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    Have you been seeking metal carports in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, that is reliable and strong? Whether you have a clear picture of what you need or are still mulling over your alternatives, the professionals at Viking Steel Structures can assist you in designing the ideal metal carports or other metal structures.

    Place your order for a high-quality steel carport that is 100% American manufactured right here in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Change the dimensions and add your touches by choosing the width, length, height, and type of roof.

    METAL CARPORTS Bartlesville, Oklahoma

    A carport is the most affordable completely covered steel structure for storing your necessities. Wooden carports are inefficient at serving the numerous advantages that steel carports have, so investing in Bartlesville carports is an intelligent choice. You can rest easy knowing that Viking Steel Structures offers a wide selection of metal carports in Bartlesville to meet your specific requirements. You can be sure that buying one of our high-quality carports is a good idea because it is easy to choose which one you want and they are delivered and set up quickly.

    When investing your hard-earned money in a car, the next most important thing you can do is provide a safe place for it. We care about your long-term investment, so we offer different kinds of carports to fit your tastes, vehicle size, and parking space.

    The following is a list of the many steel carports that are available in Bartlesville:


    Viking Steel Structures is aware that not all clients may have the same requirements for a carport. Consequently, we have a ground-breaking system that allows you to create your steel carports in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and place an immediate order for them.

    3D Building Estimator:

    The process of ordering a metal carport from us is designed to be quick and easy because we want your buying experience with us to be the best it can be. The process of designing and visualizing a custom carport prior to placing an order has been greatly simplified by our 3D Carport Designer tool, especially for first-time customers. The 3D Carport Designer is only one of many tools we offer.


    Component Visualizer

    Investing in a prefab Bartlesville carport is a one-time cost, so it's important to do your research beforehand. Our component visualizer makes it easier to put together the carport you want from our wide range of metal carport parts. The information you need regarding structural components, such as a roof bow, Braces, walls, roll-up garage doors, walk-in doors, windows, panels, hat channels, J-trim, insulation, etc. will be found in a component visualizer.


    Color Planner

    It's difficult for first-time customers in Bartlesville, OK, to choose the best metal carport color scheme. Our top metal carport manufacturers offer a wide variety of color options, and we make it easy to select the one you like most with our handy color planner. Wall, roof, trim, and garage door colors can be narrowed down to your top choices. Be aware that your final metal carport cost will change based on the color you choose.


    To receive a fair quotation for your custom steel carport in Bartlesville, after you have decided on a color, you must click "SAVE" and then complete the form with your contact information. There are fifteen different panels, wall, and trim colors to select from here. If you are interested in a fully enclosed metal carport, we also offer garage doors in five different colors.


    Don’t know how to utilize a metal carport 3D Estimator tool?

    There's no need to fret. Buying a prefab steel carport in Bartlesville, Oklahoma is easy with the help of our 3D metal carport designer, which we outline in detail below.


    Enter ZIP Code:

    Enter the ZIP code where you want the metal building installed.


    Select Building Style:

    Choose from versatile building types, including metal carports, barns, lean-to buildings, clear-span buildings, and many more.


    Select Building Size:

    Choose the width, Length, and Height as per your requirements.


    Customize Sides and Ends:

    Select the panel options for the sidewalls and end walls of your building.


    Make Additional Customizations:

    Additional Options' include Side Wall Siding Panels, Panel and Roof Gauge, Engineer Certification, Mobile Home Anchors, and Insulation. Make your selections accordingly.

    At last, you can submit your quote to our building specialist.


    Their cost heavily influences the decision to buy metal carports. Metal carports in Bartlesville, Oklahoma can cost more or less than in other OK cities. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the market forces that determine the cost of steel carports in Bartlesville. Here are the main drivers of carport costs in Bartlesville.

    • Steel Price
    • Building Styles
    • Building Size
    • Roof Type & Pitch
    • Customization
    • Geographical location
    • Installation
    • Insulation
    • Foundation

    Check out the building prices categorized by building size.

    Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
    12X21 $1095 12X21 $1195 12X21 $1,395
    12X26 $1295 12X26 $1,495 12X26 $1,745
    12X31 $1,495 12X31 $1,795 12X31 $2,095
    12X36 $1,695 12X36 $2,095 12X36 $2,445
    12X41 N/A 12X41 N/A 12X41 $2,795
    18X21 $1195 18X21 $1,295 18X21 $1,495
    18X26 $1,395 18X26 $1,620 18X26 $1,870
    18X31 $1,595 18X31 $1,945 18X31 $2,245
    18X36 $1,795 18X36 $2,270 18X36 $2,620
    18X41 N/A 18X41 N/A 18X41 $2,995
    20X21 $1,395 20X21 $1,495 20X21 $1,695
    20X26 $1,695 20X26 $1,870 20X26 $2,120
    20X31 $1,995 20X31 $2,245 20X31 $2,545
    20X36 $2,295 20X36 2,620 20X36 $2,970
    20X41 N/A 20X41 N/A 20X41 $3,395
    22X21 $1,595 22X21 $1,695 22X21 $1,995
    22X26 $1,925 22X26 $2,120 22X26 $2,495
    22X31 $2,255 22X31 $2,545 22X31 $2,995
    22X36 $2,595 22X36 $2,970 22X36 $3,495
    22X41 N/A 22X41 N/A 22X41 $3,995
    24X21 $1,695 24X21 $1,895 24X21 $2,095
    24X26 $2,095 24X26 $2,370 24X26 $2,620
    24X31 $2,495 24X31 $2,845 24X31 $3,145
    24X36 $2,795 24X36 $3,320 24X36 $3,670
    24X41 N/A 24X41 N/A 24X41 $4,195
    Regular Style Boxed Eave Style Vertical Roof Style
    26X21 $1,995 26X21 $2,095 26X21 $2,395
    26X26 $2,495 26X26 $2,595 26X26 $2,995
    26X31 $2,995 26X31 $3,095 26X31 $3,595
    26X36 $3,495 26X36 $3,695 26X36 $4,195
    26X41 N/A 26X41 N/A 26X41 $4,995
    28X21 $2,095 28X21 $2,195 28X21 $2,495
    28X26 $2,595 28X26 $2,795 28X26 $3,095
    28X31 $3,095 28X31 $3,395 28X31 $3,695
    28X36 $3,695 28X36 $3,995 28X36 $4,395
    28X41 N/A 28X41 N/A 28X41 $5,195
    30X21 $2,195 30X21 $2,295 30X21 $2,595
    30X26 $2,795 30X26 $2,895 30X26 $3,295
    30X31 $3,395 30X31 $3,495 30X31 $3,995
    30X36 $3,995 30X36 $4,195 30X36 $4,695
    30X41 N/A 30X41 N/A 30X41 $5,395

    If you have any doubts or want to know more about your financing requirements,

    No worries. Call our building specialist today



    When compared to their wooden carport structures, metal carports provide numerous advantages. The benefits of owning a prefabricated metal carport are outlined below.


    Since all of the carport structures we provide are 100% USA manufactured from start to finish, metal carports are a superior option. In addition, the carport's long-term durability is ensured by the use of 100% galvanized steel, making it a reasonable investment.

    Multiple Carport Design

    The pre-engineered steel carports offered by Viking Steel Structures in Bartlesville, OK, can be tailored to your specific requirements. Call (877)-801-3263 to speak with our metal carport professionals about your specific needs, and place an order for prompt delivery and assembly.


    Carports require only an initial expenditure and then remain largely unchanged for decades. You can rest easy knowing that your Bartlesville metal carport or metal workshop will be secure for decades.

    Rust Free

    We at Viking Steel Structures use 100% galvanized steel to manufacture metal carports. Galvanization coats the steel in a layer of zinc, strengthening it and imparting rust resistance.

    Certified Carports

    Choose from 12-ga or 14-ga steel panels and 22-ga or 29-ga roofing to make sure your carport will resist hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, and heavy snowfall, among other weather conditions. A certification issued by Bartlesville attests to your carport's durability in the face of severe weather.

    Minimal Maintenance

    Steel structures don't require constant repairs because they're so sturdy. Metal buildings provide several advantages without the high maintenance costs associated with other materials. Steel buildings don't attract bugs, can't catch on fire, and don't rust, so they last a long time.

    Delivery and Installation Included

    Carport installation and delivery are included in the final quoted price in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. When shopping for a new metal carport, it's much easier to plan for the whole cost if you find a supplier that includes installation and delivery in the final purchase price.


    Make sure the ground, concrete, asphalt, or gravel installation location is level before beginning the custom carport installation process. If the installation site isn't right, it can be hard to clean the building, the doors might not close properly, and the building might not be straight. Having to pay more to have a building installed because the site wasn't ready will be frustrating and wasteful. Viking Steel Structures tells you to get the land ready before the installation crew comes.

    The price of your building will go up or down depending on the installation surface, so if the site has a concrete basis, concrete anchors will be installed along with your construction. When putting in a metal carport or metal barn on dirt, asphalt, or gravel, it is highly suggested that mobile home anchors be used. To arrive at the total cost for a carport in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, we factor in the costs of shipping and assembly. If you've ordered a prefab structure in Bartlesville, OK, our skilled crew of installers will come to your site and put it together for you.



    All of our metal carports come with a 20-year warranty against rust through the frame, provided they are properly cared for and maintained.

    Furthermore, all metal carports include a 10-year panel guarantee and a 1-year workmanship warranty. Look no further if you want to buy or rent-to-own a pre-engineered carport. Call (877)-801-3263 for a personalized quote and put your trust in Viking Steel Structures.


    Metal Garages

    Garages are ideal for homeowners because they provide a place for vehicles to be protected from the elements and for homeowners to have a dedicated storage area. All needs can be fulfilled by steel garages in Bartlesville, OK. You can choose between Regular Garages, Boxed Eave Garages, and Vertical Garages.


    Metal Barns

    For storing animals, hay, and tools, metal barns are excellent. They are thus practical for those who enjoy farming. There are numerous uses for a steel barn. Therefore, it's crucial to select the option that best suits your demands. In addition to other items, Viking Steel Structures sells Seneca, Carolina, and Horse Barns.


    Metal RV Covers

    Your RV is a big financial investment that deserves a safe place to park and protection from the weather. Metal RV covers are the best choice since they offer the highest level of security compared to their wooden counterparts. There are Regular RV Covers and Vertical RV Covers to choose from, but both can be modified to fit your needs.


    Metal Workshops

    Whether you want to build a new fence around your yard or open a new business, a metal workshop can accommodate your needs. The right construction materials are required for the larger metal workshops. Viking Steel Structures offers Vertical Workshops that can protect your belongings from hail, tornadoes, high winds, heavy snow, etc.


    Custom Metal Building

    If you've exhausted all other options, consider investing in a custom metal building is the best option. Make blueprints and place an order for your structure instantly. To meet your specific needs, though, you can make an unlimited number of customizations. To meet your needs, pick the type of building, either a Regular Building or a Vertical Building.


    Loafing Sheds

    A Loafing sheds is a way to go if you need a place to keep animals safe throughout the year. These can be set up quickly and offer a comfortable resting spot for your cattle or horses.



    Viking Steel Structures makes it simple to get Rent-to-Own for your custom carport. If you are in need of a steel building but are on a tight budget, consider Viking Steel Structures' Rent-to-Own Carports. With RTO, you can park in any available carport in Bartlesville for as long as you choose. On the other hand, you can always pay it off and claim ownership if you so choose.

    With the metal building RTO program, you can get multiple benefits:

    No Credit Check Required

    Affordable monthly payments with no credit check or credit score!

    Same Day Approvals

    Same-day approvals. Hassle-free process, no obligation!

    Flexible Payment Options

    Flexible payment options allow anyone to own a metal building with a small upfront payment

    Ownership in 36 Months or Less

    Once you complete your schedule of payments with agreement options up to 36 months, you become an owner!

    Build Equity

    Our RTO program will get you closer to owning your dream building

    Monthly Contract Available

    With our RTO program, once you get approval, just keep up with your easy monthly payments

    Viking Steel Structures ensures you secure an RTO that is suitable for your unique needs. Call (877)-801-3263 to discuss your RTO needs.


    Metal Building Financeing in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, can be used to acquire full ownership of a structure. There are only three basic procedures involved in securing financing for your construction project.

    Step 1

    Apply For Financing

    Collect the following items before applying for financing:

    • Credit application
    • Copy of driver’s license
    • Proof of Income
    • Invoice of building wanting to get financed
    • Proof of homeownership
    Step 2

    Get it Approved

    Your credit score is a crucial factor in determining your eligibility for credit. A loan of up to $50,000 may be available to you depending on your credit rating.

    Step 3

    Receive Your Funds

    After receiving permission, you can continue with your metal building order and have it set up on your land.


    To discuss available financing options, dial (877)-801-3263.


    The expected Delivery Date is not guaranteed. To reassure you, Viking Steel Structures gives you a range of possible delivery dates for your metal structure.

    Time Frame Possibility of Metal Building Delivery
    10 days to 60 days 50%
    61 days to 80 days 30%
    81 days to 100 days 19%
    101 days or over 1%


    Viking Steel Structures is the best option for anyone looking to purchase a premium metal buildings for sale in Bartlesville. Residents in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, can have a safe haven for their cars and valuables with the help of our reliable garage buildings, and our reasonable pricing makes purchasing from us a good deal. For reasonable pricing, we offer Bartlesville customers certified metal buildings.

    To help you choose the best metal carport structure, we have skilled and experienced building consultants. With our affordable custom metal building rates, Bartlesville clients are assured of satisfaction. Get the best offer on metal buildings at a reasonable price by contacting us at (877)-801-3263.

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