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Are you looking for a commercial metal structure that is highly durable and cost-effective? A 32 x 24 metal building could be an exact fit and would be the most affordable choice you are looking for.

Our eco-friendly and highly-efficient commercial metal buildings are perfect for retail stores, industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, multi-purpose garages, maintenance shops, office buildings, agricultural shelters, and more.

32’x24′ Steel Building Features:

This 32×24 metal building can be increased in height upto 8-feet to 20-feet tall. This height range is tall enough to park your small Car, SUVs, Boat, RVs to airplanes or for storage & warehouse purposes. Our commercial steel buildings can be designed up to 60 feet wide and come with double legs that offers extra strength to structures. In our industrial buildings, you can get braces on every leg.

We provide top-quality commercial metal buildings with 14 gauge & 12 gauge galvanized steel tubing material. Our available 32×24 steel building for sale comes with standard 29 gauge sheet panels (which can be upgraded to 26 gauge panels) with a limited 1 year workmanship warranty from the date of  installation. For 12 gauge framing, we offer 20 year limited rust through warranty and for 14 gauge framing our buildings come with 20 year limited rust through warranty.

Our commercial metal buildings are certified for 170 MPH wind speed & 35 PSF snow load with our standard 14 gauge steel frame. For 12 gauge steel frame buildings, we offer 105 MPH wind speed & 65 PSF snow load certification in all states where we offer services.

Metal building insulation is essential for stabilizing its interior temperature and preventing moisture from entering or collecting via condensation. For this, we offer Double Bubble and Woven R-17 types insulation.

We are one of the largest metal building suppliers in the country. We provide buildings that match your exact needs, whatever your requirements. Although we can deliver any size of small steel structures, there are some configurations that work very well and have proven advantages over other configurations. But, installing this 32′ x 24′ metal structure is the economical way to meet your specific needs and usage requirements.

32’x24′ Metal Building Certification:

From 32′-40′ wide to 52′-60′ wide metal buildings are commercial certified with 170 mph wind certifications and up to 35 PSF snow load certifications.

Call us at 877-801-3263 for exact certification details based on your custom requirements, and area code ratings. We provide wind and snow certified commercial metal units based on your location. Upgrading will either modify or add some more anchors and braces to the building to stand strong against high winds and snow loads.

Our prefab metal buildings are 100% commercial grade galvanized steel that protects the frame from rust and giving you extreme weather protection with a maintenance-free metal building built to last.

Available Roofing Styles for 32’x24′ Metal Building:

Choosing the roof style of your 32 x 24 steel building is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make during the building design process. Not only will the roof of your structure protect your valuables from harsh weather conditions, but it will add to its overall durability & strength. At Viking Steel Structures, we strongly recommend vertical roof styles for all commercial and industrial buildings.

Vertical style roofs are the most popular, durable, top-selling roofing system offered in the metal building industry. Vertical roofs offer more steel framing in the unit, with a hat channel running the length of the underside of the unit, which helps support the panels and makes the structure more rigid. This roof style is the best choice for locations that experience extreme weather conditions like heavy snowfall and high winds because the orientation of the paneling is ideal for guiding rain, snow, and other debris off the roof of the building. It’s steel reinforcement running underneath also can withstand the weight of snow being packed on top in cases of heavy snowfall.

Customize Your Commercial Building With Our 3D Metal Building Estimator:

You can design your own dream building using our 3D Building Estimator tool exactly the way you want it. We also offer endless customization options for your dream metal building. You can use our 3D building designer tool, where you are able to customize every aspect of your building, from its foundation, to its color scheme, design patterns and everything that comes into your mind.

Our metal building specialist is always available at 877-801-3263, where you can also get quick assistance for all metal building requirements & custom options.

There are many more options you can customize in your building, a few of them are the following:

  • Insulation
  • Frame-outs or Garage Doors
  • Windows
  • Panel Orientation
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Lean-tos
  • Skylights
  • Solar Panels
  • Wainscot
  • DIY Kits
  • Certifications

32×24 Metal Building Uses:

A metal building has a wide range of uses such as garages, barn stalls, retail office space, personal GYM, yoga center, dance studio, industrial storage, boat storage, RV storage and even as temporary residences. A 32′ by 24′ metal building is a popular size structure for various applications, whether you use it for residential, agricultural or commercial purposes. This prefabricated 32′ by 24′ metal building is perfect as workshop, machinery storage, vehicle garage, farm or agricultural building or any other application where you just need ample space.

The 32′ x 24′ steel building offers a great space which fulfills the needs of many businesses. With sufficient storage facility and security, this steel building is the perfect solution for your specific needs or uses it any way you like. This structure can be used as a metal horse barn, hay shed, storage building, or as a shelter for livestock. You can turn this building into a motor-garage, horse shed, or you can add lean-to to this building.

This 32’x24′ commercial metal building can be customized for any requirements. If you are looking for a commercial building, a workshop, a farm building, or new manufacturing facility, prefab buildings by Viking Steel Structures can be the right choice for your business.

Our pre-engineered commercial metal buildings are durable, cost-effective and customizable solution for a variety of uses. Common uses for a 32 x 24 steel building  are listed below:

  • Retail Stores and Outlets
  • Office Buildings
  • Auto Dealership and Repair Shops
  • Car Wash Facilities
  • Aircraft Hangers
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Auto garage
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Metal Building with Porch
  • Storage shed
  • Furniture refinishing shop
  • Motorcycle shop
  • Agricultural storage
  • Classic car garage
  • Home shop
  • Toy garage
  • Restaurant
  • Daycare Center
  • Indoor Sporting Facility
  • Animal Hospital
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Winery
  • Wedding and Event Venue
  • Multi-purpose buildings
  • Storage buildings for riding mowers, equipment, gardening tools, wood, hay, and much more
  • Playhouses for Kids

32×24 Metal Building Prices

Want to get the best pricing on commercial metal buildings?

Viking Steel Structures provides you with real-time pricing updates on all industrial metal buildings which starts from $7045. With the superior service and wide range of available customizations, the price can vary.

You can select structures from 32’ and go to 60’ feet wide commercial steel buildings, all at an affordable price. For above 32×24 metal building cost, you can connect with us at 877-801-3263 because the price of this building can vary depending on various factors.

There are many factors involved in the cost of an industrial metal building such as wind and snow loads and custom options you want on your building. Delivery and installation times may vary due to location, and weather conditions.

For 32 by 24 metal building to other commercial buildings, we also offer attractive rent-to-own and financing options for you to order a commercial metal building.

We work closely with our authorised metal building manufacturers to provide you with the best price, fastest delivery, and the highest quality products guaranteed.

For the latest updated 32×24 metal building cost and other commercial steel building prices for different dimensions, you can check the following price table.

32′-40′ Wide 42′-50′ Wide 52′-60′ Wide
32X20 $5,695 42X20 $7,595 52X20 $9,995
32X24 $6,695 42X24 $8,645 52X24 $11,095
32X28 $7,695 42X28 $9,695 52X28 $12,195
32X32 $8,695 42X32 $10,745 52X32 $13,295
32X36 $7,395 42X36 $11,795 52X36 $14,395
32X40 $9,695 42X40 $12,845 52X40 $15,495
32X44 $11,695 42X44 $13,895 52X44 $16,595
32X48 $12,695 42X48 $14,945 52X48 $17,695
32X52 $13,695 42X52 $15,995 52X52 $18,795
34X20 $5,995 44X20 $7,995 54X20 $10,695
34X24 $7,045 44X24 $9,045 54X24 $11,795
34X28 $8,095 44X28 $10,095 54X28 $12,895
34X32 $9,145 44X32 $11,145 54X32 $13,995
34X36 $10,195 44X36 $12,195 54X36 $15,095
34X40 $11,245 44X40 $13,245 54X40 $16,195
34X44 $12,295 44X44 $14,295 54X44 $17,295
34X48 $13,345 44X48 $15,345 54X48 $18,395
34X52 $14,395 44X52 $16,395 54X52 $19,495
36X20 $6,395 46X20 $8,495 56X20 $11,295
36X24 $7,445 46X24 $9,545 56X24 $12,395
36X28 $8,495 46X28 $10,595 56X28 $13,495
36X32 $9,545 46X32 $11,645 56X32 $14,595
36X36 $10,595 46X36 $12,695 56X36 $15,695
36X40 $11,645 46X40 $13,745 56X40 $16,795
36X44 $12,695 46X44 $14,795 56X44 $17,895
36X48 $13,745 46X48 $15,845 56X48 $18,995
36X52 $14,795 46X52 $16,895 56X52 $20,095
38X20 $6,795 48X20 $8,995 58X20 $11,895
38X24 $7,845 48X24 $10,095 58X24 $12,995
38X28 $8,895 48X28 $11,195 58X28 $14,095
38X32 $9,945 48X32 $12,295 58X32 $15,195
38X36 $10,995 48X36 $13,395 58X36 $16,295
38X40 $12,045 48X40 $14,495 58X40 $17,395
38X44 $13,095 48X44 $15,595 58X44 $18,495
38X48 $14,145 48X48 $16,695 58X48 $19,595
38X52 $15,195 48X52 $17,795 58X52 $20,695
40X20 $7,295 50X20 $9,595 60X20 $12,495
40X24 $8,345 50X24 $10,695 60X24 $13,595
40X28 $9,395 50X28 $11,795 60X28 $14,695
40X32 $10,445 50X32 $12,895 60X32 $15,795
40X36 $11,495 50X36 $13,995 60X36 $16,895
40X40 $12,545 50X40 $15,095 60X40 $17,995
40X44 $13,595 50X44 $16,195 60X44 $19,095
40X48 $14,645 50X48 $17,295 60X48 $20,195
40X52 $15,695 50X52 $18,395 60X52 $21,295
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Duane Scheivert
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