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Are you planning to add new vehicles to your parking lot?

Is your family growing, and you are looking for a perfect shelter to protect multiple vehicles under one shed?

Metal carports have become a basic necessity in today's era, where everyone owns a vehicle and prefers buying a personal parking shelter for their vehicles.

We have double wide carports that can best suit your requirements and give you endless options to make changes in your custom double carport and order it right away.

Double-wide carports are designed to cover two cars, trucks, or other types of vehicles in the most efficient way. As a general rule, most carport manufacturers in the United States refer to their standard 18' wide to 24' wide units as double carports or 2-car carports.

Uses for Double Carports (2-Car Carports)

The standard two car double carport option is perfect for a household with two vehicles. Whether you own multiple cars or have a combination of RV, Motorhome, Car, ATVs, boat, etc., you can utilize a double steel carport for parking. People with only one car that also wish to protect things like bikes, tools, lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, or small boats will find this carport ideal as well.

However, these metal carports aren't limited to a single design. Instead, you can order a two-car carport with attached storage. You can also transform your standard two-car metal carport into a side entry carport with fully enclosed sides. Usage of a 2-car carport entirely depends upon your needs.

Know Latest Double Carport Price and Size

What would be the cost of your double carport? The answer depends on which dimensions you choose for length, width, and height, as well as which roof style you go with.

Parking a single car under a standard metal carport brings the limitation of parking additional vehicles under a single shed. Further, not all vehicles are on the road for the entire day. Double Carport with shed is a wise investment to fulfill your parking needs and protect your multiple vehicles from high winds, heavy rain, and snowfall.

Homeowners, double carport prices are influenced by different factors that include:

Type of Carport: Where a standard metal carport can shelter a single vehicle, a double carport shed can give you protection for more than one car, ATV, RV, or other vehicles. However, the price of a standard carport is less than a double carport. In short, you can buy double carports at a bit higher cost than a regular metal carport.

Steel Prices: Steel prices fluctuate based on market factors like steel demand, steel supply, etc. Steel is a market commodity; hence its price varies accordingly. Thus, the final cost of double carport is affected by the current steel price.

Double Carport Size: The size of your double metal carport is also affected by its size. Different double carport sizes have different price tags. Further, double carport dimensions vary from 18-24 feet wide. Yet, you can make your selection based on a number of vehicles.

Add-on Customizations: With every customization, you make in your structure, the building price varies accordingly. However, the cost of building a double carport is primarily based on your customizations. Carport, with numerous customizations, has a higher price compared to regular carports.

Remember, it's always better to select a finely-crafted double carport for sale and make your order right away. Choosing a two-car carport is far better than ordering two small carports. A double steel carport can provide you enough parking spaces that you won't get in other building options.

Most people across the United States of America own RVs and a car. Hence, they always need a dedicated parking lot for both of them. Buying a double RV Carport is best to invest, that can provide you additional parking space for small vehicles (like cars, ATV, etc.)

Metal Building Roof Styles Offered by Viking Steel Structures

All metal buildings are offered with three roof style options. You can choose one that meets local building codes or suits your budget.

Regular Roof: It is a good option to add shelter to your metal structure and is the most preferred option with small and mid-sized steel buildings. You can order a double carport with a regular roof style.

A-frame Roof: A-frame roof style is 'better' to confront your assets in moderate weather conditions. It is also recommended for metal garages that offer a residential look to your metal structure.

Vertical Roof: It is the ultimate 'best' roof option for homeowners that gives you extreme protection against harsh weather conditions like high winds, heavy snow load, seismic waves, and even floods. Vertical roof buildings are installed with hat channels that supplement your structure with extra strength and durability against weather hazards.

You can check your area across the USA and consider local building codes to find perfect double carport plans for your vehicles.

Double Carport Color Options:

At Viking Steel Structures, we provide you up to 14 color options to choose from. Further, you can select from 4 color options for garage doors as well. Supplemented with color selection, you can make endless customization in double carport shed at highly competitive prices. If you have further queries related to two-car carport, talk to our metal carport experts at +1 (877) 801-3263.

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Garage Door Colors

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