traditional wood structure include:

  • Steel Farm Buildings give shelter to protect your animals, equipment, feed, etc. Also, these buildings can withstand harsh weather elements such as rain, fire, and snow.
  • Metal agricultural buildings need less maintenance as compared to wood buildings. Steel farm buildings don't crack, warp, or affect from insect infestations as traditional wood structures do. These agricultural buildings are easy to clean and maintain at the same time.
  • Agricultural Steel Buildings can be customized according to your needs, whether you want to use these as dairy buildings, agricultural storage buildings, workshops, or anything in between.
  • These buildings can easily expand and grow with your needs.
  • Once you invest in these buildings, it will serve you for decades.
  • These buildings are installed quickly, saving your time and money.
  • Like wood, the steel doesn't get damaged by rot, retaining a long life for your steel agricultural building.
  • There are wood-damaging pests that degrade the wood structure's life, but this is not any problem with farm steel structures.
  • Agricultural metal buildings are durable and have a long life span that makes it the best investment over wood structures.

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Types of Metal Farm Buildings

Regular Horse Barn or Classic Horse Barns

Viking Steel Structures understands the importance of providing a safe building for horses and protect them through unconditional weather or other obstacles. We provide all the horse lovers, the best quality metal horse barn with countless customizations.

  • Clean Environment
  • Reduces Risk of Disease
  • Maintain their Security and Well-being
  • Protect them against Flies and Ticks
  • Protect them from Harsh Weather Elements- Rain, Snow, and Sizzling Summers

Carolina Barn or Ridgeline Barn

Carolina barn comes with an A-frame roof structure and horizontal ridges. It is mainly used for agriculture purposes, as this is very convenient for storage needs and extends the life of farming equipment, vehicles, and other things. Carolina Barn comes under the category of boxed eave roof style and vertical roof style barns. The exterior of these barns is so strong that it will give the protection from harsh weather and other elements.

Continuous Roof Barn or Seneca Barn

The Seneca barn is more durable and exclusive when compared to the other two variants. These barns are also built with an A-frame structure, so the rain and water can easily slide-off during adverse weather conditions.
Viking Steel Structures provides you the best vertical roof style barns and other customization options like:

  • Dimension selection as per your requirements
  • Add additional Lean-Tos
  • Wide range of color options
  • Roof style selection

To know more about customization options, all current offers, deals, call us at (877)-801-3263. Our metal farm building expert will assist you to know more about metal barns sizes, selections, add-ons, and quick order process.

Buy Steel Farm Buildings From Viking Steel Structures

As one of the leading providers of agricultural metal buildings nationwide, we can help you to find or design the perfect agri steel buildings based on your requirements. Viking Steel Structures always work to deliver top quality metal farm buildings to the customers. Making profit is never our motto; that’s why we offer you versatile farm metal buildings with endless customizations. You can also use our easy-to-use 3D Building Designer tool to create the custom building you need, or call one of our building consultants to help you create an prefab agricultural buildings to meet your specific requirements.

Viking Steel Structures is the most reliable metal building dealer in the industry that offers the best metal farm equipment buildings solution. Whether you need a barn, hay storage, equipment, livestock, or vehicle storage, our steel framed farm buildings provide the most significant protection from all harsh weather conditions. Our steel farm buildings are fully-featured with clearspan framing, allowing for column-free interiors that maximize space.


Our high-quality steel farm buildings provide ample storage space within a durable, economical steel structure that can be designed for a wide array of uses, including:

Supplies Storage: Depends on your storage needs, custom steel farm buildings provide the ample space needed to store the supplies that keep your farm running. Whether it’s space for animal feed or a place for temporary or long-term crop storage, steel farm storage buildings offer farmers a low-cost, versatile means of storage.

Livestock Storage: We offer cost-efficient, rigid-quality, durable alternatives to traditional barns. With our AG buildings for sale, you can keep your livestock, animals, and pets safe from predators and protect them from the elements. With our livestock and animal housing solutions, you can offer the best environment to your animals. Please consult with one of our metal building consultants at (877)-801-3263, how we can design a custom building specifically for your unique animal storage needs.

Equipment Storage: In the agricultural industry, various types of machinery and equipment sizes are in use. From tractors to combine harvesters, farmers need a place to store and maintain their equipment when it isn’t in use. Steel AG buildings and our clear span buildings give farmers the extra open space they need to effectively use and maneuver the equipment within the steel structure itself.

If you need reliable farm storage or any other kind of agricultural steel building, Viking Steel Structures is the right choice for you.


Agricultural steel frame buildings are the most reliable and cost-effective structures that can save your pocket and provide long-term safety to your livestock and other farming essentials. Remember, multiple factors affect the steel farm buildings prices that commonly include steel price, distance from the manufacturing unit, customizations included, and more.

At Viking Steel Structures, you can choose from the widest catalog of agricultural buildings for sale. But, if you don’t have sufficient payment for a building, we have Rent-To-Own and Financing options, which you can select as per your budget and requirements.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at (877)-801-3263 and choose from the wide range of steel farm buildings for sale.

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