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Roof Style Options and How to Choose the Best

Determining the right roof style for your structure is an important part of the buying process. There are several styles of roofs available for metal buildings, each of which offers unique advantages to your particular build. Our experts are happy to discuss the benefits and applications of each, but here’s a brief rundown to give you the basics.

Regular Roof Style

Regular metal roof designs are built similarly to regular roof steel barn, in that they are rounded on the sides. This design helps provide protection from the elements, including natural disasters. Regular metal carport roofs feature a bend transition on the legs, so there is less labor in the unit, as well as no eave side trim, ridge cap, or hat channel, making it an economical choice. Regular roofs are the most popular type of roof for custom metal buildings and are best used in locations that experience fair weather.


Although a vertical metal roof looks similar to the boxed eave roof, there are some differences. For instance, although they are both A-frame roofs, vertical roofs have panels that run from the ridge down to the eave side – in other words, vertically – much like you would find on the roof of a home or business. Vertical roofs offer more steel framing in the unit, with a hat channel running the length of the underside of the unit, which helps support the panels and makes the structure more rigid. Vertical roofs also feature deeper eave side trim with a deeper end trim. Vertical roofs are the best choice for locations that experience extreme weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and high winds, as the vertical paneling helps snow and rain slide right off the roof and it’s sturdy design prevents it from blowing over. It’s steel reinforcement running underneath also can withstand the weight of snow being packed on top in cases of heavy snowfall.

Boxed Eave

Boxed eave roof style garages are also A-frame steel garages. It also looks like a home roof, but instead of vertical panels its panels are horizontal. This type of structure has no hat channel or ridge cap, and the trim on the ends include smaller L-Trim. Although not designed to withstand such extreme weather conditions as the vertical unit, it’s still a good choice and for a decent price you can have a metal garage with an A-frame look.

Each of these roof styles have their various benefits, so the type you choose really depends on your needs and location – and of course, personal preference. Regular, boxed eave, and vertical roof styles are available for carports, garages, barns, RV covers, and custom buildings, so no matter what type of custom metal building you are considering adding to your property, one of these roofs is the perfect fit. However, if purchasing a metal workshop, it is only available with a vertical roof.


To learn more about the different roofing options that are available, call or email us to discuss the benefits and applications of each more in depth with our experts. Whether you are seeking metal RV covers, steel barns, metal garages or metal workshops, we have the right solution to meet your needs.


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